East: 1. WWIII Vs. 13. Trapezoidal

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Nebz, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002

    VERSES DUE Wednesday 10:00pm PACIFIC/1:00am EST
    VOTES DUE Saturday 10:00am PACIFIC/1:00pm EST

    Your Topics Are Here:

    4 lines - NO SHOWS
    16 lines - MINIMAL
    60 lines - MAXIMAL

    No crew votes
    No payback votes
    No 2nd Chance Votes


    VOTE ON 6 BATTLES!!!!!


    if you win by no-show u are encouraged to vote still in other matches!!!!!
  2. WWIII

    WWIII Guest

    Good luck. I'm going to try to start my verse early for once, but we will see.
  3. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    i will drop either tonight or on monday because i might not be on past there ... maybe ill get tekneek or shock to post my shit for me ... anyway g';luck
  4. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    8. Beyond The Mirrors"..you come home drunk late one night and before you go to bed you look in the mirror except when you look into it you dont see a reflection instead you see something else...what is it? is it something in you? something you did? expand-Insolence

    another drunken night, dispite the drinks and 5ths,
    i discovered out of spite & think my memory adrifts,
    stumbiling around the floor now i stand in amazement,
    hands bloody, scrapes in stages, heads cracked from the pavement,
    the mirror shows the scars & as i stare at my reflection,
    im scared how destiny beckons. its rare in retrospection,
    i shift my mid-section, the mirror inspects my insides,
    eerily gazing into my eyes, its swallowing my pride,
    who is this person in front of the mirrors feature? ...
    no carbon-copy, foriegn autopsy - this soul is purely creature,
    animalistic in nature, enraged im not my self formally,
    but a paper-thin gauge of something abnormal to me,
    scratches upon my back - a vicious act performed,
    a note inside my pocket, reading to be forewarned,
    it was a suicide song from a sirens voice ...
    claiming to hide the wrongs & the lies that she choiced,
    now im stricken with fear & grief, teetering on something,
    who am i ? the mirror speaks but my mouth says nothing,
    the voice is too quiet, it just suddenly whispers,
    standing alone in silence still not getting the picture,
    all i hear are screams and cries, dying to be inside ...
    ... of my soul so i can feel the seamless skies,
    uttering whispers within my presence ...
    the air is seemingly cold ... & all i have are questions,
    who are you ?! i scream aloud ... and the voice replies,
    i am who you are, a part of you is me disguised,
    i take a look at the mirror one final time,
    and see a womans reflection staring at this man's crime.

    turning around quick to catch a short glance,
    no-ones there ... secure in my stance, perhaps it's all chance,
    or a slim mistake, the visions getting nearer & nearer,
    and as the woman fades away the picture becomes more clearer,
    the liquor seeps through pores in formations of sweat,
    i hear schemes through a whisper and dreams in cassette,
    the voice gets louder w/ every awaiting second,
    singing, soon you'll finally find the answers to your questions,
    your days have finally taken its toll ...
    ... because while you finished me off i've been destroying your soul,
    you hopeless faggot ... feeding upon a feminine culture,
    now im, picking your brain like the vulture you sculptured,
    the screams were adrenaline, something like bad medicine,
    while you had no clue of the fucking mess you're in,
    blood on your hands ... wash the blood out of sight,
    but now my, blood eneveloped into your soul this night,
    your reflection now exists. can you really take this ?
    here's a real look at yourself ... you heartless fucking rapist.

    is this a hidden truth, maybe i've been subdued?
    or maybe i'm pure evil but haven't had a clue,
    my reaction was subtle, a dream is more then script,
    turned the lights on. my room seemed more of a horror flick,
    chardinay dripped upon the walls & across the bedsheets ...
    covered something alive and mourning in dead-speak,
    in a weakened state, in dying breath, a wisdom pearl,
    whispering to me, "am i still daddy's little girl?"
  5. WWIII

    WWIII It has begun...

    Oct 14, 1999
  6. WWIII

    WWIII It has begun...

    Oct 14, 1999
    13. You've been murdered. After death you have a chance to come back and do what you feel needs done..so what would that be? Tell someone or do something yourself? Room for creativity-Macaþre

    Pictured it and with quickness bliss... I was facin walls n mirrors
    Disturbed, void left when, absurd noise crept in, pacin draws him nearer
    Racin, cause is clearer, he must know someone’s in the bedroom how!?
    I’ll swear aloud didn’t break in there I vowed I’m dead soon now
    In dread, doom prowled around the corner. I’m screwed, stood stiff
    As the figure approached close, I hoped most the mood could shift
    Few could sift through clues adrift to learn how I came to this stand still
    I told the man, Will how I was killed my limbs were dumped in a landfill
    A grand deal of my days were spent upstate I said right off the turnpike
    And on that road many would come and go while I thought I learned life
    But some nights turned fright, I could hear the screechin of tires
    Followed by sirens, more screams, flames and speakin of fires
    My family was frightened by them, and though I never witnessed it
    I was scared as well, more so than any flood or other sicknesses
    The differences were easy to see between mine and the rest of the hoods
    But I was determined to leave a hickey on my neck of the woods
    A mark so large, u could see it from miles around and then some u’ll see
    All I needed was a sign from God, I dreamt he’d send one to me
    Intent done truly, showed courtesy since the nursery to where I stand proud
    As fire hit our region, we drew a large but bland crowd
    We weathered it, as we had many winters and storms passed
    Cells of us had broken off, just splintered and formed paths
    Leading every where but yet no where at the same time
    We stayed put until one day a man came with a strange sign
    Work Area? construction begun and I soon got the meanin
    They brought machines in, we were forced to drop and leavin
    All we knew behind, a few resigned from breathin I’d fight on
    As the nights drawn to an end, I’d wait for the next bright dawn
    The next experience a short stay in the mill, it was hard dues
    Long days, longer nights as the heat rised and sparks flew
    The man just stood there in front of me with his calm demeanor
    He looked with interest as he rubbed his palms with cleaner
    And he gazed at the mirror then looked back strokin just his chin
    He extended his arms and made it easy for me to open up to him
    I continued on, after the mill came a brief stint at the warehouse
    I still held on to dreams though they were now tinted by rare doubts
    Many men went by, some happy some saddened in pain
    I learned to read their expressions a new path in the game
    One day a guy was mad and then slain, he took out some friends in fight
    With a carving knife, he turned on me, my end in sight
    That’s when he was overtaken, I had seen the scene perfect
    police surfaced and searched for his murderer though he seemed worthless
    I left the place, bereft for days I ended up in a retail store
    Not the best kept place for praise but we claimed we sale more
    It’s black after that, I don’t really know why laughter crept
    Over the room, but I knew I was resurrected after death
    He didn’t hear a word I said just like my whole existence
    I fold this instant, back to my old and cold resistance
    No more opening up to humans after he closes me I ain’t havin it
    I’ll make sure the doors stick when he goes for me his cabinet
    And I remembered then all those worries over outsiders flames
    But in the end a road crew chopped us down for wider lanes

    7.u are a tree, very old and u are looking back on ur life. ur situated on the side of a motorway, in ur lifetime uve witnessed many crashes, deaths so on. tell ur life, do u die? how?- KonvILLution
  7. Richard Corey

    Richard Corey battle like a savage

    Sep 26, 2001
    arghhh...this is a hard one. WWIII had the ill technical verse, combining two topics, the last one coming to light once you've reached the end. That was ill, but Trap's verse was just as nice. The rapist seeing himself for what he really is...

    I'm really locked here, cause although WW's verse was ill, it sort of lulled at times as the cabinet went from place to place. There wasn't any real "action" or "drama" other than the few instances that forced the cabinet to move. But Trap's verse was a slow unraveling of a character, an unveiling of a truth sick scene by sick scene.

    I'm going to have to go with Trap on this one... and I know I'm going against the favorite, but his verse just did more for me. WW's verse was clever, combining the two topics, I'm sure it was hard as hell to do, but Trap's verse moved me more. There was more involved with a man coming to terms with his past sins with the help of a host of restless souls...


    vote: Trap
  8. EYE-Z

    EYE-Z rote my vrse playing Bout

    Mar 14, 2001
    traps verse was beautiful
    very vivid, the great imagery, very nicely written also the flow was easily to follow and lines climaxed as they should

    clear winner here

    wrote his verse well but its not appealing, its gotta have something to keep the attention actually feel you're in the story and can see yourself there..

    you didn't catch my readers attention

  9. Brandon Heat

    Brandon Heat was Mr. E at one point...

    Apr 6, 2001
    blah blah blah...

    WWIII: I know where you were goin with it... but... doesn't seem to get there...

    Trap: this is what RM loves... *shrugs shoulders* no depth... a given story... nothing I'd read more than once...

    You know E won't lie to you...

    as a Emcee... I'd say WWIII gets it... cause I actually wanted to read more into it... naw mean... soooooooooo

    Vote: WWIII...
  10. HighPawTheCyst

    HighPawTheCyst New Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    lmao @ as an emcee, this is text kiddo
  11. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Vote Warren...

    I like how he turned his topic into the twist and it had way more multis and shit... which kept the story goin very well...

    Trap was good, and the mirror shit was dope, but ive been in this league awhile and it wasnt as original as warrens direction on his topic...

    Vote warren for originality and better overall flow...
  12. Mist

    Mist Micnificent

    Feb 15, 2000
    Warrren had a good flow, nice multis, a good story with a great flip, very nice.

    Trap, sometimes you wouldnt even rhyme, i wasnt feeling yours.

    vote: WW III
  13. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    you came full force - in my mind easily the best you've written for this tournament...i felt like i was watching, not reading, which is the sign of a great writer...the ending serious was more than the perfect way to do it...i could hear a shell of a voice curled in a corner softly muttering those last words...the take on the topic was nice...flow was fine - though nothing too amazing...character development is one of my favorite aspects of literature - that was what this piece was about...niiice.

    mannn - i love your style...bars just a little too long for a perfect flow, but once i get into it, it never fails and the internals keep it more than just fluid...you tell stories with purity...the writers voice so clean and well done...imagery always just right...you and Peril are neck and neck in my mind...your approach was very creative on the topic...i thought perhaps it got a little boring plot wise with the whole cabinet thing...very creative...and you kept it interesting...dope shit.

    fuck...before i tell you who - let me say that this is one of the best i've read in the RSTL...seriously, incredible job.
    trap's incredible imagery verses warren's plot mingling and flow
    neither lacked in any area
    and this comes down to which take on the topic you enjoyed more
    i prefered the more emotional verse
    and thus my vote goes to trap.
    this battle could decide the winner of the tournament
  14. EYE-Z

    EYE-Z rote my vrse playing Bout

    Mar 14, 2001
  15. Alias Breaker

    Alias Breaker New Member

    Nov 27, 2001
    get u'r dickridin ass out
  16. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    rematch nex week.
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