Did God really create "you"?

Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by Anidawehi, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. and two roads diverge:

    Man from God

    God from Man

  2. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004

    There is no confusion, I am going to tell you why.
    The problem with everything you said is it's dogma Bullshit.
    This can be summed up in one word, omniscient.

    Surely God knew what man would do. Therefore, He is a Sadistic psychotic sociopathic Being. And You are the bastard kin of God.

    You can give me man laws and God laws all day long.
    But what you can not do is prove god gave any laws at all.
    The logical answer is, man has always wrote the laws.

    I'm not ignorant of God, I do not fear God, That is what they want me to obye. That way they can keep the marbles moving all in the same direction.
  3. MC VeXeD

    MC VeXeD New Member

    Feb 22, 2002
    all religions are dogma

    the reason gods were created in Ancient Egypt was to show the Egyptian People how the universe works..... Ra the sun- god is exactly that .... the sun. The different incarnations of Ra were Equinoxes, Solstices,etc. except they didn't have names for it back then.

    Secrecy was regarded with the utmost importance. Imagine if people who weren't ready knew the truth did. So they coded it, so only those worthy of understanding......would.

    In fact, the reason most pharoahs have 2 snakes in attack stance on there head in front of the forehead is due to the pituitary and another "P" gland in your brain. The pituitary is directly behind your forehead and the other is in the center. Can't remember the name. Through meditation these two glands can actually be moved and stand "as a snake would." This brings clairvoyance and makes astral projection simple. The snakes actually mean an initiate in the secret sciences of the time.

    The biggest lie ever told was that the Bible was written by God. MISTAKE! actually it was written by many humans and has been tampered with heavily.

    As far as God creating us?

    The word, "bible," came from BABYLOS, the City of the Great Mother, the oldest continuously occupied temple in the world. The Goddess (called Astarte, Baalat, Hathor, etc.) patronized learning and her Priestess collected a library of paypyrus scrolls. So it came to be that the Greeks called any papyrus, "byblos," which came to mean any HOLY BOOK.

    The KING JAMES BIBLE relied mostly on a Greek text collected and edited by Erasmus, in the 16th century, which in turn relied on a Byzantine collection assembled gradually at Constantinople between the ••h-8th centuries.

    One reason ORGANIZED RELIGION insisted on maintaining the literal interpretation of biblical myth was because they had an economic interest at stake.

    The theologians complained that viewing the Bible as myth would destroy the very structure their livelihood and self-respect depended upon. In other words, they would be out of a job!

    Both Jews and Christians used their Bible for divination, just as a witch might use a crystal ball, or an African might use a thunder-stone, or a Roman augur might use the sacred chickens. Although bibliomancy (taking omens from the Bible) was sometimes deplored, from the ••h to the 1••h centuries this was repeatedly practiced by Kings, Bishops, and Saints. To this day, in Europe and America, the Bible is still used to give omens.

    Furthermore, in 325 AD, the Council of Nicea convened and decided what they thought the common masses were capable of understanding. They chose what to canonize and what to include as the "word of God" in the Bible. Arguments ensued and sections of the bible were edited and deleted, detrimental to their interpretation.

    Additionally, the scholars who composed the King James version of the New Testament admitted to "a minimum of 77,000 translational errors, and these errors excluded the more ancient Hebrew of the Old Testament, which would include an even more embarrassing number of direct translational errors, as each Hebrew letter stands for a whole concept in and off itself with no comparison to the limited and stifled English language."

    I truly believe "God" is the ether we breath in......

    "god breathed into Adam's nostrils"

    Ether! Presto!

    As far as "higher beings"

    I am a firm believer of the 9 planes of dimension and higher beings do walk around us EVERYDAY. These are the beings that have been to higher dimensions before reincarnation.

    We are currently in the ••h dimension but our senses show us a 3 dimensional world. The ••h is vibration. All things vibrate, nothing is still. EVER!

    I don't mean to attack anyone's beliefs, just stating mine.

  4. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I think ants know we are there, just as they know crumbs of food are there, or a dead Animal is there. Unlike Humans who make up these delusions of God.

    Is that the Closest thing to God or is it Just putting out postive energy based on the Philosophies of Jesus, Lao, and Buddha Inorder to create Synergy?

    Even you know That's not fair to jesus words in the newtestament. The newtestament taught against everything the christian converted Pagan Conquers and Barbarians stood for, Which was violence etc. It wasn't the newtestament, it was those men who posed as fake christians who went against everything the newtestament stood for. It's a much different Synopsis than Islam, because The new testament never taught what the hadith and quran did.

    The problem with Christianity Azue, is only a few have ever followed the path as it was intended. I'm Just clearing this up to be fair.

    i thought Joan of Arc was 17?

    SAMARA truth is a sword

    Apr 3, 2002

    you are ingorant of God because you "dont know".

    you fear the idea of God because you "dont know".

    its natural... to be courageous
    you must overcome a fear.
    Courage exist to overcome fear,
    thats logical not "dogmatic".

    To not know means, "ignorant".

    so you are mad at me and express this through insult,
    because I believe in God.
    I choose to believe that God made me,
    because I love my life
    and I know I love my life and this idea of creation
    because I respect my life.

    see I dont really care for you man to man,
    because I dont know you
    and I care for you by caring for myself,
    because I care about LIFE
    and I show this
    because I respect your struggle with this situation.
    Struggle is a part of LIFE.

    You may not take it as a struggle
    but your response is not one that says to me,

    " that I cannot agree to disagree
    though I cannot prove you are wrong
    nor can I prove that you are right,
    I can only tell you that what you think has been instructed to you
    and for me to believe that I am free of this instruction
    I have to assert that you are not.
    because it is our difference
    and in my mind
    I have deciphered
    that I in fact am correct."

    I am waiting for the "na na na-na na"

    menaz, its ok to disagree with me
    for the same fact that you dont know
    what I do and dont believe in
    other than I declared that I believe in God and my creation
    though I have admitted that perhaps its pride or ego,
    because I feel a sense a worth
    in acknowledging the life that I have
    and I am content with the eyes that look back at me,
    and the eyes that i meet when i look at strangers,
    the eyes that let me see the world,
    and the feeling in me and around me.

    sorry, that you dont feel the same way...

    but you never said you didnt feel the same right?
    you just said you dont believe in God?
  6. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    This doesn't make a point. it's rethoric.
    I think I pointed out a pretty good argument.
    one which you changed the subject on.

    the one claiming to not know is you.
    The weak god-fearing superstitions.

    Not trying to insult you, But I must point it out.

    Exactly my point, you don't know your God or Scripture.
    therefore, you can't correlate the Hypocrasy.

    You are diverting from the subject all together. Noone insulted you.
    Someone is trying to pointout How it's a man made conception.
    I can't be held respesonable if my thoughts feel like insults on a
    open wound. The Notion of a god existing is not the same as you following
    the good morals written by men. Why can't you accept the latter?

    You are getting waaaay to emo now. too much rethoric.
    Thanks for respecting my cause to inform the
    misinformed about their God.

    How can I agree to disagree, When you don't?
    And If you can't prove me wrong why do you
    accept your side as something not disproven?
    because of Faith? Belief? these Man-made words & definitions?

    You want to wager your way, Do not act as if you do not.
    You are not correct you are blinded by many years
    of religious indocernation. Your deciphering bollocks? There are cryptologist who
    claim the bible has codes fortelling 9/11 and the rise of hitler
    However, You can decipher these same codes in the classical book of Moby dick.

    Honestly, You sound Hypocritical.

    it's pride and ego. You can have all that without God existing.

    SAMARA truth is a sword

    Apr 3, 2002
    fair enough,

    but you are asserting that I need to read and be spoken to about God to determine for myself that he exist.

    for some perhaps, yes.
    for others, no.

    my point is I identify my belief as a belief in God because through language we communicate this "feeling" with "a god".

    If the English language identified it as other than their search for that "feeling"- "God", like search for "other life forms" - "Alien", or "tall hills"- "Mountains" then I could call it something other than GOD.

    your grasping and assuming that everyone thinks like an "American". There are alot of cultures that you should expose yourself to and with that more thoughts than ones you consider yourself superior to.

    Im diligent but not an ant.
    I suppose thats why I can respond to you with composure and I am aware of how I read to myself, because your interpretations of what I am writing is not in the context of the words you are reading since you are not experiencing what I am writing, as another person in the land of "existence".
    You are hearing yourself speak,
    so with that stop being aggressive with yourself.

    I disagree, I am not a hypocrite because
    I have acknowledged my feelings and identified why I believe so,
    it is what I feel
    and you cannot agree nor disagree with this "feeling".

    not everyone knows everything like you, if you know how I "feel"
    though I am supposing my real answer to you is "mu"
    and while you retort with insult, I know you are a fool
    by the facts you contend your arguments with since you have made a lot of assumptions that you could only know by associating me and typing me a RELIGION.

    I never said that RELIGION is not a contorted man made concept.
    I agree, and have thought it was to keep and maintain power
    by taking advantage of a struggle in life.

    I dont share my God, because my belief is not dependent on someone else believing.
    Perfect example, you dont believe in God and I disagree because I believe in GOD.

    I am not swayed to convince you to determine if you "feel" the way I do about life and creation and everything else,
    I did not ask if you have a connective feeling to anyone of antything in this world, nor did I refute should you have any feeling at all.

    I answered the original question

    Your cause seems futile, you are battle is RELIGION and not GOD.

    I am not "emo", it was what I feel.
    I am a poet, didnt you know it?
    you should work on your self-esteem,
    because even if you read arrogantly with a grain of edu. you would have appreciated the meter in the line.

    thats why I broke it out phrase by phrase.
    Communication is important.

    please share your infinate non-Man made language.
    start with the letter A.

    I am not wagering, I just dont need to put some one down to pick myself up.

    you write with anger and display a communication that indicates you should have someone else read this to you before you reply -

    like your mother, or a doctor with heavy medicine,

    so you can laugh when you read this part of the reply.

    I agree.

    I just stated, "I feel this way about my creation and life, and my belief in God is strengthen because I feel this way- all on my own."

  8. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    Who knows. It's not like we can ask them. Well, we can but I doubt they'll answer.

    That IS God. It is not the God they have in their head. It is not what comes to mind when you hear the generic word "God" . . . but it is the creating force. There is nothing behind it. It always has been and it always will be.

    When was the New Testament first put together as "The New Testament"?
    The true Christians (Essene Jews) never actually read the New Testament.
    Christianity is the religion of Paul, Luke and Philo, not Yeshua and his Disciples.

    And it is true that if people threw out all of the New Testament aside from Yeshua's words they would be much better off. But they don't. Why? Evidently Yeshua was the Son of God, but they prefer Paul's words over Yeshua's.

    The evidence of this is that they eat pork and Yeshua did not eat pork and would never have ate pork. Christians eat shell fish. Yeshua wouldn't have ate shell fish. Christians eat meat. Yeshua was a Nazarene and Nazarenes were vegetarians.

    They don't follow him. They never have. If you follow a man up a mountain then you automatically become his equal when you reach the peak. Christians have not become his equal and they will tell you that they cannot be his equal. Why? I have no idea. It sure seems contradictory when they claim that Yeshua was a living example of God for us, but then they don't follow his example by living as he lived.

    The religions have got to go. There is no other option. If the roots of a home are rotted out, do you try to repair the foundation to maintain the walls and roof? No, you tear the whole building down and rebuild it from the bottom up. Yeshua said it in another way, "A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. You will know the tree by its fruit."

    Christianity, Islam, Judaism . . . all have bad fruit.
    All must be pulled up from the roots and cast to the left where they belong.

    The message in them is the only thing good. 1900 years with that message and these fools still haven't understood it.
  9. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I'm saying you've be infulenced by demagogues.

    No, Through Mans words in dogmatic scripture you create a delusional feeling.

    A mountain is provable. a tall hill is provable. alien is not provable.
    A feeling is a reaction nothing more. you are reacting to your own delusion of God based on man-made dogmatic scripture.

    I think you are generalizing when you say all americans think alike.
    Honey, I've exposed myself to many cultures. I've been to many places.
    Maybe you should take your own advice. What I do is to better you intellectually, not to be superior and wager as God-mongers do.

    I know you are but what am I, Honestly that whole rationale was immature.

    I can disagree with it, Because I once believed in the religious demagogues. Then I woke up, and saw the light so shall you one day.

    Actually you are sharing your delusional God with me right now. Only you would have no concept of God if it wasn't for man made scriptures. You don't even make sense no more. See that is just it Like peter pan in the movie captain hook, You start believing the Food is real when it isn't. You love your delusion. it doesn't take disbelief to know somethings doesn't exist.

    there is no feeling of God without religious indoctrination.
    Without man-made scripture you would never know the word god.
    therefore, no delusional feeling of a reaction to God.

    One part of my revolution is with Religion, the other part is with God.
    At this very moment In the revolution I am asking you to refute religion
    along side me. That is if you are smart enough too? I see hope in you.
    You do see the light that is not about Ideology or this team or that team or about CT bullshit. I see a person willing to put facts and truth where they belong no matter who hates on them for it. That part of you is respectable.

    You talk of feeling but claim not to be an emo, Wrong, you are an emo.
    I have a degree in history, civics, and I enjoy emceeing as a hobby. didn't you know that? You should work on comprehesion. I noticed you trying to structure Poeticly, but We are not writting 16 bars, we are talking like normal people in a conversation. You are maybe to senstive for this conversation. Now I wounder if you'll take that as an insult toward you or a concern for you?

    Then explain to me why you have no communication skills?

    Non-man made laguage? Everything is man-made that's my point.
    Please try to stay focused.

    You tried to wager but I called you on it. Is that the way you see it?
    Well if you have to think ill of me to become enlightend so be it.

    It's not on your own though, because if the man made Scripture never had any effect on you. You'd no nothing about God. therefore, You are living a delusional life.
  10. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Science knows if the ant knows.

    Ummm, NO! that is called the art of analogously bullshitting.

    Only thing I had a problem with.

    There is no telling if Paul actually wrote the newtestament since pual is a Pseudopigraphical. The point is Christianity moral teaching was light years ahead of Islam and Judaism. Regradless of who wrote it. And for that I'm not so hard on real christians. However, Those who pose as christians not following as such are fair game. Though I think every religion should give up this delusion of God.
  11. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    The ideal lessons that one finds in Christianity were taught hundreds of years earlier by the Greek Philosopher Plato, Indian Sage Buddha, and Chinese Sage Lao Tzu. There are some really good Christians out there. I can't deny that. I know some.

    There are also some really good people that just happen to be Muslim.


    I've been taking quite a bit into consideration the last few days. Got a call from a close friend of mine and it's caused me to rethink things.
  12. SAMARA

    SAMARA truth is a sword

    Apr 3, 2002

    my point was I see it - with my own eyes in life - all on my own.

    I slightly understand your hang ups with Christianity, you were a once upon a time believer,
    but really I wasnt the one who lied to you about where you placed your faith in religion - you lied to yourself,

    so slow your roll with the insults.

    Mena you are arguing the theological argument that have been communicated for thousands of years,

    written by thousands and communicated by millions.

    Unfortunately, you think you are the only person in history, today, and yet to come in the introspec' who will question faith, God and religion.

    sadly you believe that you have the answers - unproven ones at that.

    The difference today though is
    knowledge is infinate
    but wisdom is not,
    and this is why you think I am a drone without knowledge
    and I think you are a fool without wisdom.
  13. test
  14. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    You see God? I understand and what meds are you on sweety?
    Maybe, You shouldn't hide this talent, perhaps You should let
    your therapist know about this Delusion of Grandeur next time you meet with him.

    If you call People pushing it on you day and night without any escape route a believer then Perhaps I was. No I didn't lie to myself, The master known as God in religion lied to us all.

    And yet, You people still presist with ignorance.
    Change gonna come!

    Yes religion is opium for the masses.

    Not true, I am very well educated on the enlightment revolution of 1789.
    La mettrie, newton, bertrand, and destutt de tracy. Just to name a few.
    However, I will not make their same mistakes. I Read the past to see where i'm going. Your assuptions are incorrect.

    others Have questioned religion and god on this site long before I came here.
    Only I plan to do something. i'm not some Arm-chair revolutionary. I'm not playing games with you.

    You must prove God, I don't have too. That is the great thing about creationism, creationist made God up, so they must prove God with Empirical evidence. None of you can. I'd say your Agrument is pretty much shit to be so blunt.

    So I ask, how come you have no wisdom either?
  15. UnbrokeN

    UnbrokeN Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2001
    yeshuas core message is real. and its the ultimate truth. sadly, christians have chosen to ignore that message, like Azue said.
  16. SAMARA

    SAMARA truth is a sword

    Apr 3, 2002

    I dont have to prove God,
    you need to prove the point of creation,
    I have accepted an answer,
    since the answer for me is my own -
    you have only cited how I with millions am wrong
    (despite my answer being my own)
    and you with a few are asserting,
    still unproven through knowledge
    and HYPOTHESIZE from the limited knowledge
    that has been recorded and stored-

    So, you too are flawed.

    Menaz, so what if my beleif in creation is delusional to you...
    your beleif in creation is delusional too since you cannot orove how
    17 drops of blood and enrgy created you.
    The sperm meets the egg and you are "transformed".

    As far as wisdom, well this cannot be taught or bought,
    like "creation" you are all on your won.
    Just dont be so mad at me... because I dont believe that I am alone.

    as far as made made scriptures, well you are steroetyping me here.
    "Age of Reason" thread... needed to read it, to buildon the concept of man-made scriptures and the rest... but the point being i cannot tell you what have come to know... its is heresay to you and fact to me... and your ralization is heresay to me.

    You are arguing that God is external to me and I am arguing Go di s internal to me.

    before you get your panties in knot.

    wisdom is in the choice.
  17. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Menaz, you said a few things that I find quite interesting:

    1. "Religion is opium for the masses." - Why do you continue to quote Karl Marx, by saying this, over and over and over in nearly every response, but then you reject Communism? Seems a tad bit stupid to quote a man who taught Communism, which is ultimately what Yeshua taught (by the way) and then deny Communism and support Capitalism. Capitalism is dependent upon religion. Whether it be a religion of God or a religion of money, it makes no difference. The worship of material goods and entertainment is what drives Capitalism forward. The priests of the Capital Religion are the Media. They are the ones who convince you that you need their God (Entertainment/Material Goods) and they talk you out your money. Instead of giving it to God's cause, you're giving it to them. Slightly different, but it still involves your money and psychological control over you.

    2. "No I didn't lie to myself, The master known as God in religion lied to us all." - I found this VERY telling. If God didn't exist, then God couldn't lie to you. If God is make believe then the people who created God lied to you. The fact that you said this shows that you are angry at God because you feel that God has betrayed you. But, how can God betray you if God doesn't exist? There are things that Science cannot and will not EVER explain. Scientists who challenge religions secretly want power. If they didn't, then they would just go about their science and let it be. Why do scientists even feel the need to challenge religion. Religion is not holding Science back anymore. There is no logical reason why Scientists would even know enough about religion to argue it. A scientist who studies religion to debate it, is not a scientist. A true scientist is dealing with science, not rummaging through books that they supposedly don't believe in. Any scientist who knows the scriptures inside and out and rejects them, is not seeking the truth. He is seeking power.
  18. You can be a Marxist and still be an advocate of capitalism, its not a contradicton. That is like saying, if you beleive Aristotle when he speaks about what it takes to live a fulfilled life,i.e. moderation, then you must also believe in his views about slaves and 'natural' inequality. wrong.

    All Menaz is saying is that religion is a 'spiritual aroma' and that it is a crutch for people who do not want to face life with clear eyed endurance.

    It is also arguably a device to keep the ideology of the rulling classes in place:


    Ths is an example of the way in which biblical scripture keeps the poor
    down, and the rich up in their castle, as the 'natural' order.
    Some people have said that the bible is nothing more than a 'male fantasy', or a product of tribes creating mythologies in an attempt to understand the world. furthermore, It doesnt fit well with feminist thought, and is said to reinforce forms of patriarchy too.

    I cant be arsed to answer your number 2, in detail--but briefly,

    1.) Menaz is not saying that God betrayed him, but the idea of God created by man, has betrayed him. big difference.

    2.) to think that scientists who read the scriptures and deny it, do so not because they beleive it to be false, but because they just want power is ridiculous.
  19. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007

    Menaz is merely exchanging one illusion for another.

    Yes, religion is an illusion.
    But to disbelieve one must believe that their belief against another belief is knowledge, and it is not. He is leaving one dream and embracing another.
  20. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Religion is opium for the masses. Karl marx is right.
    I've pointed out very clearly in the past the difference
    Between Communism and communist. I support the latter.

    However, Azue, You are a man who hides. You are afraid
    to stand for what you stand for. If you believe in yourself
    (which you don't) If you believe in what you are saying is
    right. You should be able to step out of the shadows and
    into the light. You are a chicken shit, You can't do this.

    I'm gald you found what I said interesting.
    But Honestly, You're just being a reactionary.

    Brit boi answered this one nicely.

    Ummm, it doesn't have to be if religion is Gone. But I understand were you're thinking is comming from because You're a 1st century thinker. You're a Shill for the religious right. Not in the Governmental term, But in the Dogmatic term. Only I've seen through your masks of deception. And I'm not the only one.

    What is the point of money? What is the point of religion?
    What purpose do either of them sever in reality? No purpose.
    The Idea of green paper meaning something is outlandish,
    it's nothing more than god, or religion, a delusional trick to keep one Enslaved to Societies Structure. I find it funny, God's house (churches) pay no taxes. I've realized azue, The Problem is, God & Religion in these Soceities.

    I'm glad you find that telling azue. But your Perception much like your Assuptions are wrong. You do not even ask me to clarify the obscurity here. You did not even read everything I said before that. These Books were written by men not God. Therefore, God does not exist, Therefore God is a Lie, and spreading the word of god is Lying propaganda. Much like little red riding hood is a lie. Both are a story, but both were written by humans for humans about fictional characters. I've come to the conclusion due to the light of your Assuption, that perhaps people should worship the three little pigs! Yes, Without a doubt.


    Their all lairs, if Man is the lair so is the God of their Propaganda.
    therefore, God can't exist.

    Man creates God therefore we are betrayed by man and god. The purpose is, The Structure of RULING POWER! Why should a God that does not exist rule over me? Why should Man rule over any other man? What is the purpose? Besides Setting up a Twisted Social structure with Nothing but Lairs and egotisticalist contemplanting Alpahs over betas for gain? the nonexisting-God is the Propagandist for this Systems Sucessfulness.

    Man protrays God as the Supreme being Authority Figure to follow.
    Whatever God says, is peoples reality. However, That's bullshit becuase god doesn't Exist in the First place. Therefore, it's all lying Propaganda from the same seed.

    Birt made a good point.

    That is the answer for delusionals. Let it be. Do not question. Do not Expose.

    Really? you should fill in the Neocons and Conservative Evangelicals
    Because they haven't gotten the picture to leave science alone.

    Scientist Prove or Disporve things. It seems pretty logical.

    Your opinions are Quite funny.

    Azue says: Stay Ignorant. The truth must never be let out the bag.

    Rejecting the Scripture means Seeking power? Really, So If tommy down the street rejects the Scriptures than he too is no different than the Scientist seeking power. Though the Scientist Relies on more than just his Opinion. Maybe it's the need to know that drives them. Not the need to keep believing like we're in never never land.

    Now do your usual azue, pick a word of mine, play semantics with it, and act like thats what I said. It's to my understanding your very good at acting and not being real.
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