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    Sep 7, 2005
    Baby, you keep asking the same questions, but trust me.
    I'm om my grind tryin to build us life, so don't rush me.
    You know that I love you and I know you love me ...
    So don't rush me, please, baby don't rush me ...

    Verse One
    Remember when life was great, now its gettin hurtful
    Remember chilin wit friends, remember we'd sit in a circle?
    You and your girls sipping smirnoff, me sipping purple
    Now is it even worth attempting to work through.
    I'd never hurt you, I'd never desert you ... just stay patient
    I look good, but for what we need, they ain't gonna pay it
    When I'm grinding, I promise its ain't a vacation
    What you keep repeating and saying I really wish you would save it
    Explainin this shit over and over is getting old
    And I told you I ain't tryin to leave you in da cold
    Feeling choked up on this whole thing though
    Told you to leave it to DSP cuz he knows
    Do you want the same street clothes or clean clothes?
    Do you want reggie, or do you want good kush weed smoke?
    You don't have to wait for any hope, but I'm doing my best
    Waitin for the day my chain so big it bruises my chest ...

    Repeat Hook

    Verse Two
    We love each other, so why the rush act?
    If I didn't have feelings for you, I'd slap ya asss off my nut sack
    If you leave, you know you can't come back
    Cuss at me all you want, you know I'm no dumb ass
    I'm busy where the bucks at, you think I got a cunt stash
    Cut that out, can't you trust me?
    Honey, if it wasn't bout money, we could get a bit clumbsy
    But want lucky, so I have to really mash hard
    Counting up this money, like fifth graders doing them flash cards
    Say you want a good life wit me, why that's odd ...
    I know this dick is more addictive than crack rocks,
    That's all good but listen a minute, somethin you didn't think of
    That good life cost a lot of money you can't dream up
    right now its a struggle for us just to keep up
    so get on these nuts if you rush me again,
    I ain't going nowhere and I'll be gettin money till then.

    Repeat HOOK
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