Do you write? Do you like reading writing?

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  1. YogthSothoth

    YogthSothoth Cult Leader

    Dec 22, 2011
    Hah, what the fuck? I'm never not lurking! I was just afraid that my incessant praise had made DeathProof uncomfortable so I was trying to tone it down a bit. Some crazy shit in here as usual. I'm a fan of Pill Grim's style as well.
  2. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Here's the verse and the audio to go with it that I just posted against this kid named "Ski Mask" in the RBL;

    I’m snappin’ necks with rhymes - and this bastard’s next - his cataleptic lines can’t contest with mine!
    Slash his chest with savageness ‘til Mask is left to die like ants in pesticide!
    I’ll show and prove – open wounds –no antiseptic? Fine!
    This kid’s gonna lose, see – you’ll be lumped up – rufied – punch drunk - when I give ya a bruise, Ski! (brewski)
    See, I’m droppin’ his ass – my nine’s glossed - see the red tinge? -
    My bucket creeps past – fuck a ski mask – he’ll need an oxygen mask when hypoxia sets in!
    Live shots eat your flesh and bystander’s eyes pop – leave your dead limbs
    And mind scattered for five blocks – death isn’t when life saddens and rhymes stop-
    Death's when you’re left in a nice casket or pine box!
    Since my shooter makes kids hallucinate like effectively dropped acid -
    Bitch, I’ll set it off – give you menopause when you’re catchin’ these hot flashes!
    Hold it now – slow it down! –
    I said – bitch, I’ll set it off – give your mental pause when you’re catchin’ these hot flashes!
    It’s best to play the student ‘cause I’m killin’ off your pipe dreams-
    I’ll have investigative units sealin’ off a crime scene – that’s his fate!
    So pain’s involved – no painted walls when I leave Mask in tape! (masking tape/police caution tape)

  3. nelson1234

    nelson1234 New Member

    Jan 14, 2012
    i like to reading history..I like to read poetry..
  4. illipsis

    illipsis Ill Collector

    Nov 12, 2010
    Forgive how inherently backpacker this is, been bumping some Aesop lml

    The night approaches, make my rib-cage undress
    With a six-gauge sigh under a shitstain sunset
    Vampire with a switchblade blood test
    Ix-nayed slowly by a mid-day upset
    Ink stained love letters and kick bang drumsets
    She'll be a black widow but the kid ain't slumped yet
    If I see her smirk while she misplays some threat
    I'll be Bogart bailing on a mislaid suspect
  5. Ribo Nuke

    Ribo Nuke Audiodidact

    Oct 27, 2006
    some random stuff i wrote recently

    he could have you sitting there thinking of his last departure
    future platinum artist kitten scratches from a magic marker
    black hearted vagabond his hands upon an anaconda's neck
    wrapped in gauze catastrophic tatted on his chest
    take them higher than the Appalachians with classic phrases
    won't stop spazzin till i've mastered every latin language
    animate the world and turn the earth into a math equation
    bat shit patrick bateman - it's all in your imagination
    It's a bloody mess - the doctors run a hundred tests
    And not one of them could even come up with a guess
    I stutter step the blade cuts my stomach flesh like wonderbread
    Or at least thats what it feels like when im under stress
    consistently hittin the trees to give me a buzz
    Look at the mirror with a mixture of pity and love
    temperatures could turn an entire city to dust
    and it still wouldn't feel quite empty enough
  6. DeathProof

    DeathProof Past zooted.

    Dec 4, 2009
    Holy hell at how dope these last few have been! It'd take too long to dissect each of them's lines. Put a scheme I had penned for a minute together with some blunted hogwash. Cut and paste, nothing coherent. lol I just like rhyming. =/

    Wrote to this beat but you'd probably need to hear it spat to understand how it flows to it, iono.

    it's calamari and Havarti, Black Bacardi
    and bags of bars for 'em if they're nappin' hard, blanket party
    still swaggin' somethin' like a pill addict in Jersey
    seal cracked, swill Jack, I'm Bill Brasky at thirty
    a thousand faces on me, that's that Mil Máscaras swerve
    I'd put Illmaculate's work in but I'm still packin' this herb
    some bad news, we wrap doobs in Bambu skins
    I'd turn a pale ale dark with a Black Tooth Grin*
    slack jawed...squeezin' Mad Dog from crushed grapes
    crumb cake cookin' to a snuff tape with drum breaks

    *A mixed drink made famous by Dimebag Darrell, a shot of Seagram's 7, a shot of Crown Royal and a bit of Coke.
  7. SiegeSupreme

    SiegeSupreme Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2012
    RBL battle vs Tac & Coil Grimely

    Mic check 1 2, 1 2…
    Turn me up in ya headphones nigga…

    Sike nah.

    But look….

    This guy is just lame! I bring lines to amaze faggot, you can’t fly in my lane!!
    Coil? I’ll snap ya mic in half…u got a shitty type of rap soo it’s only fitting that u have “grime” in ur name!
    I’m kinda deranged…but in this battle you’lll get buried by choice
    It’s big guns that I carry & hoist, he’ll get “lit up” when I press the button like chairs on The Voice!
    You can’t fly wit the God! Closest “shot” you’ll have to win is the firing squad!
    So quit actin like you hardboiled...grab the iron & “spark coil”…you’d think I was hotwiring cars!
    You got a problem wit bars! You should leave text alone playa. My lines are methadone fatal!
    Punchlines? You can’t stop mine. But only time “Coil” got a “hot line” is referencing old telephone cables!

    Now it’s your turn, faggot.

    I heard Tac was close to McGuyver… It’s sad to see ‘cuz battle me? Dawg u supposed to be wiser..
    I go HAM when I spit a verse…”set Tac up to get this work”…you’d think I was postin job opening fliers!!
    Wit bars no one is fuckin’ hotter bro….heard Tac was touchin alotta dough??
    Shiett I’ll run in his pockets wit weapons peeled…relentless steel! .& “get a mil” quicker than Lux & Calicoe!!
    Leave wit ya brain attatched? You betta pray for that!! These days it’s wack, way 2 many gays that rap..
    See word on the street is Tac hoes around, steady blowin Brown…but his fave instrument is still the Anglo-Sax!!
    My lines are berserk! Pay attention when I’m tryin to work….legit a threat, I been the best as far as rhyming wit words!!
    But you?? Ya phrasing has been wack, those lines r a sin, Tac/syntax…& I ain’t jus defining the term!

    & I'm out.
  8. 1Nosyrag

    1Nosyrag Member

    May 22, 2011
    I'm an essayist and poet. I love writing and reading it. Will post some feedback later.
  9. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    So you want a little rhythm, I can give ya a taste,
    Of how it feels to be flowing while you're sitting in place,
    Like shit, I ain't winnin' a race, I been joggin',
    It's sick, man I live in a place with pick-pockets,
    And robbers and cops that'll rob ya with glocks,
    Take your money and the shit that you slang to get profits,
    But I'm on it, adapt, I'm a pound of tofu,
    Yet still so fly, on a cloud with Goku,
    I'm so cool, blue-hued, ice for blood,
    That when I flow through new grooves, fire runs,
    I'm like a hydra, with minds and a midas touch,
    I have many personalities, but mine's what's up,
    I can get the room dancin', can't stand to stop,
    I can get ya girl standin', her panties dropped,
    I can say that I'm handsome, can't say that I planned it,
    But I can say I'll be damned if I hand it off,

    Like damn,
    I ain't even wit it,
    I been in the trap with the fire team equippin',
    How am I supposed to smile when every lonesome child,
    Ends up going postal in the local town,
    It's just damn,
    If could even switch it,
    And just forget when I took down the fire demon's digits,
    I've acquired these admissions as try to be a cynic,
    But I can't cuz I'm happy that I can breathe a minute,

    So fuck that bullshit, I made it out,
    Went from drugs and a full clip and slanging pounds,
    To sitting in a class, notes taken down,
    Putting wisdom in the path, no wasting now...
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