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  1. bagglad

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    Oct 4, 2005

    My lyrical cling to material things you need a miracle to bring
    Rhyme to defeat this best eat a dish of Cheerios you dinguling
    Like a weakling, drives a Ford Escalade holding a sword blade
    That will cut through do do like you CHASE bow down, made
    Battle with wrong one you’ll become an unknown son I’ve shown
    You one time already, look if whackness was a hot rod you’ll be
    A plot odd four wheels, tank empty mind blank and wimpy Gee
    How you gonna crank your skimpy slop motor? Not a Toyota
    And the strategy in your battery don’t equal power your quota
    Is feeble and cower in battle take a shower and don’t be rattled
    Because you just a sad rabbit addicted to bad habit couldn’t saddle
    A horse is the Lone Ranger help you dude you start beef like cattle
    I don’t need a dope crew to to rope you, hope to side track me but
    It won’t work because your rhymes don’t perk even in a coffee pot
    Just a softy not in the HIP HOP dialogue you try fog my game is Spot
    Your dog name? damn you should be the pet dog because you all bark
    And no bite awight, talking bout you CHASE MURDA naw you fart
    You FACE MURDA running up on this, are you crazy got no heart?
    look I rhyme in Hummers while you combine numbers crying and holler
    trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent so you not a real true scholar
    at all and your stats fall like pancakes flipped at IHOPP please try stop
    the whackness on RM
  2. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005

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