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  1. enef

    enef voting against DZK in every round.

    Aug 2, 1999
    thats all deflection on his part.

    atom react dissing me in 2005 and i still could tell who he was in the first round of a tourney i no showed in

  2. Twamp

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    Apr 24, 2011
    why in the FUCK would Duane DQ himself?

  3. Deep Abyss

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    Bye @DZK

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Why do people keep exaggerating DZK’s age. He’s not in his late 30s…..at this point anyway. Haha!

    I posted this in the other thread in case it gets overlooked. I hope this does not get marked as spam.

    I don't post on here, but, I've been following this GRB. In all fairness, DZK should have done his research. About 2 days before the deadline of round 2, I was able to find out that Duane Jackson was Jayo. All I had to do was click the SoundClick link he had for his Round 1 audio for Con.Found.Dead and click the "Music Artist Page" link.

    On that page you will find many of his links and one of those links include his YouTube link, "http://www.youtube.com/user/therealjayo". If "Duane Jackon" truly wanted to hide his information, he most likely would not have linked this particular SoundClick page or at the very least, he would have deleted the "http://www.youtube.com/user/therealjayo" link from that SoundClick page. I'm not trying to say that DJ wasn't purposely excluding that fact that he had posted as Atom React in the past, (As a matter of fact, I believe that DJ excluded information about his past on the board.) I'm just saying to DZK that it took only 2 clicks to find out this person's alternate identity.

    So the question for DZK & Jook is, who's at fault here?

    No one had a clue what Punches & Illy looked like until DZK posted their pictures. Punches' picture surfaced in the 2006/2007 GRB and that same picture was used against Punches in the 2007/2008 GRB because apparently there were no other pictures of him that the contestants knew of. He even had the name and a picture of Punches' girlfriend. This situation is parallel to the 2008/2009 GRB when DZK battled Illy. On top of that, DZK also found a video of Illy. Fast forward to Illy's and KooL La!d's battle. KooL La!d used the same picture that DZK used for Illy.

    My point is, whether you or someone else did the research on Punches and Illy to find those pictures, I don't see what the difficulty was about 2 simple clicks.

    DZK obviously recognizes Atom React. I'll give DZK the benefit of the doubt. Say, DZK didn't recognize the name, Jayo. All he would have had to do was do a Google search of "jayo rapmusic.com".

    This page was the first result for me:


    Look at the first poster. It's Atom React.

    The link Atom React posted on that page is dead so there is no link to his music to know what Atom React sounds like.

    A Google search of "jayo atom react" would have helped DZK even further:

    Jayo's MySpace page, "https://myspace.com/jayo" should be a result on the first page. His profile picture is on his MySpace page. DZK could have just compared, DJ's MySpace profile picture to the ones he used for his battle against DJ.

    My point for this portion is since DZK is this serious about information about his opponent, he would have done this.

    2 clicks DZK.....2 clicks.

    TheRealJayo = Jayoo = Atom React

    Given the fact that you or whoever helped you were good at finding information on your Punches and Illy, I figured you would probably find this out on your own.

    Again, who's at fault, here?

    My personal opinion is that DZK is at fault here for not researching properly, but, DJ should know better, considering the fact that he had over 11,000 posts on this board as Atom React. To be fair, I believe DJ knew exactly what he was doing when he signed up for this GRB, but, for Jook's decision to allow DZK to advance because of DZK's lack of research is questionable. I'm sure if it was the other way around, DZK would have defended himself to the end. DZK is known to defend technicalities to the end.

    DZK, you've shown in the past that you are about technicalities. Why change, now? Are you saying you wouldn't defend yourself in a situation where technicalities worked in your favor?

    If this is Jook's final decision, should he close DZK's and DJ's battle thread early and allow both of them to advance? He might as well do so, because DZK advancing whether he wins or loses in votes and DJ being knocked out of the tournament if he loses doesn't seem fair to DJ at all.

    What if DJ loses based on this situation, Jook? Are you going to argue that this wasn’t part of the reason why he lost? Even if the voters who vote for DZK from this point on provide a valid explanation as to why they voted for DZK and do NOT mention this situation or claim that this situation had nothing to do with their votes, who’s to say what was really on their minds? Who’s to say they didn’t “exclude” what was on their minds? That’s it. You “don’t” know. We don’t know what was on DJ’s mind when he signed up for the GRB. We may have an “idea” of or “believe” that DJ was being shady, but we are not mind readers.

    Like I stated, you might as well close that battle thread and allow them to advance if this is your final decision.

    I believe Jook should think this through.
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    This nigga .... we seen your post a million times son

    tapatalk tho
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    this tbh
  7. TraGiC

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    Apr 30, 1999
    wow I was an angry jerk back then

  8. Detroit

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    Hahaha he making sure everyone saw his research and the final dissertation

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