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    Dec 20, 2005
    noun, verb, adjective

    her very own passages

    noun: person place and thing

    person per heart beat and blood flow

    and god knows

    what she's here for

    and I know what she stood for

    person with VErnish qualities

    and multiple personalities

    make for many situations

    and multiple quantities

    make an equation

    anything+me will always equal V

    and it all adds up to a J and a V

    place: a belly to rest my head on

    and a hand to hold

    a body to hold tight if it gets too cold

    and her own little section in my brain

    where VErna is not just a name

    but a place where I go when the world is insane

    and a place to keep dry

    when there's nothing but rain

    a familiar place when nothings the same

    where I wanna be

    head on her shoulder and hugging for eternity

    or until she has to pee

    thing: as in too many things I really wanna say

    but theres not enough minutes or hours in a day

    things we argued over and things that hold us together

    love, friendship, conversation

    hours spent on a phone

    and if she's in my thoughts

    than im never alone

    and my heart was never my own

    she's been the owner

    since about day 4 at her home


    actions speak louder than words

    and you may be silent

    but body language is heard

    and body language occurred

    when you pin me against walls

    or when we fight on the grass

    and you spoke volumes

    when you helped me with math

    or when I go to your house

    and I speak when im mad


    grinding on porches

    and feeling you up

    my hands up your shirt

    shaped like a cup

    hands on your hip

    than to your butt

    hickies on bellys

    and phases of biting

    brining me down to my knees

    you make me say please

    even though I want more

    even though im real sore

    and actions hurt

    when you throw me your books and mirrors and such

    and I reveal you're my crush

    so dependent I think you're my crutch

    I think I can touch

    but not look

    because im too hooked

    adjective describes a noun

    hair is black skin is brown

    in the bed you wont hear a sound?

    sort of a nympho

    with all kinds of sex info

    good girl dirty minded freak

    if your good she'll give you a treat

    glasses wearing and very good grades

    make you think she's a geek

    clothes coming off

    makes you get hot from the heat

    crazy, kinda sorta lazy, tempting, eyes undressing, im confessing,

    caring, don't like sharing, cute beautiful funny

    love her tummy

    sweet as honey

    scared nervous terrified petrified worried

    have no worries

    whats the hurry?

    if you call I will be there in a hurry

    puzzled, perplexed, baffled, mystified, bewildered, befuddled, bemused

    definition so past due

    girlfriend, friend,

    loves hot men

    knows not when

    current wife, future mother

    synonym see johnny
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