Diss to that whacko jacko

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005

    Jacko you’re a whacko that failed in rap and prevail trapped
    In your own world as Cracko the clown experiencing a smack
    Down performed by me, this dude continue with a rude menu
    To suck butt as a corrupt slut with no rhyme skills so get into
    School and learn how to rap, couldn’t float if you were a boat
    This guy would panic stink ass sink fast like the Titanic no hope
    You a waste of time probably paste my rhymes on your wall
    Jacko learn to accept defeat you step as a freak jealous gonna fall
    On your ugly face trying to battle lying and rattled so crawl
    As an extreme rookie looking for a cream cookie, Jacko you
    Face strange strife need to arrange your life but do it true
    Evidently HIHOP is not it just a slop nitwit trying to get
    Credit for what I done get a life son you not good no threat
    To me, not energetic this guy crazy a pathetic cry baby
    here on the internet, not a winner yet you suck and lazy
    You not city and stupidity has disabled you brain now
    An unstable lame labeled a no name it’s a shame somehow
    You survived trying to arrive at my fame this dude can’t
    Rhyme or paint a line don’t waste my time go ahead and faint
    You often absurd couldn’t soften your words if you soaked them
    In gas your hopes fading fast far as a rapper you not jungle Jim
    Couldn’t swing on a bundle of tree limbs if Tarzan helped you
    Give this tramp a postage stamp he still couldn’t addressed a true
    Letter his crew never tight he forever a termite crying to chew
    On my wood you’re no good can’t stand on your own two feet
    A wanna be that’s gonna see failure and paraphernalia, a freak
    Dumb to the street look dude you flow whack and even Kodak
    knows this so go piss on your photo you a twisted bozo on crack
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