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  1. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005

    Your HIP HOP matter a waste and your database is shut
    Down, this slut bound to run into a wall so grab a cup
    Of coffee you butt a softy with no skill you nasty not
    True or class just a true germ with no new terms not hot
    This bitch should review his crew while I screw your girl
    Made your dame scream you’ll never be mainstream world
    Is a ghetto but you came with a lame team of flunkies some
    Extreme monkeys no rap skill gave the a bandana and a dumb
    Banana they were awight with that doe really some loco sluts
    Eating coconuts yall bozo bouts don’t belong in HIP HOP cut
    Your lost and move on dude, you have no pride and your rhymes
    Fluoride like toothpaste so brush your teeth and crush the asinine
    Beef before you get your feelings hurt trying to battle this
    Stuff will rattle the piss out of you, my rhymes a hot breed crisp
    May not need a heater this winter this stuff is fired up so stop
    Even with a screwdriver you couldn’t tighten bolts not
    Exciting folks by writing quotes chump, you only slop
    A complete yuppie and freak puppy on a leash couldn’t
    Be a strong beast with the thrilla of Godzilla like pudding
    You soft dude with a false attitude, you need to regroup
    Renovate your rhymes can’t penetrate minds so stoop
    In your head fake hairs which result in a state of affairs
    Resulting in you being a bald headed fucker no repairs
    Can be done son,no hardcore flows your door goes to
    Absurd whackness all your words tactless what can you do?
    in rap this fool thirst to be recognize Couldn’t win first
    prize if you were the only one rapping, yous the worse
    many times you don’t have any rhymes and your skinny behind
    should eat some cornflakes you a born fake, behind the times
    your butt a clown and you can’t gulp down coffee without
    choking just a softy joking with folks your pride don’t talk
    even if you stand on sidewalk you couldn’t be street
  2. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    Things in the club gets broader as I try keep my head above
    Water founded out love can slaughter plus I’m not a scrub
    Never pissed cleverly exist in the twist of life ride on dubs
    Fakes fear because I’m like Shakespeare to be or not to be
    I plot to see through this crowd, true and loud must break free
    Lots of hot fly lace seems to occupy this place the DJ strong
    Scratch and play song oh wow wasn’t intend to stay long
    But the beats were heat party tru and well but there’s two
    l’s in the word ball so we balling absurd and all with crew

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