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  1. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    why when you meet a girl and ask her to come over,they never do?
    they tell you they will, you try to get them to tell you straight up...
    if they dont want to see you,youll leave them alone...

    dammit,anyways its been like a week and a half now
    just some girl who knows some people who live in my apt. complex...
    i met her like two weeks ago....
    then last sunday i saw her and talked to her and invited her over
    she said she would,but i didnt really believe her...
    now i see why....
    why cant i just meet one that will actually see what im about before they just decide im not worth talkin to...

    dammit i was way to nice when i met her...
    im always nice,
    i smoked a blunt with her
    see i could get at her friend yall,and tell her to tell her friend that i would like to chill with her one day,
    but i dont know if i want to do that just yet
    its always bad when your really tryin to get at her

    maybe i should just give it some more time
    but the problem is i dont have to many days off work...
    so i guess i would never know if she really would come around
    i was hopin i could see her today but now im out here all damn day just tryin to get my car insurance straightened out....

    but what do yall think i should do if i see her again...
    should i just ignore her?
    or am i just being to hard on her...
    really i dont know to much about her just yet...

    really i just need a companion though....
    fuck it i always get upset over women,
    cuz you ask them to call you back and they dont do it!!??
    and its always known as the guy who never calls back,etc,etc,etc,

    im sick of hearing that
    maybe im just being to hard on this girl
    its just when she told me she would let me see her sometime
    i was thinkin,"yea right,ive heard that one before"

    im hard on women though its just i cant help it...

    i mean im not what people consider a typical guy
    i can really begin to open up to someone who i feel is special and be really romantic and considerate of their needs....

    i dont know though,
    i have a feeling she might just be one of those girls who likes to play with emotions...
    im emotional....
    i feel you shouldnt have to front about your feelings you know?

    but i guess ill never be able to know if theyre just playin with me or not?

    ive been scarred pretty deep by openin up to females in the past,
    i guess thats why im so discriminating these days....

    i guess my question has an obvious answer...just give it some time...

    yall feel what im sayin though....
    when a girl says she'll call or hang out with you,etc...
    why does it take so long sometimes,and sometimes they wont do it at all?
    and i havent been sweating her or her friend since i saw her the other day
    just so yall know before jumpin to conclusion...

    i guess next time i see her friend i guess i should just mention it...
    not be mean or anything,just let it be known

    sorry for rambling on its just been kind of bothering me lately...
  2. Short2003

    Short2003 AbsoluteHotness

    Sep 24, 2003
    OK I read a bit before I ran outta time and now I have to go and Ill read the rest later, but honestly I would never go to a guys house by myself especially if I didnt know him that well... Try asking her to come over one night and bring one or two of her girls and you yourself bring a few of your boys.. Ill be back to finish readings
  3. D!CK

    D!CK New Member

    Aug 24, 2001
    Don't get upset over hoes, they not worth it. It's soooooooo much pussy out here to get, keep your head up and seek some new trim.
  4. urban_tactics

    urban_tactics aka johnny cockram

    Mar 8, 2003
    stop being so open dawg........

    u puttin too much of yourself out there....

    no matter what, when a woman is ready to show u how she feel, she will...regardless of how many games her dumb ass plays

    just dont let her kno b4 she lets u kno...let her wonder....give her a challenge........make her put in some work....make her wonder about you........and what u might be doin........dont pick up the phone errytime she call......gotta play the stupid games man....sad truth....u can be as real as u can, but when u show them too much, they'll get shook and scared and tryin to get away from u.....play it coo......and stop focusing on her so damn much.......gon about ya business...and she'll pop up when she figure out she aint being chased by you....feel me?
  5. In-Awe.

    In-Awe. .. Speak On It..

    Apr 17, 2005
    She Said, Thank You For The Blunt... Lol An Thats That.

  6. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    i have a feeling ill see her around though
    she actually seemed to listen when i talked...
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