da real TRUTH: Murder City USA award goes to...

Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by Creative Silence, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Dskillz

    Dskillz aka MG The Future

    Oct 24, 2002
    then be specefic....
  2. calmdown504

    calmdown504 New Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    i gotta podna thats from l.a..dude talks proper as hell, he claims all this blood and crip shit all the time, out here we dont have any of that shit, its just niggas wit no sense and no mind, i never saw a real mexican until i went to houston when i was 10 years old...lol, now since the storm hit they everywhere, tryna work and shit its cool tho but they dirty as the fuck!

    i think the problem is education, in new orleans, we have a shitty school board, no jobs and shit and the mind-set of the people is all fucked up...man i wish so bad i could change shit but its like niggas are animals and u cant tame them...fa real i hate murders and all that shit like wit a passion, i be wanting to see cats get up and go to school like me and shit but niggas be gettin shot and doin drugs like all the time...when katrina hit i was kinda happy cause i thought it would calm shit down, but na, crime is coming back

    i mean i think in l.a niggas kinda think just like n.o people to an extent, first of all its a bunch of blacks living poor as fuck wit shitty schools and then when u leave out of your area and see whites playing tennis and shopping on melrose you fee like FUCK THIS SHIT MAN, im trapped in this fuckin hood so imma act like a fuckin animal

    HOW CAN WE CHANGE THIS BULLSHIT, dont niggas know all they gotta do is study and get an academic scholarship???? u aint gotta play ball or nothin, just do ya school work and study, even if you cant get a scholarship apply for all the schools you think you could get into and get a mentor or SOMETHING...niggas is lazy man i swear

    in the n.o, you can die randomly, yea, but for the most part if you living that life its bound to come back on you, i only was in like 2 situations i thought i was gonna die and i felt un protected,

    one was, i was going to work in this mall downtown, i was walkin through the doors from the mall's garage, a cat that looked fresh out the penn with his friends, walked up on me and demanded i give him a discount at footlocker (thats where i worked, i had on the uniform)...i said aight dawg you gotta get at my manager he'll hook you up...the nigga said na nigga i want YOUR discount (i knew by this time he was lookin for some shit)...so i said man fuck u, man this niga and his friends circled me and nigga looked at my name tag and said aight imma see u when u get off work...i laughed and walked away, but i aint gon front nigga was scared as hell

    second time was recently, i was in an abandoned part of town (katrina fucked it up) but we was at a fuckin ATM machine at 3 in the fuckin morning, these niggas ride up on us and just stopped they fuckin truck, they windows were tinted so we was just lookin at they shit for like 2 mins straight, we aint run or nothing we was just still like FUCK, the niggas finally burnt out to circle the block and get us from the back of the bank entrance...we knew this shit so we ran in the fuckin car and drove off but just by our fuckin luck, the nigas was right there waitin for us man at the corner, MAN WE HAD TO PLAY CAT AND MOUSE WITH THESE MUHFUCKAS, we shook em off and finally lost em

    but fa real, fuck crime
  3. JaMarcus Cock Sucker

    JaMarcus Cock Sucker BOSS

    Oct 15, 2005

    don't u realize alotta black men are in jail? and most these lil niggaz runnin the streets have just their mother or NO parents at all?

    when u poor, that means u gotta work more hours....which means less time wit ya kids....which mean ya kids become outta control........schools don't get funding if they don't test high.......its a cycle and for u to say " get up and move" is kinda hilarious........some of these niggaz have NOTHING.....no car, no money....no family........just cuz you or a few ppl u kno got out don't mean EVERYBODY can get out......the gov is designed to keep you broke homey....don't u realize that? the food that is bought with food stamps is all unhealthy, and u keepin the poor broke and sick......some niggaz can get out......but homey, it aint the easiest thing to do.....u can't get a job without residency either......so u can't just pop up in a random city and cop a job like its nothin....so u gonna have to have some money saved up..........how do I kno this, nigga members of my family been tryin to do this like forever son......that's WITH ppl they kno.........imagine a nigga wit no car...and a record from some shit he did as a teenager, u think he gon easily transition into a normal life? please dawg....what kinda imaginary world u live in

    and u movin to cincinati on 500 dollars is a straight lie......500 would NOT cover your security deposit for your apartment, your administrative fee...your deposit for your electricity, or admin fee for your water......plus gas u usin lookin for a job.......food....hotel....please dawg, miss me with that shit.....
  4. Medicinal

    Medicinal nmljby

    Aug 27, 2002
    I moved from florida to philly..... Cincy is where I grew up...so im back here due to some health issues i had....

    However I understand it is not as easy as i said and i agree with everything you said except
    ".the gov is designed to keep you broke homey"

    I know this probably going to be opposite from what you and most people in the forum have have heard or thought about.
    I am going to explain to you why this is not the case.

    1st. Government wise.. there is no benifit to having poor due to decrease in tax revenue for the government, and also the burden of the poor on society... money towards more police, welfare, subsidize housing etc.

    2nd. For business people they would love to decrease poverty because it increases the amount of people that can buy there products and use there services (sad but true). People say the samething about Africa however the corporations want Africa to increase there situation b/c you have about billion people in Africa that can buy our goods and services, computers (benefits microsoft, dell, hp), cars (obvious),p&G
    and any other goods and services. Microsoft, dell car compaines, p&G receive over 50% of their revenues from over seas and African is the untouched market of people that can use these services and products.

    The reason why you do not see high officals in the government try to invest in the urban areas is 1. It does not effect my family attitude... (sorry but true) you are going to after the interest of your situation first. other people secondary. However were all the ground work takes place are positions lead by us..black americans. The US government is the biggest employers of blacks in America. So a good % of black americans are doing the ground work.
    Furthermore, the government(like all country's government) is very ineffiecient in comparision to the private sector. Thats why you see the government wasting money...while corporations knows how and what to cut and ad to produce the right gains in a business.

    The majority of urbans schools are in decay... however on the flip side education starts and ends in the home. The majority of the stuff I know was not thought by a school, college etc. In addition, a nice building may only help a couple of kids (though better than nothing). B/c in my high school... 50% black... it combined students from about 6 areas and one of the richest schools in the city however the one lower class/working class/poor neighboorhood maybe only a couple of kids went to college... maybe 2 males at most(10x)way more in jail) however out of the middle class neighboorhood over 50% of the black males went to college, community college etc..... We all had the same education, yet the same results.

    Although I know it is due to what you said... the cycle of proverty....
    however the cycle of proverty is really the cycle of uneducation and no government can force you to learn or have the desire the learn in addition the government can not control the issues in your home...father not there, father in jail etc..... Furthure more we live in a capilistic economy were the dedeciated, smart and hardworking rises... But I am not a fool to say it is just as easy for someone from small beginnings have it as easy however the opportunites are there however outstanding issues tends to blindt the eyes of folk and lay blame on the government.

    In addition ...I am not going to get into the digital divide however if you have access to the internet you have access to everything the "white man" knows in addition the library, barnes and noble etc. We are in an age and time where we are not dependant on the "white man" to give us information so we can be sucessfull although who you know does help, it is what you know that will take you where you want to be. So you want to come up out of your situation.. if it is money... search and see what the rich guys or middle class people do. If you know read that this ceo makes this.... search on how did he get to that position or how do you become a engineer etc.....

    Although the legacy of slavery and discrimination contributes/is the reason why blacks are at the bottom as a whole (although most blacks are not poor...actually more in the middle class.... but still too much poor) when you die you are resposible for ever decision you make rather positive or negative that affects your life and if you have to work 3x harder or watch your back by the dope boys and stick up kids.... you have to do what you have to do at the end ..b/c it is worth it

    just my opinion/novel
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