Dream Seeking

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Poetic Concept, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Poetic Concept

    Poetic Concept New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Im so tired of racism....its ridiculous this is just a small look at ly perspective and its personal meaning and significance to me....

    Martin Luther King had a dream
    And his dream was a spitting image of me
    Not to be conceded but he dreamed of white and black semen
    Making a breathing child seamlessly
    Hope is a dream within itself, so if it seems easy to read
    Like black and white, we weren’t reading the same paper
    See black and white makes gray, some days that all I see
    Is the haze, and a maze of confusion, a diluted black baby
    Over tanned white dude, I j walk through a war of races
    Any variations, are unacceptable, accept I am an exception
    I never expected to be accepted, I just hate when I am addressed with it
    I never detested my skin, and I love my kin for their differences
    Shit it’s the epitome of what my existence is,
    But this listening to the ignorance, who think common senses
    comes from broken presidents, who set the precedent for this shit
    I grimace at the very thought of it, claustrophobic mindsets
    Sitting in a pine lit room, laughing like fools,
    Not understanding there great grandparents, probably shared the same womb
    Consumed in racial slurs, not once did it occur to them
    That they turn the martyrs of Malcolm x it freelance speakers
    Preachers of bastardized, blacks chastised turned to victimizing acts
    Instead of me as two synthesized worlds intact within a broken society
    How should I react, solemnly, or diabolically,
    but I am much more than racial hypocrisy
    I am living symbology that color doesn’t change anatomy, I am no abnormality
    But rather a gradual phenomenon taken on casually,
    Not a fad, or function, or un known happening
    I am exactly what was expected, not an exception
    More like exceptional being, so sometimes I get caught in believing
    that I’m the reason he was dreaming, the season is changing
    And my patience is draining, should I engrave with in head stone of slave kids
    The emancipated words of those racist few who never seen a slave ship
    Its amazing how brazen the kids have got when raising the question of coloring
    Smothering the brotherly love, once coveting hugs,
    now only smug glances vacant of love
    What more is there to seek with world of envy and deceit,
    sometimes I wish I could hide my pride and lend my soul for lease,
    and speak to forgotten martyrs, the mothers and fathers
    Who died chasing a starlit sky, looking for freedoms line,
    defeated and broken but lived cause their hope survived,
    I am a hybrid of life, Without a divide,
    indivisible a principal statement of both races, black and Caucasian,
    We all staying in the same melting pot, living in Salem’s lot,
    Looking at the same sky hopin that gods saves a spot
  2. T.R.C....

    T.R.C.... New Member

    Sep 5, 2010
    its tough to be ill and make a statement but you hit that shit perfectly man keep it up
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