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  1. TuckMastaFresh

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    Jun 20, 2010
    Just a litle rap i wrote

    What is reality?
    Is it dreamland or is it normality,
    A place of happiness and fatality,
    Of irrationality and spirituality,
    What if this was all a dream,
    And we had dreams within this dream,
    Dreams that we could be somebody,
    Dreams that we could be nobody,
    Humbleness in mind, spirit, and body,
    Sometimes things aren’t what they seem,
    What if this was all a dream?

    What is death?
    Is it the spirit leaving the body,
    Or the body leaving the spirit?
    It’s hard not to fear it,
    Most people try to veer from it,
    Hospital stays paid for on government dime,
    Fat raps and catchy punchlines,
    If Heaven’s so sublime,
    Why do people fear it?
    Humbleness in the mind, body, and spirit.

    What is Heaven?
    Is it really that sublime?
    People left out ‘cause of their crimes,
    It’s quite a long climb,
    Through dreamland and reality,
    Sit down and tell me a good story,
    Of brave men and glory,
    No one can be sin-free,
    So who goes to Heaven?
    Make a wish, it’s eleven-eleven.

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