Diss The Bitch Above You [Come Hard!!]

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Nasty Grinch, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    yo u keep tryin to cut up are you tryin 2 battle or sumthin dog
    cuz if you are jus challange me n make a thread and lay down the rules
  2. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    ^just keep it going... : ) I like just the back and forth where going...

  3. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Dont even try breezin by
    My recent rhymes are the reason why people who are deaf dumb even blind
    Are able to read words and see the sky
    Your just a weaker try ... Like were two lab scientist
    Trying to creat a discrete disquise
    By you keep trying to sneak and pry into my project
    Cause in order to progress you need to cheat and hide
    Im worn out.. Like new clothes
  4. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Your like new clothes too....
    But your old like parasucos
    Who knows...When my times out
    So slide out swift as six crooks
    Im big as bigfoot
    I dont want you to give your input
    Im intact... .
    You wont coke.. They bringin it
    but like ciggaretts.. they charge sin tax
    I just bring facts
    You make believe.... .
    Oh lord..
    Another folk lore.... . About shit that was happenin in over seas coke wars
    And in our own towns.
    But those found are mostly in jail dead or broke down
    Because they smoked most of the product they were supposed to have sold round
    This shit goes down..
    You have to adapt to survive
    In this kinda atmosphere.. bad shit happens here
    You always have to be aware
    And being scared could lead you astray
    But needless to say being to brave will lead to a grave
    You have to find a balance
    Get out your neighborhood if its bad
    Find a talent
    And if you cant find a large caliber weapon...
    And climb to thousands
    Shit thats the same thing that goes on inside the housing.. developments
    Most things are irrelevent
    Parents are neglicent
    And people with most money drugs and murder are elected as president
    And represent untill there sent upstate.. or left for dead
  5. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Im not deaf dumb or demented
    But thats what my letter said
    read my letter head
    Would it be a strech for me to ask a teacher while shes teaching class
    to get some head???
    Im never in ther mood... To not fuck
    Your hungry like me.. Join the pot luck
    Ill get pot if im lucky.. But its not luck if I got bucks
    God is a women and the devil is A dude
    Women give birth.. God gave birth to the earth
    Now some people are powerfull enough to purchase its worth
    ...As a man to started out as a merchant.... Whos working with dirt
    Witch emerged from the earth.. Who now circles the earth
    In search for a cure for his curse
    His disorder is worst
    Than any disorderly outburst.. From a unoridanry foul
    nurse... With a scalpel to shave with aloe and lavender scents
    My melodys fine.. This LSD is helping me pray
    If i end up on the testing grounds from heavon and hell
    Desision this day
    Jus remeber the way.. I treat my nieces
    And my mother before she passed away
    I put my blunt out
    Ive run out of words
    This was supposed to be a battle
    Im just babbelling obserd
  6. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    I just wanna bring up how many posts I have anyway so I kept writing
    Wasnt really batteling towoards anyone
    Im still waitin for the last battles I WROTE VERSES FOR TO BE FINISHED JUDGING
    im mad drunk
    didnt mean to cap lock
    anyway yo for real read my shit let me know what you think
    that shit is alot of writing i already know
    i would wanna post it but i cant till i get 200 posts
  7. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    Aye yo...

    Your bars are too big, they need to be squashed in,//
    they're so thick they'd probably hold Sasquach in.//
    Or maybe 5 drunk n fat bitches along da desk,//
    prolly spit in ya beer glasses to clean ya mess.//
    Don't talk about the quantity of ya post,//
    cuz wit my first one, the quality outspoke whatever you wrote.//
    I'm not even in an eager mood,//
    but like an autopsy i'll sever this dude.//
    He can only mumble words in an attempt to top me,//
    fact is that he touches as much as a biopsy.//

    (first post)
  8. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    all that talk and you had to reposition ya words
    kid, you need to reposition ya whole verse
    battle the person below you cuz you need defence
    i'ma put you back on the bench where the seat ends
    and push the guy on the other end over
    like dominos, one by one each and every one get clobbered
    and i'ma smack you in the face with a used condom
    the one i used to fuck your mom from behind 'til she vomited
    she said you were precious...
    so stop allowin' that guy to make your anal crevice stretch with
    his hard-on dick, and don't be so hard on dick
    so what if he has a lesbian daughter
    that's not why lookin at a man make you get a hard-on quick
  9. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    Funny, all those words and not one good connection,
    you got so much acne, I use 5 condoms to slap ur face for protection.
    Aye you from Canada? I heard Niagra's got da waterworks,
    but I felt better when I felt ya girl's water spurt.
    What's funny about da cat dat went before me,
    is the when he's datin' a bitch, he's da shorty.
    And what's with all this repetitive hard dick bullshits?
    I heard from ya pops that you pull and push his.
    You told me he calls you when your far apart,
    tryina get a gay bond...hey, is that him on ur avatar?
    Gave momento in ya ass every family reunion,
    he gave his son white wine every sunday communion.
    Probably fucking in unison over some lolita gays,
    Ya pops is an urban cugar while u da jail bait.
  10. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Bitch bitch bitch, you a bitch you a bitch you a bitch, bitch bitch bitch
    you a bitch you a bitch you a bitch, bitch bitch bitch
    you a bitch you a bitch you a bitch, bitch bitch bitch
    you A bitch, you a bitch, you a bitch, Bitch bitch bitch

    haha ha that go hard son...
  11. The Compromise

    The Compromise New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    would it hurt ya name n give you pain,
    if I state the only thing you link is gays runnin train?
  12. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    We've come to a compromise..
    The drama vibes aint ended cause the problem lies..
    You got my nose, but i can see ya mama's eyes..
    If you comeback, then trust that im surprised..
  13. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    yo redrum
    you gotta be dislexic
    backwards words misspellin
    like m311ons
    but here's the cereal
    ya words are barly concieved as "lyrical"
    more "spiritual"
    like if someone prayed to a "rat's ass",
    "i gave one" as a donation to ya church
    call ya "mother mary" for floatin faggy wings
    ridin "dirty harry"
    cockin his "magnum"
    you a "trojan fan?"
    must be a
    "roman man"
    childish rapist like pluto
    but you gotta be "nash"
    smokin that hash
    or should i just call you "ed murph"
    cuz your "black ass is cursed"
    like the mansion landed in your lap's gap
    your tracks get laid like a "lap dance" rap
    you stack the cash
    i flow like gas
    call me "propane" wit hash
    your "fire" guess im fucked
    like "how you got that rash"?
    like my boy ben
    5-0 catch up put you in the bin
    but eventually
    your dumbass'll get out and strive to win

    haha, nah, im just playin red, i respect yo lyrical ish, but, battles gotta battle holmes

    peace, smead
  14. GrandMoren

    GrandMoren New Member

    Mar 30, 2005
    When they said to "come hard" they didnt mean to jack off,
    and if they did, jus cuz ya dick's small, that dont mean to slack off,
    Im suprised with all that TV, and those movies you heard of',
    you aint seen the shining to know that spellin redrum means murda'

    im almost certain this stupid bitch isnt a person, but a burden,
    and im learnin him how to write a rap thats hurtin and burnin.
    im burstin his lips, tryin to get him to write one perfect diss,
    but if he takes this the wrong way, he'll be slashin holes in his wrists,
  15. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    this dude thinks he can spit, hes a little confused
    he talks bout beatin off, cuz his dick is unused
    gets no pussy and has no friends
    so like an emo hes wishin the world wud end
    wearin long sleeves
    to cover scars from where he makes his arms bleed
    your vocabulary is lackin dude
    cant wait to get my heat and fukin clap this dude
    contemplatin wuts gunna b my next move
    cuz conviction sure as hell dont look good
    but i fukin hate fakes that act hood
  16. RonVerse

    RonVerse immigrant

    Jun 27, 2007
    ayo's its the dude from saudi arabia,
    bwizzle your wack as hell im here to bury ya,
    damn homie where's the dzk influence... are'nt you from his area??
    your the lamest joke
    plus your never gonna get ahead by thinkin lil wayne is dope

    your flow is dirt
    quote tupac n look for better days u better pray fuck it just go to church

    its ok homie not everyone has to sin, im having fun pass the gin
    i'll let the mc who's after me get dissed by the mc who's after him
  17. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    U aint gangsta at all, but my gunplay is like playin "Hide and Go Get"...
    See u gonna "play the pussy" homie, and my "four fifth, the dick"....click/
    Oops he got nutted on, like using a fully loaded gat in Russian Roulette...
    See if u the king, I can kill u in one move, and I aint talkin bout Chess...next!!!/
    Now, we gonna play the "Name Game", Im ya "pops", so u already know me...
    But this like a "family reunion", the way Ima introduce ya to the "cousin of sleep"/ Battlin me is like playin "Twister" by ya self, the way u got ya self in a bad position...
    And u can ask them DC niccaz, "Hide and Seek" isnt the only way u can end up missing/
  18. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Hell, I'm already sinnin, might as well merk gsus...
    This guys a ponytail hippy, who sells burnt pizzas..
    A frail nerd breathin out his mouth wide open..
    I consistently smoke bitches..while im smokin..
    I bet this guy raps usin his fingers as air quotes..
    My level is too High, like i was chiefin some rare dope..
    You more on that hemp shit, after someone had stripped it..
    Im in the mile high club, while u still measure in inches..
  19. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    im so strapped im like a fukin gun show
    so redrum suits you cuz ill make your blood flow
    like vodka make shots will make ur death absolut
    ull be flying high like u were a grey goose
    u spell backwards ur a little confused
    like a black n white camera theres no use
    n there wouldn't b ne color left in ur face when im threw
    it was like a standing ovation the way i clapped ur whole crew
  20. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    A whole gallon of goose, to me- youd still seem brittle..
    After this, mutha fuckas wont ask "Who killed bwizzle?"
    The answer is right here, in these words n its quite clear..
    That what i spit out is sure to ignite fear..
    Dont understand my name, well look in the right mirror..
    I cant even hear ya, i say fuck ya opinion..
    Cause with ya sissy ass comeback, you in an unlucky position..
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