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    Oct 4, 2005

    CHASE MURDA this is feast or famine should
    Atlease examine this stuff before battling it would
    Help you make a decision because fake pigeons
    Get ther bling and wings ripped off as civilians
    I talk renown and speak with master passion,
    while you walk down the street after fashion
    your flows shit and your clothes don’t fit
    my rhymes too much for you to touch admit it
    this stuff burn your finger have you yelling mommy
    help, my rhymes every inch legal like a French cathedral
    I twist your vision can’t make brisk decisions too feeble
    Just kiss religion goodbye dude don’t try be rude, smile
    your bandana is wild and your manner and style
    in that of a clown couldn’t spit a phat noun holding
    a dictionary open I ride in a drop top but you rolling
    in a jalopy with four flat tires no phat desres in fixing
    them, your flavor consist of no complex rhyme mixing
    with no sense making, I’m convinced you faking it time
    after time, this attack is major you lack flavor and blind
    not at my level dude
    get rid of that devil attitude
    look this month I twist junk now my mouth very dry
    need some blue berry pie but dude you lips carry a lie
    if you think you can battle this right here

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