Diss The Bitch Above You [Come Hard!!]

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Nasty Grinch, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    It getz deep so when I speak, itz wit a serious tone.
    I'm quick 2 spray lyrical poems at a gentleman's dome.
    Chip his bone ,ricochet and send his whole crew limpin home.
    Sit on his throne like Capone and take a piss in his home.
    Listen Holmes a couple shots'll knock ya period on.
    U pussy feminine clone.
    Come get ya injury on. Itz on !
    I block tha road so R3DRUM can't run.
    They go hafta change yo name to dead one .
    Either that or peg-legged son.
    But talks cheap I'll B ready wheneva u come. 1
  2. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    hey pops I cut da grass,
    hope it pays for da rented ice you flash.
    only 3.99 at da quick stop?
    cudda gotten a betta deal at hiphopgiftshop.
    but oh well, how's my sitter?
    I heard he served you hot dogs for last night's dinner.
    I got straight A's n i'm da first one to college,
    I'm even more shiney den da shoes u polished.
    So sad I can't get wit it,
    wudda been a charm lickin' ass for da family business.
    I heard you a part time nurse,
    pussy passed out when da sitter's water burst.
    I heard it smells like fish wit mayo, is that true?
    'cause mom says she likes da perfume on dat mail dude.
    Well dad, write back n I pray for ya arthritis,
    here's the money transfer from your bank. Please sign this.
    Hopefully 50 years got enough interest,
    Taxes got ya money? so it's all diminished?
    Dad you suck at this, can't afford booz?
    Whoops gotta go dad, I got a meeting to attend to.
  3. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Yo I bomb geeks ova bomb beats from here 2 Palm Beach.
    and beyond this peak.While you call police.
    I spit long distance but it'll reach
    Farther than ya eyes could see.
    And kid I'm not ya father but ya mom's my freak.
    I got her coughin tryn 2 swallow the meat.
    All she can eat Til I release .
    I keep,the back of her head in my palm .
    Her head is the bomb .
    But stay calm ,U ain't prepared 4 the don.
    I does it betta than norm, in professional form.
    I ain't ever break a sweat when itz on.
    So Don't say U wuzn't warned,and play the brother wrong.
    Cuz word is bond ,U'll make an appearance at the morg.
    And I don't mean 2 I.D somebody's bod-y.
    But If I can't find U,then dude U might be.
    Most likely you'll be found wit ya college I.D.
    Wit ya shit split in half like a divorcee.
    So don't force me 2 do it cuz the courts be costing .
    And I still gotta pay 4 ya mom's abortion
    and ya sister can't seem 2 keep my nuts up off her chin.
    And in a battle of course I win.
    So how U tryn 2 battle me ,U can't be that dumb
    cuz U still tryn 2 b my son.And 1
    And one mo thang ,just to let U know the boy can rhyme.
  4. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    The hell?

    Yo bitch,
    You can't rap why u frontin'?
    only time ya rubber bounce kids is bunjie jumpin'.
    speakin' of bouncin', why you fallin' back?
    backtrack to rock cuz u know you wack?
    u know u ain't shit so stop dis thing,
    play a guitar, das only way u play wit g-strings.
    I'm just bein' a good soulja actin' honest,
    the game played you, and I ain't bein' modest.
    You feel me spic or shud I talk slower?
    only drivebys you do is killin' grass wit lawn mowers.
    you just mono in lips, so imma start purgin',
    cut off ya links like a dutch organ surgeon.
    I didn't even read ya post,
    I ain't got a sis so watchu gloatin' fo?
    You jus' pinhead lil soulja, easy ta murder swines,
    Feelin' musta been sublime but ya dad face fucks porcupines?
    Guess das why you a prick on a mo'fuckin' cactus,
    butt pirate runnin' like gonn' catch us.
    shit's funny I'm dumbin' down ma language,
    I throw in some sign language to flip off da savage.
    He mentally ravaged cuz he remembers,
    dat ma moms wuz da reason his dick wuz dismembered.
    Shit why u wanna grow up so badly?
    Ya mama's boy, don't fuck wit daddy.

    Fuckin' nigga.
  5. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Listen,the shit U spitten is wack and pre-written.
    In fact it U seem timid .
    Retract the pre-vee-ous.
    Statement ,cuz ain't shit ,U say credible.
    U should neva flow.
    And I mean eva holmes.U terrible.
    And I can tell ya rhymes recycled cuz U called me a •••• .
    When I ain't even ,a Rican bitch.
    And now U claim U ain't got a sis.
    But you say that you did in ya previous diss.
    What the cuf kinda comedian spit.
    A hundred rusty bars that ain't hard,just fallin apart.
    I got my eye in the scope and you the target I marked.
    First U wanna be my son.
    Then U wanna be my dad.
    Itz plain 2 see who's the wanna-be ass.
    U not in my class,And still manage 2 fail the course.
    Like when Craig got fired ,on his day off.
    So jus lay off,and stop tryin 2 battle wit a capital G.
    Your raps R weak ,just subtrct,delete .
    I'ma pinch myself cuz this has 2 b a dream.
    U can't B as wack as U seem. Rookie
  6. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    I dont have time to prewrite,
    listen up boy u might wanna steal mine.
    Like the 1000 rappers you collabed wit,
    combinin' bullshit bars into a weak passage.
    Mentally ravaged combatin' faggot,
    he did his best but ranked below average.
    and nukka get glasses, I never said sister,
    stupid ho ain't read shit, i said sitter*.
    talkin' shit 'bout how i'm callin' spics,
    but don't get offended after bein' called a nig?
    I'm splittin' atomic divisions crackin' coded visions,
    Takin' salad for diet was ya only wisdom given decision.
    yo, I got a quick question for you cunt,
    how can u be a pussy n still get none?
    Don't thrust like u got muscle to push,
    most power in his ass is when he dick ridin' Bush.
  7. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Yo wut the cuf iz U talkin about.
    Wut the cuf iz comin outta ya mouth.(Dick)
    Ya rhymes R wack,U need to "Compromise"ya style.
    Yo,who the cuf authorized this clown.
    Ya need 2 take a class ,on hip-hop studies or summin.
    Cuz buddy ya frontin.
    U spittin prewritten and U still comin wit nuthin.
    I beat U senselessly,this ain't even considered beef.
    U ain't even consistant B,autch just stop and hold on 2 ya dignity.
    U a 2 line rapper,I know ya design.
    Without a nice set up,How U go throw a punchline.
    And me,well I'm the knockout king.
    and I'll knock a coward outta the ring.
    But U don't seem like a ridah 2 me.So, keep yo wack ass outta the street.
    Or head down 2 the D.M.V.
    But just quit tryn 2B an M.C.
    U jus takin up space,not competing wit me.
    Fagettaboudit,I'm ill like the way that U feel .
    When I ride on beatz and turn M.C's 2 roadkill.
    So, leave the arena cuz U show no skills.
    Tekneek should tell yo ass via E-mail.
    Itz sad but tru but I ain't mad at U.
    You just doin wut a crab should do.
    But keep in mind that crabs are food.
    And I'd really prefer beef but a crab will do. I'm out- U have a nice day.and If ya next rhyme ain't hot or at least luke warm I'm not wasting my time replying back.I'll just wait 4 a real M.C. No hard feelings,just step up
  8. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    Ya boy is back....


    U aint nice yo, so stop wit the hyped flows...see u should've deleted ya whole verse...cuz the whole thing was a typo/
    I could beat u wit my hands behind my back and my eyes closed...cuz after these punches, u gonna need insurance...and i aint talkin bout Geico/
    See u like a paraplegic in this, u didnt put up a fight yo...and front if u want, my team'll come wit so many beams...ya body'll look like a lightshow/
    U know he dumb, cuz he put periods in, where the comas go...and u know dude played out...cuz his name is a "Yo Momma Joke"/
    Y step in the cypher, I make emcees fall like dominos...and ya skill to mine, is similar to tryin to bust on a b!tch, while 10ft away wit a condom on...u aint cummin close/
    He hatin, mad Im ill...but i know what'll calm this pu55y down...all i gotta do is spit some vagasil/
  9. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    Gsus, The God Emcee.. Right

    G's spittin vagasil because his pussy is loose
    If he's the God Emcee, then Grimet must be Zeus
    Been around since 03' So Let me Read this One Time
    Says hes "Better Than Perfection" & he used a Cum Line
    Its obvious & Sad you really think your doing it Big..
    Because you quoted your own wack ass lines in your Sig
    These kids they make me sick, Hes confused about shit
    So I figured your dyslexic aka the dog emcee Bitch
    The type to spell his name wrong & Mess up his Grammar
    Like hes original actin like a Net Thug with all the glamour
    So I'm layin down the hammer, its Kings Laws ya See..
    Gsus Left a word out, Hes really 'The God Awful Emcee"

    Off the Top, King Grimet.. No Limit
  10. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    U not a challenge, u must've mistaken me for ya reflection...u know, the dude without the talent...

    I see u been studyin, well heres some homework...go home first, take the wack rappers dick out ya mouth u bit that from, and come up wit ya own verse/

    (real shit)
    Im the god to diss, I mean really, whatchu the king of...
    see my flow bananas, u might as well call me king kong/
    U better read my previous work, cuz ya flow ended before it started, like u typed a period first...
    Im in the business of hurt, see its like u gotta PHD in comedy, cuz u never do serious work/
    It is what it is, and I am what u aint...a real emcee...
    See no need for wordplay, i just state the facts simply/
    This dude a real imposter, so when i give em shells, i aint servin em lobster...
    Im talkin about gunplay, the kind that leave em un-identified, like flyin saucers/
  11. X da unknown

    X da unknown New Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    The flow is bananas? You ain't King Kong/
    But I got a nana clip that'll leave you dead holmes/
    I have killers on my team, single shot that'll leave yo brains gone/
    While yo bitch at my crib givin brain to my boys/
    Redrum Redrum its like a horror movie/
    Cops walk into your home and aint a body movin/
    U gotta understand dawg I DO serious work/
    With quick n sick bars that'll make ya see stars and realize that words can hurt/
    You just a weak emcee ur punch lines are at best ok/
    While mine are like bleach bitch so fade away/
  12. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Dis To Rap 101

    Lil Dude You Aint Hard So Bytch Why U Actin Naughty
    I'll Approach U Wit Red Eyez And Mug Ya Foe I Snatch Ya Body
    Takin Souls Fukkin Hoe's Hold..umm X Bacardi
    Fukk Around And Make Ya Vomit
    Come Threw Yo Hood Like Stingin Hornet's
    West Side We Up On It
    Night Time Till Da Mornin
    Im A Martion Im A Zombie
    I'll Take Ya Brain's Dis Da Warnin
    U Make It Rain I Start It Stromin
    Peach Cobler Baker's Corna
    Its Hot In Da Kitchen Stay Out Or You're Chicken
    Frikesey Wit A Biscuit Im The Principal You're Diss Missed
    Dis Diss Wus Accompanied By More Tree's Den A Christmas
    Where Goons Yall Christians
    I'll Punk Ya Like Kutcher
    Or Cut U Like Mustard
    You Guys Are Like Custard
    My Squad Iz Like Russia
    A Damn Army Like C-money
    Look Money We Money
    So Think Twice Foe U Step To Dis
    The Majority We'll Be Restin When
    There's Beef Like A Restaurant
  13. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Before I talk I wanna thank ya fo sell'n crack
    being a yes man kissing ass getting thrown packs
    Thank ya fo holding ya gunz being thug
    who wouldn't choose a beat down over a slug
    thank ya fo showing me expensive whips
    cats act hard calling shotgun in the passenger huh
    thank ya fo pop'n bottles gaming these bitches
    know you a fling cause eat'n pussy ya thang
    thank ya fo ryding out when drama about
    i'm staying home next when shyt clear out

    lol s a r c a s tic flow

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    Dissing You^

    Stop flowing cuz you lack talent and skill
    drop and roll out
    before that cap get peeled/

    know that your a joke and comedy sucks
    this is hip hop
    and its not for all you ducks/

    dissing is easy but a battle is hard
    so come back greezy
    if you packing big balls/

    I welcome any challenge rage is pure
    if you think you sick
    bytch nikka then im your cure/
  15. WhoDat

    WhoDat ..see me..

    Sep 26, 2007
    A couple posts that he made and now he's the shit?
    Let me showem how to degrade then leave a bitch..

    See, I'm tryna stop you before you can get started
    We got enough hot dudes and you ain't a target
    n_ggas spent their mornings spittin ever since dark, if
    you think you got a cure I'ma medicine market
    A veteran's bark couldn't change my endeavor's..
    So what makes you think you just plain 'bite' better?
    You spit in vein, I write clever, not an ounce delapitated
    I wouldn't even deal with you if my account was activated
    Foreal though mods...you know by now I'm fluid in pen
    Please, before he writes back n force me to do it again

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007

    You Took The Bait Now Feel The Hook
    Posting The Weakness
    Im Never Shook/

    You Saw The Flow As Simple But I Spitt It Smart
    Call It A Dagger
    It Ripped Through Ya Heart/

    Dont Step To A Genious I Trip From The Start
    Build Angles Like Metrics
    Lines Strait Off The Charts/

    Come Better Come Cleaner Im Dirty At Best
    Launch Missles Give Issues
    Come Give Me A Test/

    Build Stronger Spit Bolder Rip Quicker
    Im Hood
    You So So Im All Pro Ask Any Im Good/

    Next Time Be Evil Get At Me No Flaws
    Im Perfect Im Worth It
    Put That Shyt In Yo Drawers/
  17. WhoDat

    WhoDat ..see me..

    Sep 26, 2007
    Look nigga...

    Don't even bother for sixteen's, it'd be like a truck wit flats
    and I'm usually not blunt....but what the fuck was that?!
    Why should I post some hot frees and even waste my time
    I'd murder both his verses by copy and pastin lines
    Murkin bitches...kind of a hobby, a blatent crime
    I wouldn't even post tight if he gave me his latest rhymes
    You're perfect at your craft, but let's helpem define that
    It's a type of rap I'd like to call a form of refined 'wack'

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    Temper Temper

    Close Your Eyes Stupid You Cant See The Skills
    I Post Like General
    And Master These Drills/

    See You As The Weakest Fool That I've Ever Killed
    I'll Tear Down
    All Web Sites That You Helped To Build/

    Now Open Them Eyes Now A God Has Been Born
    Give Me Them Crosses
    My Crowns Made Of Thorns/

    I Resurected Before Now I Did It Again
    Came To Return The Favor
    You Have Back Your Sins/

    The First To Get Blessed By The Skills I Posess
    May Be The Last
    Now That Im Pounding My Chest/
  19. WhoDat

    WhoDat ..see me..

    Sep 26, 2007
    You a god? Why couldn't you abolish fate's bruise
    ...I'm the first and the last that'll tolerate you
    This is nonsense, I'm dissing just another fake jew
    Fuck the woman who raised you, but I couldn't hate you
    Since you're a natural bastard..Who Dat's a rapture
    The facts are plastered - no man wanted to make you
    You could face doom, from what you're packin, it's lame
    Already hollow from the front to the back of your brain
    Despite the fact, he might just have to see more caps than his name...

    somebody save him

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007

    I Know Im A Bastard But The Reason Aint Why
    The Method To Madness
    Is With The Bytch Who Replyied/

    A God Over You Is The Metaphors Since
    The Last Super Is You
    So Heat Has Intensed/

    You Disected Wrong Your Facing No Jew
    Your Facing The Greatest
    But You Never Knew/

    I Cap When Im Gunning The Target Is You
    When Bullets Start Fliying
    I Do What I Do/

    Drop Faggetz Like You And Aim At Your Crew
    Make All Of You Famous
    By Drive Byes In Shoes/

    You Liricly Drained No Juice In Ya Flow
    If You Didn't Know
    Now Bytch Ass You Know/

    Respect My Gangsta Im Truth In The Booth
    My Blood Line Is Heavy
    Your Flesh In My Tooth/

    Im Deadly My Dude I Can Go Longer And Deep
    Your Birth Was A Mis Hap
    Thought I Came On The Sheets/
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