DIZASTER'S classic 3rd round (bodybag vs DNA's sloppy freestyle)

Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by problem121, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011

    Diz's third round. Please correct where needed:

    You dissed me about the Canada shit, tried to snatch my props
    I think its funny how you have to mention Kaliente and Aftershock
    so you can ride KOTD's cock

    That's how you fucking get around homie, homie I'll stomp you
    the only reason fucking you mention Drake in De Grassi
    is because she-- he reminds you of your mom too!

    I'm basically nasty, there's a couple of questions my fans have been waiting to ask me
    Does she really look like Drake from DeGrassi?
    Is Cortez really on the sidelines raking the grass leaves?
    You fucking, you want to get paid, you want to get paid more guap now, you want to get paid like an athlete
    But you're on lock out because you stay in a rap league that only caters to Math's needs.

    (Goes into goofy voice)
    When you left your Grind Time family you disappointing the fam (them?)
    you made it regret the fact hat they ever let you join with them
    No one forced you off the boat bitch it was your choice to swim
    Now the only thing you'll ever have in common with Poison Pen
    is the fact that you'll never be boys again
    You know what else rhymes with Poison Pen?
    Hmm I don't know, backstabbing disloyal friend

    When you say (x3) bars over jokes doggies, why you don't pretend
    You don't truly believe bars are better than jokes, youre not keeping it 110
    Cuz you switch it up to comedy too i always hear laughter when your punches come to an end
    Especially when you spit your gun bars we all think you're the funniest then

    I mean, I mean, come on dog you really cant fucking rap with me
    I can go off the fucking top and this whole thing will become a tragedy
    Yeah muthafucka you aint wanna be the man right now
    You cant even see me, you cant even stand right now
    But I can carry my shit and I can fucking kill you all
    Yeah you little fucking pussy I don't feel you all
    But since Ima change up on this topic, and ima kill it tonight
    Ima touch up on a topic on why you lie and everybody's gonna feel it aight?
    Listen, This was a topic I wasn't going to illustrate tonight
    I think most of the time your brains wouldn't be able to comply
    but I figure y'all smarter generation I'll educate em figure i wouldn't be afraid to try
    See mainstream science is a bunch of manipulation in disguise
    they blindfold you from the real truth to distract you from a database they hide
    Charles Darwin is a faggot who think you came from evolution and later on we changed in size in different phase in time
    What Im trying to say to you is why would you believe in that in the bible those are fairy tales good bye
    Because the truth of our genetics is written in ancient scribe
    our bloodline was given to us from aliens that came from spaceships in the sky
    Now you're wondering why Im saying this its cuz based on his name i can relate it to this guy
    Its all reality based its all in this equation still applies
    because based on reality everything everything ever said about DNA has been a lie.

    I'm embarassing yall lames
    i'm eviscerating your jaw and im tearing your smalll frame
    im ripping your fucking heart out and leaving there in the car lane
    And you s-s-s-tutter when you tried to mention that dog chain
    you stupid fuck you have terrible blog game
    yeah and mutherfucker the true stories you're supposedly telling, they're lies are they're basically all lame
    DNA hears the story one way, when it comes out his mouth apparently it got changed
    so youre not DNA they gave you the wrong name, you should change your name into the American Arcane

    (DNA impression)
    Im DNA, Yo Im DNA hold on hold on
    Now ima roll up and Im a come with a 5 and a 6 and a 7
    now when i go from 8,9 and a 10 that'll mean you get hit with 11
    Thats what you sound like ABCDEFG, Its always the same thing
    If I bodied Rone and Rone bodied Okwerdz then what does that make me?

    Shut the fuck up, alright you're just an undercard to the main star actors
    Whatchu gonna do now that Smack dont wanna pay off none of these mid card rappers
    Whatchu gonna do now huh? Do like you did vs Oup P and spit shit backwards?
    Whatchu gonna do race me on a racetrack in a racecar backwards?
    Whatchu gonna do Come with the metal after you summoned the devil from listening to a little Wayne song backwards?
    Whatchu gonna do? YOu want to play this stupid little fucking game then game on faggot
    I'll leave you're little brain all trapped inside one of your gay 8 bar patterns
    like go ahead DNA flip the word radar backwards.

    Hold on I can do it i can do it hold on
    so when i roll up with the 8 off and spray off clappers
    thatll be the result of this battle if you spell the word radar backwards
    wait a minute, radar, thats still the same bar backwards
    hold on hold on
    now when i roll up with the dolo and I spray off clappers
    that'll be the result of this battle if you spell the word radar backwards
    gotdammit, its still radar backwards

    truth is i'll break it down for yall since your boy Coytez aka Jose wont explain this stuff
    I was on the cell all day trying to set up this whole thing with Lush
    with you in the background and him doing the roleplay on the phone hanging up
    You think playing with my money is funny i'll blow this location up
    and i wont leave til I make sure your face gets crushed
    add more flame i turn toward your face to dust
    more flame to propane, take your soul,raise it up
    ill leave you fucking close range, leave your skull breaking up
    then dislocate your shoulder bone from your rotator cuff
    You smile like you dont use colgate enough
    Every couple of seconds when you rap and your nose face gets touched
    like youre trying to point the way your cocaine is stuck
    or Youre just another faggot actor who thinks hes soulmates with Lux
    But lux is da man, sike! yall both gay as fuck
    ill rip hollows hand off while its still attached to his foam paper cup

    it was like 6 in the morning
    i saw you and your little sister jennifer cortez sit on a corner
    holding up a sign saying for food we're willing to sit on a boner
    polish a ballsack and suck dick for a quarter
    underneath it it said please all we had for dinner was yogurt
  2. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    Diz round 3 (part 2):

    Your little smack gimmick image here litterally wont work
    i bet math used to punk you and make you finish his homework
    this kid is like conceited except he ended up hitting his growth spurt
    your boy murda ave doesnt even exist its not even a known turf
    you guys are both nomads the only home this hoe has is literally his own shirt
    look at you rubbing yourself trying to keep your composure
    you ran away to fucking Smack as if he had it bigger and doper
    always bitchin that Grindtime couldn't give you exposure
    so you walked around for like 6 months with a chip on your shoulder
    before you decided to jump ship hoping itll get you a little bit closer
    but swept out of our interest because you were the diva that was tipping it over
    and the sad part is all smack had to do to bribe you was promise to put some rims on your stroller
    he offered Cortez a new fisherman boat so he doesnt' have to swim to the border
    and Hollow da Don got a brand new nintendo controller

    People always said your boy Cortez looks like Pitbull
    And even though he's the same identical poser
    Now I believe he is a pitbull since I've seen him switch up on his owners
    Listen hear bitch, you have a listening disorder
    Your mission is officially over
    If You think you're gonna beat me I'd rather hire Jin as my chaueffer
    Yeah, I'm an F15 engine vs a 1960 corolla and ou're missing your motor
    I'll run up in your crib with the soldiers while you sip on your soda
    catch you slippin put you in submissions and fold ya
    jump up and put my kicks on your sofa like Tom Cruise did to Oprah, yeah

    whats going on pussy it looks like that type of shit that you cannot respond ta
    you said on a track 1:25 seconds on your song about your dad gone that you never clapped da revolver
    yeah remember 1:25 seconds you looked up to the light and screamed out i've never touched a drug or busted a gun in your life
    you never clapped a revolver, Ill flatline you, snipe at your heart like the final boss you battle in contra
    so act like Manik ill pop ya gimme that deadly stare i'll let it air leaving shells everywhere like Italian pasta
    you roll with a pack of imposters
    you dont wanna scrap ill pull a mac and ill slap ya get bitch slapped with the impact of Aclass crashing his Honda
    ill strike you faster than a black african mamba and send your bodybag back to Rwanda
    battling me is worse off than sharing a bathtub with blanka or getting a back rub massage from Mortal Kombat's Baraka
    your breath smells like asshole and kaka you need to grab some binaca
    ill backhand you and i'll damage your chakra
    the day you beat me is the day everyone in Canada consider's Snow an actual rasta

    But whatchu know about weed, your whole life you've probably only seen about two bags of ganja
    im a youtube superstar, everyday i have new fans from deutcsland to jakarta
    from Boohand to Kabala, Domincan Rebublic a few cats in Cubanas, Kuala Lumpur, Sril Lanka down to Sudan and Uganda
    but All you have is two fans, you're Katana.

    i saw you wearing earrings that one day, fake ass shit put on, probably put on, start wearing prada
    instead of fucking worrying about what you wear you should try to display some honor
    u scared to come to california afraid i might put them grape gangsters on ya
    but everytime u rap its about how you bang ur llamas
    and how you give my brain tats and you be making trauma
    and how you homies walkaround venues and shut the whole venue down and start creating drama
    that doesnt make you crazy that just makes you like QPs baby mama
    u never shot a gun in ur life like u said, yeah
    and thats the reason why im having major problems with the way you're brought up
    but it aint ur fault thats why I blame Madonna

    cmon dog lets kick some facts and be honest
    huh? you went to smack put up a stack and then you peed on it
    and that is a fact i dont gotta actually speak on it
    and as far as facebook statuses they average is 3 comments
    you leave today with a stash in your jeans pockets
    then Im smacking that green off it
    you went to smack got jacked for your bread and demolished
    your average at best and to add to that threat this MC's polished
    fuck what this faggot just said, Ill *****ly clap with that lead
    and rip a patch off the back of your head like Rasheed Wallace

    Your mom is fucking retarded i mean it
    but its not the same because she's also a genius
    she gives a lot of brain she's a quadripilegic
    i dont give a fuck about her eating problems
    she can excercise some feeding options
    she cant use her hands they shake so if she wants to have some steak
    she puts the knife between her toes and uses her retarded feet to chop them.
    and no matter how good she gets at holding the silverware she always seems to drop them
    and then stands back looking at them like "if only i had longer reach like Dhalsim"
    but I don't want no beef, your mom's a G from Compton
    at any moment she might show up at KOTD and get them heaters poppin
    so i better leave before she acts like Steven and brings the Hawk in (Hawkins)

    You rapped about your dad in the beginning, that was some shit I wasnt gonna say
    But im an evil muthatfucka, so all that shit you were talking about, I think that shit is gay
    Yeah I will fly him out of his casket and i'll snuff the faggot,
    I will fuck your mom in front of her and I'll soak the mattress
    Then I'll throw the broken prophylactic on his open casket
    I will forge a stack of boarding passes
    get em board a Concord and crash it
    into an overpass during morning traffic

    Who said that? Cmon admit it homie. Speak out brother.
    Ill go back there right now and ill fuck your mother
    calling fucking Organik like he fucking owes u something
    Muthafucker doesnt owe you nothing
    Cuz you don't know nothing about struggling
    Look at Thesaurus, Illmac yeah, look at Thesaurus cousin
    They battling for pride if they lose today they're going home with nothing
    But youre too much of a pussy, a battle you wont go judge it
    You'd rather be a homo and just vote on public

    Who da fuck is talking bro? Who's talking? Who?

    Alright I see you're offended because his mom is being brought up, okay that shit is some harsh stuff
    but this is battling whatchu expect? This is the type of shit that pops up
    What, what yall fucking mad his mom is brought up?
    I don't give a fuck if they have special needs they got all types of foundations to get their guap up
    I don't know about yall but, i've already donated enough money from my heart into that large cup sitting at the corner of every fucking starbucks
    Fuck u, dont ever fuck up my battle
  3. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    That's how you make a story/set ups leading to your punches..

    Not just irrelevant set ups that has nothing to do with the ending punch like what DNA 3rd round

    .. learn phaggots.
  4. BAdams421

    BAdams421 New Member

    Aug 23, 2009
    3 posts in a row? You make me sick.
  5. California Kid

    California Kid Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    can you post his 1st & 2nd rounds..im trying to get yourself to look like a bigger faggot
  6. spityourgame99

    spityourgame99 genious on the stovetop

    Apr 14, 2011
    his 1st round was the best fio
  7. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011

    vomit till you get dehydrated and die from electrolytes imbalance, little shit.
  8. trichomes

    trichomes 76

    Aug 15, 2008
    both were bad honestly

    everyone is honestly over hyping their performances to continue the underdog success story that is KOTD (which they deserve)

    both were sloppy as hell and both show that they don't sit down and write properly. they just literally think of a simple concept and use the end word for their sceme.

    if i hear diz use the same word twice in his schemes im gonna go fucking crazy. like you are battling in front of drake and you can't come with 3 properly written rounds (ala illmaculate). both of their concepts were lame and 90% were streched. diz's "everything thats been said about dna has been false" shit was horrid. let me waste time rhyming this with that and that with this as long as it kinda makes a point.

    they both are horrible rappers in this written age. if this was still freestyles they would both be great but now its time for each and every bar to be polished pause and delivered correctly. you have weeks if not months to do so. you can really see the difference between someone who takes the time and some that don't. they need to step their game up or just simply freestyle battle. but this "let me sit down and write my concepts, remember a few words of a scheme and wing it" premed shit has got to go. don't nobody wanna hear that sloppy ass shit in a written battle.

    watch diz vs swave, he took the time to write his rounds and structure them a lot better and it showed
  9. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    I didn't type it dumbass..

    tiger did, kill yourself with your moms pubic razor.
  10. BAdams421

    BAdams421 New Member

    Aug 23, 2009
    I'd like to nominate you for worst poster of 2011.
  11. Thick Frog

    Thick Frog New Member

    May 18, 2011
    i am glad they are typing this shit out.... its a battle rap forum

    now i can enjoy it more

  12. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    Then get the phuck outta here, and jack off to DNA;s missing tooth. cock rider....

    Be mature about it and enjoy reading diz's verse :funny:
  13. trichomes

    trichomes 76

    Aug 15, 2008
    i wonder if dna ever gets famous (lol) the guy that knocked his tooth out will wish he snatched it up and sold it on ebay for millions hahaha

    thats saying it was even "knocked out" in a fight like he hints at...probably fell in the shower
  14. Electric L

    Electric L New Member

    Jul 19, 2011
    Its Kitana. Not Katana

    A Katana is a sword

    Kitana is a MK Character that has fan blades.

    I like my Video Game references to be correct.
  15. problem121

    problem121 Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    Yes, sir.
  16. player1

    player1 New Member

    Jun 23, 2011
    thought this shit was funny
  17. AGGROmusic

    AGGROmusic Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2011
    this is one of the worst rounds in a while. probably the worst of diz's career
  18. deezenutsbiatch

    deezenutsbiatch New Member

    Jun 16, 2008
    Iwonder if he was trying to sound like em on purpose
  19. California Kid

    California Kid Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2010
  20. Slick Ick

    Slick Ick New Member

    Jan 28, 2010
    i sincerely thought this dude was typing all this out to illustrate how gassed people are over trash bars, then I got to the end and he was FUCKING CONDONING THIS SHIT.

    lmfao at using 'sloppy' to detract from an opponent of dizaster. the only way anyone can like dizaster is if they don't mind sloppiness whatsoever.
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