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    Dec 27, 2014
    This is a Cypher, keep it going off the last verse wrote -16 bars max - show off your skills

    Look! Father time is on my right wrist, plus this attire is moderately crisp
    Let’s just say I don’t look at tags when I fill those bags, man, my money's old like racist
    I usually don’t write like this, but like a meek mill diss, I go back to back
    now I'm sip'N' on that ole Bottle of 04' Louis Roederer Cris, it cost a rack
    It has a Brut taste like Rose Champagne sprayed on chicks white or black
    I “can” stomach this fake game but why should I, it’s filled with too many Actors
    Look! They the type to flee when the heavy is aimed, I call em’ butt puckers
    this the truck wrecker taking your car and your chain suckers
    I see behind me even when you don't think I'm looking-suckers
    I flash that second amendment right-side bare-arms suckers
    It’s not a weapon, it's my girlfriend X-men-Storming on you suckers
    She makes me smile like a good head doctor
    my attitude is insane and your girl's hungry for brains
    What dawg? You couldn't keeper! Is that why she a TLC creeper
    You should slap your uncle for telling you it's cheaper to keeper
    Now she call you a stalker, protection ordered on you-izombie chasers...
  2. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    Most of my days I burn like hot ice
    I’m seeing my life roll like loaded dice
    got me looking for the ultimate sacrifice
    who can I get got to change my life?
    it won’t be EM, it won’t be Fifty
    can you keep up with me?
    Now your friends get shifty
    when the money goes swiftly
    I got the master plan
    kidnap Dre, and con Afro Man
    make them give me all their masters plans
    I’m going to do it by getting all them plastered-maaan
    When it’s all said done, you’ll smell the smoking gun
    fresh lead for every head, they all can get some
    we all can get doe, they all can smoke Dro
    We all can win moe, if the industry just let us flow....
  3. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    On that very day I was spliced into this world
    The other half of me was a beautiful chocolate girl
    I didn’t feel anything but a cold white hand
    The man brought us into this world to execute his plans
    Hey mister white man, Hi Misses white girl
    What’s my purpose in this divided world?
    He said to serve Mr. Blue eyes and his team
    Oh, by the way-Ethnically you’re not free
    Wtf you mean, bust a cap at his whole regime
    Just you wait till I grow up, and make a damn change

    Black president in the white house -that’s so lame
    Black folks and their families trapped in chains
    Well, I’m about to go Illmatic on all you race fanatics
    Bust a sell-out, kill all their misleading antics,
    Slap a Whitlock who’s schizophrenic
    Then change will come to this divided planet

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