Do and don'ts in the music business. Must Read

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    Do and don’ts in the music business. Please read it. It will help you.

    1. Do submit your best material at all times. Never make excuses about material you sent. If its not your best work or it needs to be changed, you should change it 1st then submit. An artists won't pick material your not 100% confident in.

    2. All ways tell artists or producers your submitting material to your positive accolades and achievements. Its not bragging. your advertising yourself. Think about any TV commercial they make there product look like the best thing out.

    3. Never pretend like you want to purchase an artist or producers material just to get them to listen to work your work. Professionals can see right thru it and nothing makes you look more amateur.

    4. Never inquire about prices if you have no money. The best thing to do is to save some money before contacting an artist. An artist may come down on price if you have money ready to go asap. But if you have nothing you will look like an idiot. Artists hate that.

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    Seems to be useful! Thanks :)
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