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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    true stories

    See the time is now the link is broken
    I’m the chosen
    one to the two three then four bounces the beats
    I’m woven to the streets
    indeed when I was living cheap
    sleep was my everyday goal then it was off to the block
    blunts passed like day to night I was out of mind out of luck
    while Chucky niccaz seek the weak
    never show fear you get fucked
    aaaaaw-shucks 6 going deeper
    I had to write a real thrill seeker
    I’m the grim
    I killed the reaper
    while decimating the haters
    I found what my mom spoke
    never lose faith God is hope
    let my niccaz spell it
    they say god is what -when -where
    and I found myself asking him why
    we die- why mom’s die from cancer
    why I have two heart attacks -why-why-why-
    the feeling I hold is cancerous
    I’m the dangerous religious
    nicca that punishes with consciences
    thats why shame comes when i repent
    i see the serpent in snitches they bytches
    and the endo makes the forked tounge bytch headless
    i’m endless in flow let’s GO
    i got mo
    but see i gave this to the heartless
    now my niccaz bump this track like endless
    i’m eternity like Pac and & Biggie
    Bob Marley passed me a blunt and said write a true live story
    just like they i live on- egraved in vinal wwax texing with glory
    niccaz imagin that....Yeah.....
  2. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    The truth is, I'm a nuisance.
    Leaving red drips on ya blueprints.
    My lead spits when it cock, like a rooster.
    Heads missin when I do it
    Shoot shit up like a drug abuser.
    flushin manuer. Am I the truth or what man?
    I believe enuff said.
    I'm a needle in this f*ckin thread.
    Wurd 2 blood shed.
    I luv lead,whether pencil or pistol.
    Entering lyrical duels wit war criminals.
    Spittin subliminals.
    Wuts good,Wut they really do?
    I'm an indivdual who grows.
    Exceeding explosive flows.
    I post and go,make U wanna know
    Why I'm so high and still solo.
    Shit, cuz I was born as a twin.
    But at birth he died,that nigga quit.
    And then pops dipped
    So eversince then I lived.
    By the rule,trust noone
    but that nig in the mirror.
    I'm just spittin,outta tradition.
    I love it,I live it .
    Until the lord decides that I'm finished.
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