Dreaming (true STORY)

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Blood paint the walls in my dreams
    Swear i hear the screams.
    dirty bands in my jeans get money by any means.
    I'll cut my throat before i go back broke
    Plottin' tellin' my side chick to roll that dope
    "Be quiet stay focus and hold that coke"
    Pass my coat, let's take a ride to never land
    She suck her teeth and tell me "what ever man"
    Even she know i'm clever when i'm full of my medicine
    Am i crazy? or just a victim, my society sick
    It ain't a secret that our privacy is public knowledge
    Shit!! i'm paranoid when i pump the gas
    Hopin' some fool with a mask don't slump my ass
    Ridin' dirty on the E-way listening to "riding dirty" by U.G.K
    I know the irony i even laughed cause the vibe was so cliche
    On the way to my cousin' house he was celebrating his B-day
    He had 3 strippers 2 were dancing the other one giving a BJ
    To my nigga CJ, we caught eyes she looking like she need love
    Such a hopeless stare i couldn't do shit but bow my head
    I look back up i saw skeletons every one was dead
    The ground breaks and the fire rise
    I' hear a voice that said dry your eyes
    Do you wanna live hopeless and hell bound?
    Hell no, life is short but death is forever (Sometimes i ask myself)
    Do i wanna shine for years and burn for an eternity?
    That decision all ways haunts me i think the devil wants me.

    then i woke up smoked a cigarette, true story.

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