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  1. Fast Flow Productions

    Fast Flow Productions New Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    dzk dammit where is the fuckin song where you say welcome to subway i jacked off in ya ham sandwich dammit son

    i wanna hear that line and you know why fucker!!!!

    what song was it


    hit me up on aim = joemudafawknoros

    holla back
  2. DZK


    May 25, 1999
    it's called "Trance" - it's not on my page? I'll re-up
  3. mocha_licious

    mocha_licious New Member

    May 10, 2003
    EturnalMusic (9:26:06 AM): btw, I like andrew
    weznilez (9:26:14 AM): me too
    weznilez (9:26:39 AM): wait didnt U write in his thread hes garbage
    weznilez (9:26:40 AM): LOL
    weznilez (9:30:38 AM): do U like any of DZKs ish?
    EturnalMusic (9:30:49 AM): I never listen to it
    weznilez (9:30:58 AM): o
    weznilez (9:31:01 AM): but U collabed with him
    weznilez (9:31:08 AM): so U didnt listen to the verse U collabed with?
    weznilez (9:31:10 AM): thats odd
    EturnalMusic (9:31:14 AM): but I dislike his message
    weznilez (9:31:24 AM): didnt U spit on his open collab?
    weznilez (9:31:26 AM): 'yes or no
    EturnalMusic (9:31:36 AM): I have heard him more thasn once
    EturnalMusic (9:31:41 AM): He has some skillz
    weznilez (9:31:46 AM): U just said U never listen to it LOL
    weznilez (9:31:56 AM): and U just said his content is garbage
    weznilez (9:31:57 AM): lol
    EturnalMusic (9:33:07 AM): Why are you so interested in dzk?
    weznilez (9:33:35 AM): im interested in why YOUR so interested in him
    weznilez (9:33:47 AM): and why U dissed him 3908829034 times if U think hes garbage
    weznilez (9:33:52 AM): and why U spit on hios open collab
    weznilez (9:33:59 AM): and why U stalk him in alkl his threads
    weznilez (9:34:03 AM): *all
    EturnalMusic (9:34:31 AM): I like andrew, it's my way of remindin him to quit wasting his life
    weznilez (9:39:41 AM): and if hes wasting his life
    weznilez (9:39:45 AM): what r U doing?
    weznilez (9:39:50 AM): U post in ALL HIS THREADS
    EturnalMusic (9:41:20 AM): Well, your human mind can never fully calculate it.
    weznilez (9:41:35 AM): calculate why U stalk DZK? nope
  4. _Organik_

    _Organik_ Deaf Villian This Guy's

    Jul 12, 2005
    wez nilez you just make yourself look worse everywhere... your the one with no life who just gets involved in ppls beef to get dissed so u get some fame off there name

    u do this to everyone

    get a life

    your 32 now.. grow up
  5. TitoBronsky

    TitoBronsky Guest

    the beat on this was beast .... you came off aight kid....

    you remind me of Necro .... lyricaly and wit the delivery....

    production was solid... lil clippin here and there... but aside from that... you did your thing...

    RTF mayne!!!!!
  6. mocha_licious

    mocha_licious New Member

    May 10, 2003
    can you get anymore homosexual?
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