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    Jul 15, 2014
    Get your throat bashed and slashed
    if its ass for cash
    then ask and i'll blast your ass
    refilled the flask
    ski masked
    and later it revealed alcatraz
    with a more vengeful visual
    cypher of dead rappers aromatized a distasteful scent or two
    hitmans dream dispense a cent or two
    holla at the Masons to see if i could grab a brick or 2
    cocaine crazy
    all white shit, ghost, patrick swayze
    3 or 4 bitches perhaps to persuade me
    to vaguely run this bitch back, willis mcgahee
    but more mirrors than smoke
    expensive hoes to poke
    a oxymoron i bought a pepsi blue benz with coke
    on the run for championships
    ron burgundy anchorman holdin down ships
    without a penny and shaq searching for blue chips
    A.I., u better get a anchor to guard your ankles
    i will cross u and bang you
    give you hot wings turn niggas to angels
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