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  1. ReppinDaBurgh

    ReppinDaBurgh New Member

    Sep 15, 2004
    First track i've recorded, it aint done,
    But tell me what you guys think,
    Keep in mind its my first track,
    Anyone lookin to collab or anything,
    Feel free to get at me on AIM
    Aim Name-Princedbzvegeta

    All feedback, negative and positive, is appreciated.


    Heres tha lyrics, (And for anyone who's gonna ask, the answer to all the questions I ask the listener refers to things that have happened to me, obviously.)

    Have you ever felt a bullet shoot through ya cartilidge?
    Have you ever been constantly harrassed, by them pigs.
    Have you ever quit smokin, just to get clean piss?
    Well if you have, take a second and listen to this.
    Have you ever got arrested, and had to do a quick bid?
    Have you ever been on that house arrest shit?
    Have you ever been arrested for a crime you didnt commit?
    And have them punk ass cops, kept sayin "We know you did it."
    Well if you have, just listen up, please dont submit.
    Lets send a message to the kids, tell'm this lifes not legit.
    We can make it, Its time to admit, that in this life we all get hit,
    End up doin a bid. Can we do this for the sake of the kids?
    Make sure they dont end up doin the shit that we did,
    Tell these kids to set goals stay in, control of they lives,
    'For they end up in prison, guards patrolin they lives,
    All my boys, I dont care if I'ma fool in they eyes,
    These kids gotta get somethin whole in they lives,
    Stop worryin bout everyone else, and lookin cool in they eyes,
    Cause in the end of your life, everyones gonna die,
    You gotta have a strong soul in the fathers eyes,
    Keep your eyes on tha prize.
  2. Arkon

    Arkon ''Ozone check ya PMs''

    Jul 5, 2003
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