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  1. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    what about cracker

    my favorite brand of cracker is cracker barrol crackers
  2. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    I wanna jump off a roof holdin enough baloons to make my landing seem like something out of a cartoon

    I wanna go back to school.. But when im at school i wanna get out of school

    I wanted to mastrubate at my high school graduation while staring at the girl i was infatuated with

    I wanna exagerate every bad mistake i ever did to lower my self esteem and make myself seem way more neglectent than i ever was

    I wanna mix every drug I ever did in a heavy tub and let em sit then do a keg stand or what would be the equivelent

    I wanna do alot of things but i just cant remeber them... one thing i wanna do it get a better memory
  3. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    yo ya'll dont make sense, this a cypher thread or we layin open mic hits, lingering?
    either or "that master pimp" is here to claim his whores aka the fingerlings
    i hope smead awareness got your spidey senses tingling
    as time will fade, i remain never a lame name in this game
    but all the same i stole your flame like a gusto frame
    got the "breezies" blowin me back moanin my name
    started out my "Jay-mez*" like kanye's fame
    "tryin to be poetic and a lyrascist, but now imwritin about money, hoes and rims again"

    and incase this was a cypher:
    one thing i wanna do is get a better memory
    so i quit pot and ate up Zanie B's
    drunk, shoplifted and couldn't see
    5-0 picked me up and called me Wu
    Cuz when i got in that cell
    i "brought the fuckin ruckus" to you
    now my rhymes slowin down like glue
    im tired as fuck and the sky is new
    need some sleep but the yak's got me dude
    i broke rule number 1, 4 3 and 2
    but im still here, shed no tears, have on fear
    like the blue oyster "fuck the reaper" grow some balls
    take your bitch on a test drive like a honda testarose

    haha, nah im not yaked up right now, but it sounded good for the line
    yo it's been Smead
  4. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    P.S. the * on Jay-Mez means it's pronounced jamez, word creation at its finest babeh
  5. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    testarosa, 4-4 packed in the holster/
    here to bolster, clicked up, la cosa nostra//
    brag and bost-the, multiple ways, I'll leave multiple sprayed/
    with no A.K. with my verbal grenade, brigade//
    Plus I packed the switch blade, showin' cat's that there b*tch made/
    rudy poo mc's, get swooped in a tree, at frozen degrees//
    you cat's are token to me, just thrown in the bucket/
    Man, I hit it out the park just like Kirby Puckett//
    Screamin' fuck-it, wack rappers abducted/
    Screamin' duck quick, like I'm on some Unheard of thug ish//
    ruggedness, I know you ain't never heard of this/
    I'll dismiss, toss you like a discus, flows just like Christmas/
    Have you wonderin' "where is the Gift list"//
    Cuz Gift diss, real swift, test crues like litmus/
    this swiftness, leave your bitches addicted//
    the way I flips it, like A hamburger patty/
    I'll hambuger gladly, and wrap you up badly//
  6. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    wrapped boxed up after shot in ya seat
    hiphop that dreadnaught beatin the meat
    and the meat? it's all the other whack G's
    like s n double "dont fuck wit she, nigga you aint no G"
    R n G blastin behind me like an anthem
    like watchin American X jackboot stomp 'em
    hiphop call the grenade brigade
    smeady'll let loose with that verbally sprayed AK
    this aint "child's play" so F*@( ya "chuckie"
    cuz charles lee ray
    cant rain on my parade
    im gettin it made like customize sh*t
    gettin radio play like chin knockin to this
    i started off slow but here it go quick
    ey yo!
    im grabbin that cash like mass to i-v-e
    i've seen you starin at me
    wit wide eyes and fat tits
    glarin "baby blue" and "soft cotton" miss
    bringin it back like the first verse
    this Rhythmic Gangsta seen her first
    everyother player gettin more shots blocked
    then D.N. bout time bell chimes tha D.R. is in
    causin swingin singin sin to win in the bin of lyrical men
    it's smeady hittin rippin poppin shootin shottys
    like capone vs. connery it's the real "rock"
    people's elbow for ya'll smocks, kick to the jock

    <chin knock>
    "She likes my tone my cologne and the way i roll"
    gotta love the west coast slang playas stay playin when its rainin

    peace, smead
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