Earl Sweatshirt's new album DORIS just leaked... what do you think?

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop Central' started by thedream233, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. thedream233

    thedream233 Thrillmatic

    Nov 18, 2005
    any link i post here will dissapear in a few hours... and yall niggas should know where to find a bootleg by now... and if u dont, heres the tracklist... youtube the shit

    1."Pre" (featuring SK La' Flare)2:52
    2."Burgundy" (featuring Vince Staples)The Neptunes[25]2:07
    3."20 Wave Caps" (featuring Domo Genesis)Samiyam[26]2:12
    4."Sunday" (featuring Frank Ocean)3:26
    5."Hive" (featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)Randomblackdude, Matt Martians[27]4:37
    6."Chum" Randomblackdude, Christian Rich, Chad Hugo4:04
    7."Sasquatch" (featuring Tyler, The Creator)Tyler, The Creator[28]2:48
    8."Centurion" (featuring Vince Staples)Christian Rich [29]3:04
    9."523" Randomblackdude[30]1:32
    10."Uncle Al" 0:53
    11."Guild" (featuring Mac Miller)Randomblackdude3:54
    12."Molasses" (featuring RZA)RZA, Christian Rich[29]2:16
    13."Whoa" (featuring Tyler, The Creator)Tyler, The Creator3:16
    14."Hoarse" BadBadNotGood3:52
    15."Knight" (featuring Domo Genesis)

    what do yall think of the album? im bout to listen to it.
  2. ThatsNotMyName

    ThatsNotMyName The Conquering Lion

    Nov 5, 2011
    I just listened to a couple of singles. And what he dropped in concerts.

    Chum and Whoa were really nice. Molasses sounded nice too. The one with Mac Miller was nice, except Miller's verse, hate that cracker.

    I think whole album will be nice.

    I liked Super Rich Kids. I think Frank and Earl are good together.

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