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  1. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002

    Rough sex embedded in the threads where we lay
    Payment or medic - I’ll select once I’ve came
    Craving attention, you’re the best at this game
    Changing direction, I suggest you just waive
    Correct I will stray as I am not yours to claim
    Strange in a way, I protect my ego from dames
    Change how I play, pfft you get wet over pain
    I wouldn’t piss through your peephole
    To put out the flames
    A broken needle - but my record still plays
    Yes I’m Evil so Evil
    Since my first fetal position got made
    Whips, chains and safe words thought up
    Pussy slaughtered, draining water
    I was cautious but insanely caught up
    Now I’m forced for a restraining order
    Against the one and only - Satan’s daughter

    Your soft touch breaks down my defenses
    while you release..
    An Adrenaline rush to ensnare my senses
    It progress's as your hold on me increases
    Tearing my soul into a thousand pieces
    My heart doing back-flips driven in circles
    While your love captures,giving me purpose
    No longer I'm worthless, ill never forget
    How complete I feel..together in sweat
    I'm a one lady lover, feeling pigeon holed
    Yes I'm Pure so Pure
    But deep down inside losing control
    Such great sex yes I became obsessed
    My mind stuck on you like a demon possessed
    Now I'm forced for a restraining order
    Against the one and only - Satan's daughter​
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