DBD's UFC 136 Picks (main card only)

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    You don't discount no contests though, period. It's a fight he went to that he didn't win, therefore he didn't win 70% of his fights, he won 64% if you round up. And again, Sonnen's losing 5 times to Tom Lawlor's two since being with Zuffa can also be attributed to the fact that he has had more fights. Maybe in a fight or two, he could have a "better record" if you grade records based of percentage of wins, which would mean Phil Davis has a better record than Machida, Shogun, and Rampage. However, as of right now he doesn't have a better record.

    Tom Lawlor hasn't fought a single top ten opponent. Not a single one. He hasn't even fought a top twenty Middleweight. The best opponent he beat to date was Côté who was on a losing streak. He has fought nothing but cans aside from three fights, two of which he lost. Chael Sonnen has fought 5 top ten Middleweights and has convincingly beat people who have beat people who have beat people who have beat Tom Lawlor. The same can not be said in reverse.

    The mass gain that you referred to happened over a 5 year period in Overeems career. You mean you don't believe a person can realistically gain 11 pounds of muscle while training in the span of a whole year without drugs? :funny: You know these guys don't just do training camps all year right?

    In college Brock Lesnar wrestled in the 285 pound division, and now he walks around at roughly 290 lbs whens he's not fighting. :funny: Wooooo big gain, that couldn't have been natural.

    Of course he looked more toned in the WWE, he was probably only working out to look like an action figure at that point, not to maintain any athletic ability.

    Name one fighter on those fight for the troops cards who had a military background. One.

    They throw the event knowing ahead of time that broadcast commercials are a result of much of the money brought in. I never stated that it was a not for profit event, but the fact is, they designed the event to raise money, not to promote imaginary military fighters who weren't on the cards. If we want to get into technicalities, then fine, perhaps you can call it a different word.

    A fundraiser, that's probably a more appropriate term.

    He cuts down to 260 pounds. He's no heavier at the weigh-ins then anyone else has the ability to be. None of the weight gain he might have had then is relevant today, because he hasn't kept any of that if there was any. He weighs roughly the same if not less than he did in college when he was wrestling, and if you don't think that they test vigorously for banned substances in NCAA Division 1 Wrestling, you're crazy. And about half? Just throwing in make-up statistics wherever we please now are we? :funny: Working in a company where some people have gotten caught for using steroids isn't the slightest bit of evidence that Brock was using them, nor does any percentage of MMA fighters that use steroids prove that other MMA fighters use steroids.

    Until you can cite concrete evidence that Brock Lesnar uses drugs to attain his size and strength in the first place, and somehow manages to do so while passing his drug tests, this sentence is completely pointless. The fact is people a lot of times attribute Jon Jones wins to his reach, and complain that he doesn't win because of "skill". That's essentially what you attributed Brock's wins to. People tend to ignore that both Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones are immensely talented wrestlers, they just want to see their size advantages.
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