Dark Rappers

Discussion in 'Emcee Hookups' started by 9FunkyHippies, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Mar 6, 2013
    I need to find me some folks who spit some of that darkness. Let's see what you have.
    I wrote this earlier. Hit me up Tech N9ne haha.

    Damage done theres no undoing, Death is near demons pursuing
    No need to run I'm already losing, Alcohol I drink and drugs I'm abusing
    Life of darkness owls whoing, No butterflies or babies cooing
    Mothers crying people booing, Hateful sounds what am I doing
    The devils watching lurking laughing, Ouija boards and magical crafting
    Ripped my flesh now skin needs graphing, Undead babies hellish hatchlings
    Leading me through a dark path, Lustful demon hanging onto my back
    Claws dug in forever attached, It wont let me go he wont let me pass
    My soul is burned my body's an urn, Dark figures are around every turn
    My hearts been beat like butter's churned, Damn your love that pussy I yearn
    Six more years then I am done, Im falling to pieces I'm nothing but crumbs
    Satans soldier is not so fun, Fuck my life the Devil has won!

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