"Dead Dreams" My song

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  1. novakio7

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    Jan 3, 2013
    WARNING i do not have the best recording equipment there for the the song quality may not be to your liking will not sound professional, but please judge the song on my lyrics and my flow, i appreciate all feedback i just want to improve thanks.


    Tryna pop my bubble
    But I'll just stay humble
    Cause I don't want no trouble
    Paying for that Netflix
    Is like getting head from dead chicks
    I ain't paying for your dead shit
    Tick that of my check list
    Hating on a nigger
    Cause he's scared to pull the trigger

    Todays modern society
    Is getting notoriety
    For drug dealers
    For gang leaders
    For a rapists
    For a Satanists
    The news is full of shit
    Spreaded with some lies
    Sprinkled with propaganda
    Leading the world to its demise
    Hearing all the scrutiny
    Is starting to embarrass me
    Religion and conspiracy's
    Are now taking a toll on me
    I'm closer to God
    And the truth is now clear
    I'm hearing these frauds
    And I'm fighting my fears
    Or are my fears fighting me

    I'm. About to go on a killing.spree
    Wheres your favorite rapper
    cause he is now my enemy
    Knock knock
    The grim reapers at the door
    Blam balm
    I got these niggas on the floor
    Steal this dude's girlfriend
    And fuck her like a whore
    She don't wanna me to leave
    She's saying baby gimmie me more

    She's loving nexuz x
    She's playing me like a game
    She knows that I'm best
    And anal sex
    Is the bone es

    When you see the world for what it is
    It becomes a darker place
    Ever dreamt of being rich and owning your own place
    You better hope they don't hear schemes
    Cause we the 99 percent
    And 1% buys,our dreams
  2. rapper1

    rapper1 New Member

    Feb 17, 2014
    Will have to listen to the sound later as I am having issues with my speakers, but I read the lyrics and they were good I thought.
  3. Instrumental Beats

    Instrumental Beats pdbeats

    Nov 22, 2013
    Dope song bro, I like it.
    Keep doing what you do.

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