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Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by Micky D, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Micky D

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    Nov 5, 2009

    i usually post on BVA but thought his place would be more apt....

    We have a design comprtition or a new club crest/ badge.

    Thought some of you might want to send a few in, you can send as many as you like

    Football as in soccer, football as in the one where you use you feet not your hands

    Please see the brief below:

    Scissett FC Launch Badge Competition with cash prize

    We are proud of our history and to celebrate our 109th year we are hosting a badge design competition.

    This is a great opportunity to add to your design portfolio and will give all participants exposure to a broad demographic.

    • £50 in Cash
    • Sponsor banner on our website
    • Advertising space on our sponsor wall
    • Scissett football Shirt with the winning badge on
    • Scissett hat with the winning badge on

    • To modify the clubs logo to mark the new era for the club
    • To show the date we were founded (1902)
    • To generate sales of merchandise to both juniors and seniors
    • To improve links with the local community
    • To add a sense of professionalism to all SFC related documents/ merchandise

    • Must include the full name Scissett Football Club (Or Scissett FC)
    • Must include the year of our formation (1902)
    • Must have a boundary and be on a white/ clear background
    • Must be 2 colours (Navy & Sky blue)
    • Must be sent in a high resolution JPEG/ PDF file

    Deadline: 01/04/11
    Please send all entries to

    All entries will be voted on by players, parents, sponsors, the committee and a website poll. The design with the most votes will be unveiled as the winner at our annual sports mans dinner (date to be confirmed).

    All unsuccessful designs will remain copyright of the designer

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