Diss The Person Above You..

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    Oct 20, 2007

    You've Been A Punk Busta No Questions Been Asked
    Like Demi Some More
    I'll Get In Your Ass/

    Stop Watching Tv And Buy You A Book
    Try Battling For Dummies
    You Might Get Some Looks/

    You Know Who I Am But I'll Never Tell
    Ok I Will
    I'll Take You Through Hell/

    Your Face Looking Pale You Thought I Was Through
    Still Caping My Gun
    Cause I Do What I Do/

    The Name Was A Sign Stop Wasting My Time
    Im Loaded With Rhymes
    That Go Strait Through Your Spine/

    You Cant Beat The Bastard The Day I Was Born
    I Shit On The Doctor
    Not One Sign Of Corn/

    Next Verse Is Comming So Board Up The House
    Dont Have One Creature Sturring
    Not Even A Mouse/

    Truly I Killed You And Its Quite Ok
    You'll Tell All Your Boys
    That You Had A Off Day/

    The Truth Is The Truth Ya Boy Know I Slay
    Or Either He Stupid
    A Hater Or Gay/

    Try Not To Spread Him I'll Dead Him Next Day
    But Tell Him The Truth
    Widow Maker Don't Play/
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