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    Oct 4, 2005

    You don’t flow ill or show skills use your mind to abuse rhymes
    I lose time reading stuff yall needing to buff your act online
    Sincere sluts with friction and no clear cut ambitions I hear you
    But your mission is to rhyme smooth being blind in a animal zoo
    Is monkey business, a bunch of fact less scrubs if whackness was
    A drug yall boy would OD your flow be LSD some high kids cuz
    On crack you wrong and whack, dome can’t react jest too silly
    With no true ability, t take a complex look at a textbook n billy
    Goats allowed you write silly quotes and proud yall need agility
    With hope, the hood features good teacher so stop pissing yall
    Slops listen your plots missing in HIP HOP, your so called flow falls
    Short of expectations I could wreck a nation with this stuff its all
    Flavor, yall rap rude with no aptitude wanna slap you in the mood
    With this funk, chumps that try jump on this so don’t intrude
    Because I rap strange and sickly adapt to change quickly this include
    Rap yall getting a rude slap upside the head, I adapt rap to make it
    Suitable for a dramatic flow still catch static yo from cats with naked
    Whackness not even the matrix can attack this this stuff twist and turn
    Like LAWRENCE FISHBURNE TALK to NEO and fly to the sky earn
    The reputation of the chosen get with SMITH and terrorize junk still
    Coming with wise funk for the ORACLE, this stuff is mad built ill
    Enough to add milk to your tea already kilt your spree and will fill
    Your mind with doubt time to check me out I oppose guys that close
    Their eyes to the truth

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