Do you write? Do you like reading writing?

Discussion in 'Overtime: Off-Topic Discussion' started by MisterE, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. illipsis

    illipsis Ill Collector

    Nov 12, 2010
    Thanks G.
  2. EmceeGoddess

    EmceeGoddess Disgruntled Man

    Oct 4, 2003
    whats up bro, how you been?

    8 rnadom bars i made up a while ago

    I'm going under the knife for open heart surgery
    Until my chest is equipped with Tony Stark's circuitry
    So if you're ahead of your time, I'm the predecessor
    Who will make any battle a thing you should've never entered
    I sport the most impressive record, so leave now
    Or watch your head get severed like a fucking Pez dispenser
    I'll cut you like Leatherface sawing through a hedger's maze
    & spit enough fire to leave the Everglades set ablaze
  3. JohnnyTrashh

    JohnnyTrashh New Member

    Jun 20, 2012
    Me not so good at read and write
  4. DeathProof

    DeathProof Past zooted.

    Dec 4, 2009
    That had some dope rhyming, EG.

    Guess I'll post something, these aren't very new.

    Skyrim vampirism, AB mustache
    barely read the font, where my HD plugs at?
    a tad high, transcribing H.P. Lovecraft
    but I'm bound to fuck it a bay leaf blunt wrap
    no atlas, road maps labelled useless junk
    cold saggin', fumin' up the moving truck
    cromagnon on some stupid stuff, here to wager
    prove my lungs are bolt action when I clear the chamber
    but fuck that dumbass gun rap simile
    I puff pass scumbags, hunchbacked physically
    a day's peace? sleep, z's and rape dreams
    deep freeze our shame cause we done passed chivalry

    lungs deaded cause my blunt sessions extreme
    drug test end up like the blood test from The Thing
    R.J. Macready, stark raving, the bar game is greasy
    heart race at speeds of a car chase when I spark dank
    that magic touch, you could stargaze, parlay with genies
    or practice luck with an arcane dark mage to beat me
    I'm handin' out punches how Pacquiao does it, arms trader
    four tokes, massive clouds, force choking Darth Vader
    hard fact; lifted as fuck, as if I was gutted
    hunger pains in the Sarlacc pit of my stomach
    then I'm pinned to the rug with a grin on the mug
    comatose, overdosed, roaches close like I'm livin' with bugs
  5. YogthSothoth

    YogthSothoth Cult Leader

    Dec 22, 2011
    I'm trying to figure out where the line is. If I keep telling you how much I love your writing is it going to get creepy? Obviously I love a fucking Lovecraft reference...the bolt action lungs shit is crazy too.

    Your shit (on paper anyways) reminds me of a more cleanly structured Goretex from back when.
  6. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Oh my God, man fuck you. I just spent the last minute and a half desperately trying to pronounce your fucked up ass fuckin' tongue hurts...
  7. YogthSothoth

    YogthSothoth Cult Leader

    Dec 22, 2011
    Hah, pronounced just like its spelled my friend! Yogth-Soth-Oth, now put it all together. (I guess it helps to know those are short o's, like yawgth-sawth-awth)

    Yog-Sothoth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (in case you were curious of the incredibly nerdy origin)
  8. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Yog-Sothoth isn't that difficult to pronounce...

    It's because you put the extra "th" in there...

    You spelled it "YogthSothoth"......

    That shit is fuckin'
  9. Jonny Astro

    Jonny Astro Jon the Astronomy Man

    May 9, 2010
    yeah yo, that last DP joint was nuckin futs.
  10. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    I just posted this in the second round of the RSTL's tourney....


    Sinnin’s not for moderate types - illegal enterprise kills people – ends their lives/
    And I was heavy in my lane the envy of the game - livin’ posh - the profligate life/
    Takin’ my life in my hands, facin’ time in the can - it’s the cost of offin’ the white/
    With a crooked grin, I dished to workers, but I should’ve been a different person/
    In an office with a doctorate - an obstinate wife/
    But terror and dismay came soon enough, tearin’ at my frayed lame useless bluff/
    The error of my ways made luminous my straight ruinous arrogant disdain/
    And vain hubris, but it ain’t humorous - I’m married to this pain.../

    So harken now, it started out with no stress at all/
    Hustlin’, trappin’ - bundle stashed in an old tennis ball/
    I hit the streets fast with a cold sixteenth of cheap glass – no mixed drink/
    I cruised – I stayed on the cash route/
    Doubled up a couple times - fumbled but recovered mine/
    And moved straight to a half ounce/
    Hangin’ with the fiends around, slangin’ ni**as teeners now/
    Commune with jakes, and you’re ass out /
    But my bastard of a plug was funny/
    Playin’ tricks like Babs and Buster bunny/
    He got eighty sixed - can’t lose respect - my game changed plans/
    New connect - same weight for a fraction of the money.../

    But cats were duckin’ from me - I’m takin’ counterfeit bills/
    Still cakin’ - ounces flipped – blatant power trips – makin’ cowards sit still/
    Pride and fame allied with strain as I became grind certified with each deal/
    Heedin’ the call and the lure of being an entrepreneur, I diversified into e-pills/
    Chillin’ with goons – a villainous crew who liked to murder guys for cheap thrills/
    Whoa! - now I’m hot – plenty stacks - had to cop me a car so/
    I broke down and dropped twenty racks on a brand new Monte Carlo/
    At this stage, man, I figured I needed some heat with me, brethren/
    Had to flip a gauge and a blicka – a piece - a .357/
    Shit, now I’m stuntin’ at sideshows – chiefin’ some sticky/
    Rollin’ – flossin’ on my rims, throwin’ caution to the wind /
    In town I’m frontin’ like I hold the key to the city/
    A hungry tyrant - makin’ my pay - workin’ with pounds/
    Justly tryin’ to alienate the jerks and the clowns.../

    I was baskin’ in dumb cash and the fun lasted ‘til my grandmother died which impinged/
    The compassion I had tucked inside and caused a massive divide within/
    Then, if for the first time, I prayed - I felt deceitful/
    I mourned tragedy; Lord answer me -
    When did I curse thy name and meld with evil?/
    I wanted to quit my clientele - I’m startin’ to slip – I might as well/
    But the income was too available - in sum, I proved incapable -
    It’s hard to admit - I tried and failed/
    I discovered somehow a kid suffered from bouts of cardiac arrest/
    Almost killed from blowin’ shards of glass and yet/
    I was blinded by currency on the grind like a worker bee so still I sold him a hearty bag of meth.../

    Stop and cue the drama;/
    At this point, I’m a sad case – I’m due for some hard karmic justice ‘cause/
    My sick ploy to stack paper through narcotic substances/
    Is causin’ too much trauma/
    And my ass was close to seeing my next arraignment on various charges/
    Apropos, I was being investigated by the Sheriff’s department/
    See, greed deceives you and I was helpless and despaired/
    I’m tellin’ ya – I swear – I felt it in the air like Beanie Sigel.../

    The truth is I was nose divin’ fast/
    Muthafuckas! – undercovers doin’ controlled buys with cash/
    One fuckin’ day, I took a walk to the gym/
    Pumped some weight - shook the spot I was in/
    Slippin - now I’m strollin’ up the street, thinkin’ ‘bout smokin’ on some tree/
    On some foul shit, a Crown Vic and a Lincoln Town’s rollin’ up on me!/
    My gait slows as the cars stop and plainclothes narc cops/
    Are askin’ my name - I’m rackin’ my brain, but I’m frozen up and weak/
    Like I wasn’t old enough to speak – but I know enough to see I’m goin’ up the creek!.../

    I scream – I’m tossed on my face - read my Miranda rights/
    A knee drops on my waist - the bracelets are fastened tight/
    But they couldn’t snap or break me, son!/
    Jurisprudence wanted to turn me, but I got an attorney to handle the job/
    I’m lookin’ at eighteen months/
    It sure is ruthless, but fuck the law and a jury, I’ll answer to God!.../

    And you can bet it’ll be hard to know when that debt’ll be reckoned/
    Though I’m left with a bleak scarred soul and a felony record/
    So be true to yourself/
    ‘Cause avarice and vice are sacrilege to life/
    Greed ruins your health/
    But know considerin’ this won’t save ya/
    ‘Cause when you face the end, your greatest sins/
    Are those committed against your own nature…./
  11. DeathProof

    DeathProof Past zooted.

    Dec 4, 2009
    Holy hell, that's extremely well written at points. I mean, the whole thing is but certain parts are lined up perfectly. I absolutely love that type of shit.
  12. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Yeah, thanks man...all that shit actually happened to me so it pretty much just poured out of
  13. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    I just posted this in the RSTL's round 3.....go vote for me, mawfuckas....I need the

    Poison comes in a variety – its forms and facsimilies
    Are destroyin’ the young – the virus eats and tortures man physically
    It’s the nature of the beast to deal underhanded blows – each hit to the disadvantaged
    The fates sure never cease to wield thunder fashioned in opiates for the simple masses...

    The media monopoly's feeding us philosophy and seeing its pathology is priceless
    In the land of materialism - bad dreams and flat screens
    Are quick to spam your bleary field of vision - you’re constantly silenced -
    Heavily in debt while we’ve steadily been fed bile and numbed
    On sensory overload - we’re meant to be comatose - sessile like a reptile in the sun...

    Desensitizing imagery breeds death – a violent symphony
    Played for the fast paced lames in the rat race – each clef a trying injury
    When chasing the American dream means engaging in nefarious schemes
    To worship the dollar or be forced into squalor
    And disagreein’ means simply being deemed a terrorist fiend
    It means it’s greed that’s denyin’ history...

    Priorities invert, and minds are morbidly inert
    The blind forcibly define the lines formed and we reverse time morally -
    The primeval’s sold under the guise of evolution
    It divides people – though some will strive for retribution...

    But most are left in a daze
    Psychological warfare is waged – an invention
    Through fear mongering and doomed sanity
    It might be comical if more cared or paid attention
    Proof it’s near conquering humanity? - The ghost of Eddie Bernays
    Is present today in every display - in every commercial deal and advertising gimmick
    It’s in heavy dispersal ‘til the bastardizing’s finished, though he’s dead in a grave...

    So smash your television with with an eight pound sledge
    ‘Cause cats get requisitioned - snatched and left in prison -
    And I’d rather die than have to fry when they invade our heads...
  14. DeathRowe

    DeathRowe New Member

    Jun 29, 2012
    The start of something I wrote a couple weeks ago, influenced By Bender's older stuff, like Hintonburg, and The Bird and The Snake. Honest Feedback is appreciated. Sorr

    Single mother runs for cover
    from the circling buzzards overhead
    Birds of prey feast on the
    blood and guts of sluts who end up dead

    Moved into a nondescript derelict
    in the conflicted side of town
    where masochists are banging tricks
    and all kings become uncrowned

    She had a beautiful blue eyed girl
    who had all the potential in the world
    Intelligent individual; wondering why galaxies whorled
    Interested in ethics ;she wasn't even seven yet
    So goes the story of Anisette

    the life she lived; insidious
    hideous; scarred by drugged out idiots
    her life would swirl downwards
    to where the fire burns and devil churns
    Honourable intentions; but a vulnerable victim
    Digging her way into a grave
    where syringe needles lay;
    despite her best efforts to test fate

    The little girl became a prodigy
    surrounded by a hurricane of mediocrity
    and at the tender age of twelve
    she worked on putting published work up on the shelves.

    Trajectory angled at self-destructive
    Mother was her angel of black corruption
    Wings of steel and shades of grey
    a Halo lined and laced with cocaine

    She started sucking dick to catch a fix
    drowning in the river styx; Hades with a trident
    a tyrant gripping a broken crucifix.
  15. MisterE

    MisterE Look @ His Face Now!

    May 4, 2004
    Ravenous, those last two are fiery man. Your an amazing writer. I can understand why your style might not appeal to everyone, but that doesn't make it any less impressive to me. Excellent shit

    This is from rd 2 of the RBL i'm in, vs. Origin

    Your deaths enclosed: switchblade shanking his Memento’s
    Take a letter opener to his envelope and empty out his mental notes
    Origin hasn’t e-volved yet, so I'm in his sweet doll’s neck
    Got his lady splattered…taking the baby batter like a T Ball set
    Gagging while drool falls, the nasty scag clambered from zoo walls
    With Amazon mule calls and left my back with more scratches than an amateur pool hall
    Fake faggot, watch this lil kid get laced, he’s concealed in dense haze
    Your not gangsta bitch…you thought Jada kiss was a Will Smith sex tape
    Dip shit, your sparring armless…so starch ya garments with tar for hardness
    You harmless carcass, signing Bizarre’s fan club don’t make you a Marshall Artist
    Watch me upgrade Origin’s faggoty dork noise
    He‘d love, ’I’m a Hoagie sandwich with pork loin…goin ham on you Poor Boy‘s!’
    I’ll learn the little child, paternal with the style
    Birthed from my canal, then shoved a hunting blade in his throat and put Gerber in his mouth…faggot
  16. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Thanks for the compliments....means alot coming from the person who wrote the above verse....shit was rocket fuel,

  17. seattlebattle12

    seattlebattle12 aka lil ill & dagawd100

    Jun 11, 2010
    Thought this was a thread about reading, you know, NOVELS and BOOKS and stuff. Dissapointed.

    *awaits negs*
  18. DeathProof

    DeathProof Past zooted.

    Dec 4, 2009
    These last few have been great. Ravenous' shit was stupid nice. MisterE's verse was ridiculous. Dead at the baby batter, pool hall, Martial artist, etc. lines.
  19. MisterE

    MisterE Look @ His Face Now!

    May 4, 2004
    ^love your sig

    "I'm Tarantino's rare cerebral nightmarish inherent evil"

    He's actually trying again!
  20. MisterE

    MisterE Look @ His Face Now!

    May 4, 2004
    Not my best, but from round 1 of the RBL's

    vs Suave and Darric

    STFUp…you little faggots get slapped unconscious, catatonic
    Cramming anabolic steroids and neither of you pussys are half as brolic
    Slashing shorty’s, daggers and axes splashing your gashes pouring
    The answers forming, keep playing games I’ll turn your face to Scattergory’s
    Pestering me, you fucking pesky pets can drop
    Epidemic, deadly threats’ll set ya dogs down like I’m spreading kennel cough
    Suave get’s receipts from Jenaveve on Bangbro’s and wet’s his sheets
    Left to grieve on FB cause his inbox is health conscious, lacking the MSG’s
    I’m the devil incarnate, charred to soot tinge, darkened cooked ribs
    Stomp my charcoal hoof in Darric’s face, that’s my carbon footprint
    Show you the fire exit then deep freeze you till your life’s suspended
    Cryogenics keep you postponed then burn you both alive with pyrotechnics
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