Drop it like its hot......Come Hard!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by BlaCkShaMpOo, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. BlaCkShaMpOo

    BlaCkShaMpOo P.u.S.h

    Nov 5, 2000
    keep it thoro,cuz im addicted to the hustle
    spit that herion flow that expands through ya muscles,
    niggaz outta line,good news - imma drill sargent,
    betta yet,a hitman wit a price cheaper than a flea market bargain,
    dump niggaz like garbage,
    far from stupid,nigga im retarted,
    and tha money coming in,
    i can see it all - like a target.....
  2. Jim ManyCricket

    Jim ManyCricket SikSika Nation

    Jan 25, 2004
    with a mind as crazy as mine youd of thought they would of gave me some time, but all god did was gave me a sign, told me to stay in the line, and begin busting back, so stone cold you should never trust a cat, the lights been rusted black, stingin em, but still coming so dope that i still manage to be bringin em, rhyme master, you thought you were fast well im faster, eating away at my soul like some sort of prime cancer, i find answers like crime scene investigators, my teams steady arrestin haters, molestin traitors, ambitious like my agression's dictators....
  3. Kapernikus

    Kapernikus New Member

    Jan 10, 2007
    the flow alone hit your chest it's best your breeze soften/
    apparently Jim ManyCricket is Stone Cold like Steve Austin/
    the P89 rhyme will leave your runnin quick/
    and basically gaurentee that you aint stunnin shit/
    each letter penetrates your thin hypodermis/
    the main concern is, burnin you in the furnice/
    or yankin back on the triggers of burners in earnest/
    your underestimation, of my prestidigitation/
    leaves no explaination for Police Investigation/
    Fuck CSI, you probably copped it at Best Buy/
    I'll cut you with the same sword I was just blessed by/
    tapped on both shoulders, squeeze jaw and broke boulders/
    My flow is tight like U..F..C yoke holders/
    fuck how ya'll fair, the skills are all there/
    atleast enough to get your girl to lick off my ball hair/
    your rap is weak, you gettin murdered aint a tragic feet/
    i know where this faggot sleep, he's worth less than maggot meat/
    you rappin is a silly thing, your name doesn't really ring/
    it's clear recently you've made more bad decisions than Billy King/
    my sharp rhymes don't grind son better they snip sever/
    I'm up and coming like Greg Oden your more like Chris Webber/
    your reside on broke back, but you already know that/
    send me an Emcee that wont crack, and I'll mail you his bones back...!!!
  4. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    i sit here with my knot lost in prospect,
    rhymes unlocked the cosmic ties of nonsense
    beware the rise of convents-
    governments dry in comments surprise the law-men
    taxes make it so for every 5 you drop-10
    friendly foes but definately not-friends-
    mexico is 10 below and most the food we eat is rotten!
    were like hunters trapped in our own creations-
    except were not hunters were only nations-
    told bodly to not hate them but also told not to make amends!
    the pressure from life gave me bends, like my vision save my lens
    ya life actually ends when your buried cuz ya no longer visual
    just memories that bounce between bone residual-
    being reduced to electric impulses alone and minimal
  5. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    sick with styles to infect the masses
    and like an evil high priest i accept the ashes
    mind clashes like papparrazzi camera flashes
    all my wrecks be crashes
    but id still say im safe cuz all my sex be rashless
    scraping you crabs off like flecks of bad flesh
    im mad fresh, after im done with you ya dads next
    more sick sound effect than a porno's sexy splashes
    ya girl might be hot but the top of her legs be assless
    im extra fascist, hangin you cats for thinkin about me
    yeah, you might flow but youll still be drinkin without me
    sittin at the kids table sippin on juice an lookin all pouty
    the last one ta doubt me ended up food for the homeless
    i improve by the moments,
    and bring death swiftly like the movements of ronins
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Oh! they sleeping on this thread..Let's FLow

    This is the cypher to decipher
    each and every writer need to enter
    the center penetrate and write like it’s ya last
    and have a blast- blast on the last
    draw on the first and put these haters in a hearse
    it’s the best -vs.- the worst, put me where you please
    I’ll just tell you to reread this verse and proceed to get on ya knees
    and hopefully you’ll leave me first,
    I lead the beginner's to get deeds in purse
    I love money, I hate drug money, it’s no profit for a legal purse
    I need something for retirement before my heart burst
    and my lungs cease to engulf air from GOD’s mother earth
    what’s my worth, about infinity, 6 sisters, one’s a split seed of me
    three males, we all from the same father and one mother indeed
    Rest in peace, I see the past and the present, the future is within me
    I’m guided by the light of the righteous life I live
    it’s the blueprint, handed down by the almighty who is
    the prince of peace he died for what we are today,
    shame came across my face cause we live life like the KKK
    Hate kill and deal just to get the pay,
    Man life iz more than just another day....Let’s GO
  7. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Let it be known, Im the best on this cypher shit
    Wheels on chrome, niqqaz hooked on the lines I spit
    I got it flowin' thru my veins from the lines I sniff
    Any niqqa wanna test me, on the mic gets ripped...
    Into pieces, niqqa, this is... the coke flow
    Jesus, Im freezin', Im so cold, when it come to these scriptures
    Y'all niqqaz homos, when it comes to them bitches
    Y'all on a threadmill sweatin' 'em
    I got 'em in they thongs on the bed wettin' 'em
    Fuck, I got 'em apple bottom hos in the back
    Of the new 0-7 'lac, Fuckin' em, smokin' that crack
    Fuckin' 'em raw in they ass, till the shitstains come off my dick
    Bitch, don't you dare cum on my dick
    Bitch you is a lost case, got her pussy hair growin' back
    The stomach and waist both gettin' fat
    But you know me, gotta do her for the last time, pa....
  8. dick&balls

    dick&balls Doc Holliday

    Dec 21, 2004
    dont mind this spit, i wont inflict much time in it
    just a lil cypher shtick, from dick&ballz'z rhymes of shit....lmfao
    i moved my other, in the open mic, my brother
    you check the style and wonder, why i write asunder
    into the piTz OF HELL, where i will riDE yoUR mothEr!!!
    stare in her eyes, and spread her thighs of thunDEr!!!!

  9. SpeedyCalhoun

    SpeedyCalhoun Obviously...

    Feb 19, 2005
    The names Speedy, so you know I might be kickin it fast/
    I'm lyrically rad, so most niggas appear to be mad/
    When I grab the pen, and these classics get smeared on the pad/
    hol on, dat was whack...

    It's funny how I manage to pose...
    A deadly threat to these amatuer foes/
    It must be the way I handle controls/
    Or the way I points cannons at hoes...
    Have them shakin out they panties and clothes/
    Too scared to stand on the toes/
    So if you got problems, don't say it to me...
    I'm sinister, saying the least, won't hesitate to spray up you neice/
    Ya'll online, always playing emcees/
    Ya'll masturbators or gameheads...
    Either way, go home and play with yo "Wii"/
  10. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "Go home and play your Wii", my technical ability/
    Be killing G's, go out on a killing spree, worth than a million G//
    It's a compliment you want to mimick me/
    Gimmick mc's get thrown to the turnbuckable with ease//
    I'll have ta, knuckle mc's, chain-choke gruffle mc's/
    Who think it's a 'breeze', like Drew/
    And I'm not talkin' about Maurice, rockin' a top polyester an fleece//
    Increase my speech to reach an undefined feat/
    like Barry Bonds Home Run feat//
    Don't mean to compete, just sometimes it comes out that way/
    Catch the movie, a mattenay in the day//
    THen go home and party like 'hay', ok., this here is that lyrical spray/
    Break your vertebrae with every word you say, this is surgery, certainly//
    You ain't merkin' me, nor hurtin' me, this is certain, G/
    You ain't facin the lyrical creatin' verbs//
    You be gettin' served for breakfast, lunch and dinner/
    Like food at "Denny's", off of Henny got me kind of dizzy//
    Yes indeedy, either that or fasheezy/
    Man I'm off the heezy, like richter scale, when it goes sideways in a fast fashion//
    I don't really care as long as the track is blastin'/
    Wack kids I'm steady bashin' turnin them into wack has been's//
  11. N. Cognito

    N. Cognito As Himself

    Jun 1, 2007
    cuz passion is what they're lackin, while im hungry n fastin /
    textin more words than news broadcasted in closed caption /
    i got it on lock like •••• latches, shock waves 10,000 volts crashin /
    to smoke half tha brain cells while bodies go thru convulse actions /
    N. Cognito happens to be what your woman's wishin for /
    but im dissin yours, my dream vision's for melyssa ford in her drawers /
    yall clowns busy kissin whores n frontin like u pimpin yours, hittin raw /
    smokin wood gotcha thoughts fucked up n ya fingers wit splinter sores /
  12. S.Shorty

    S.Shorty New Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Da New Kid & Dick&Balls was the worst cyphers I read.....everybody else's was good
  13. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    my raps hard writtin', hittin' ya nerves like neuropathy
    make sure to ask me about these perfect has-beens
    like a serpent laughing i snatch pryor work attachments
    at the tongue, and watch the curtain's fabric burn like dung
    when i relapse, i make y'all go to rehab, you need to relax
    i've seen it happen, they come back when i come back
    d'ya see a pattern? you cats hide ya face when i'm ski-maskin',
    weed-packin' the bowl 'til you see a dragon
    i'm breathin' flames and i keep on swaggin'
    your diatribes are weak in action, when i speak it's magic
    leap to the adjacent door on your left side
    'cause there's no way you' goin' out sayin' you kept pride
    you get took, plain and simple, i got a wide range of insults
    i make you hide your face again, don't blame your pimples
    you stranger than a wrinkle in a page that i wrote
    knowin' it's right on your name is all the rave i promote
    changing lanes, in a quote, is to resist and belie the tactic
    that's what you should do before my fish tries to fry your accent
    i'm alive with passion, nighin' high like a squire with knighthood desire
    you nothing but a clown hangin' down from the tight-rope wire
    tiger, i'll lead you through rings of fire, you a circus
    my words is swingin' you like acrobats, you'll never touch the surface
    i'm bringing earthquakes how i merk this mic like it's a service
    you're so worthless i'ma just hang it up now unless it's urgent
  14. S.Shorty

    S.Shorty New Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Yeah "it's urgent"
    Ur raps requiring immediate action
    Meanwhile my raps give traction to all weak flows
    Ask Tha SuperStars they know
    That all my rhymes be toxic, compact with
    All kinds-a deadly gases
    To make the masses, gasp n wheeze
    I'ma do u like Fabolous, make emcees can't Breathe
    Of course y'all haven't heard of me
    I'm from Defjam where the STARS be
    I'm def man, I've gotta death plan,
    Jus like dem Muslims over in Iran
  15. sooth O1O

    sooth O1O New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    u wouldn kno shit about a muslim if he was ur moms/u like kickin flos about shit u dnt kno rite/ so u from def jam/that dnt make u ill or better than the next guy besides ur skills non existence like death when u have eternal life/ this aint me/its rapmusic.com that has me killing u/since i cant post my own thread ill stick to thrillin u/ im sick of typing replies/but for now itll have to do/ so ill keep expandin this complex mind/ till this unruly rule subsides/ 250 post needed, this should onli apply when cats cross the line and get fined, this be a sentence/ i introduce law makers to my clenched fist/ this rule messed/has me typing this shit in anguish/ but ill carry on/ coz it will take more than that to make me relinquish my path/ or quit this task/ future rap legend,hero if u may/ and i dnt need a mask
  16. *DowntownStar*

    *DowntownStar* ____________________

    Jun 6, 2002
    n!ga! you don't need a mask. you need a muzzle
    the rest of us don't need your ass, we need a shovel
    gospel of thomas, verse forty three
    jesus said 'they love the fruit but they hate the tree'
    think about it. you a hater, duke
    you love the tree but you hate the fruit
    you love the elder rappers, hate the youths
    love the thirsty but you hate the juice
    love my floss but you hate my loot
    you love to bite but hate your achin tooth
    n!gas love when i evaporate. hate when i wet'em
    they love me now. hated me when i met'em
    you love criminals but hate the crime
    hate the sawed off, and hate the nine
    you love the streets but you hate the grime
    love the cell block but hate the time
    you hate the spiderweb, you hate the teardrop
    hate the weed sessions, hate the beer-hops
    yo. what the fuck do you do for yourself?
    and how the fuck do you stay true to yourself?
    love aguilera but you hate on alba
    just like you love the rock but you hate the powder
    you love the veterans but hate the new kids
    you love to talk it but you hate to do shit
    love when i'm grillin' off. hate when i'm smilin'
    yet you love when i'm chillin' out and hate when i'm wildin'
    love when i risk it all. hate when i'm winnin'
    hoes love to tempt me, but hate i'm out sinnin'
    love my slackness but you hate that i'm dirty
    hate that i'm comin up, and hate that i'm worthy
    love when i dumb out but you hate that i'm ignant
    you hate my pimpin game, and hate when i spit it
    you love the internet, love bloggin, love boarding
    hate recording, hate puttin on shows, hate touring
    you not built for this game, you punk
    you love to free throw, but hate to dunk
    you love to snitch. you hate gettin muffled
    love jibbin off, but hate to scuffle
    you hate my phantom. you hate my viper
    you'd love to spray me but you hate i'd snipe ya
    why you love your priors but you hate your p.o.?
    how the fuck you love skelly, and hate to cee-lo?
    you love my video but hate my shows
    love that i'm fuckin, and hate my hoes
    bush love the oil and he hate iraqis
    and you, you love the beaters but you hate the khakhis
    you hate tha rags, you hate tha g talk
    you hate tha set trip - but you love that c-walk
    you love the violence but hate the blood
    you love the treble but you hate the subs
    you love the mixtape. you hate the record
    you wanna run my shit, but hate my necklace?
    yo. don't interrupt me, n!ga. let me finish.
    so tell me dummy. which one is it? make up your mind, stupid!

    don't take it personal. i was gonna merk somebody. it just happen to be you.
  17. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "stupid", gift hit, muthafuggers like Cupid,/
    with a bow & arrow, flight of the sparrow, chances is narrow//
    Headin' to the Arrow-head pond, I bomb, go "on & on"/
    like a bottle of hennessey, until you muthafugga's remember me//
    I smoke like Chimney's, the epitome, of lyrical biochemistry/
    Call me the Sinister, with symmetry, that's simetrical to physically//
    what's going on nowadays, when the fire trucks go to fight the blaze/
    look into the eyes of rage, wear cool shades like Johnny Cage//
    And perform more chin kicks, that leave fools hyper-extented/
    Not even Ben Wallace could defend-it, the city limits//
    Get "pushed back" like M.E.D., if this was Ninety-three/
    the streets would be littered with Graffiti, G//
    specifically, when I rip ya vacinity, with chicks that look like Vanity/
    I'm just imagining, and planning things, expanding things//
    like time boundaries, you cannot clown with me/
    I'm a scoundrel-g., holla after me//
  18. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    OK I'll holla after you, just bringin disaster thru.
    Like I do wherever I move, It ain't nuthin new.
    What I do on avenues ends up on the news.
    Bustas crews get abused when I rush the room.
    What insues is torture like Hostel 1&2.
    I be solo askin crews "What U Wanna Do?"
    I'm comfortable amongst enemies cuz I'm a monster too.
    I eat good like a pregnant bitch eatin lunch 4 two.
    While my enemies eat lunchables.
    But f*ck them dudes I'm out-1
  19. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Raw Verse Foe Yall

    I Should Charge For My Barz Like Nestle-
    No Pen No Pad Just A Brain Iz My Recipe-
    Fly High Off Drugs Like Ecstacy-
    Dont Treat My Nose So You Hoes Gotta Smoke Wit Me-
    Get Head Like A Mutha Fuckin,helmet Be-
    No Sense I Get Retarded As A Helmet Be-
    Two Blocks And A Half Dey Be Smellin Me-
    Blow Green Umm,cabage No Broc-a-lee-
    Hard Body Hard Body Like Lil Weezy-wee-
    We Have A Notha Thang In Comin Until The Grave M.o.b-

    '''my Flow's Are Tranforming To A Freak Show,becuz Evry Time The Beat Go,i Act Like Virgin's At A Peep-show/quote He Cold''
  20. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003

    money over bullness, gift is fulled with, freestyled cruelness/
    inside or out the mind, what I see? Einstein, redefined timelines//
    I co-signed, I think it's dro time, cuz the mouth fizzlin'/
    got quick cross, like allen iverson dribblin'//
    freestyle rhymes, I'm constantly riddlin'/
    constantly I'm middle'n, leave mc's whimperin'//
    do you kids remember when, I was confusin' an injurin'/
    all oncomers, through long summers, quick to cause a long bummer//
    get ya girls phone number, oh donger,/
    giftshop flow stronger, like lance armstrong's when he bike's long//
    I'm a python, watch me flex my muscles/
    this physical hustle, quick with snuffles, causin' trouble, burstin' bubbles//
    on the double, and on the space hubble/
    aircraft, whatever's fair pass for me to flare pass//
    this here is a rare draft, from a rare craft, cause backdraft//
    after I spaz, like Vinnie Paz/
    revoke your ghetto pass//
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