Dreaming Being A Knight

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Dreaming Being A Knight

    Would tell a joke but just woke up have to unite
    My thoughts and last night fought hard all my might
    In a dream for a queen it was extreme I was to marry
    Let love into my heart and that menu sparked started to carry
    Jealousy, my bling proper, work for King Arthur this is very
    Fortunate to be able to stand celebrating with a plan
    Devastating my next move sex in the groove oh man
    The queen on my mind, scream sometime and couldn’t
    Rest in bed her breast misled me, so I couldn’t and wouldn’t
    Depend on friends they were all men and try to get some
    The threat come every time, so this cause me to worry dumb
    Because pressure is put on my treasure and no pleasure
    In that, my queen’s body is lean party on scene ledger
    and a fiery diary is kept to help us arrange our affair
    wait defiant to become a great giant with long hair
    right now a knight at the roundtable writes, renowned
    and able to fight cradle the right to slay dragons and pound
    armies with soldiers of death, one day riding through
    the woods try do good could be Robbing Hood ready to
    do like Russell Crowe, surprised greatly recognized many
    hate me my crew was attack led to a true act of war on any
    and every front we fought hard and caught retard trying to take
    my life and cause great strife but by the fate of my knife the hate
    failed so hail to the swords of the knights, we rattled the phonies
    then saddled our ponies and rode off into the sunset really a stony
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