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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by King Grimet, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    - Cypher of the Week - March 08 - 01 -

    Topic for the Cypher: Spring Break

    Information: Write about partying, taking a vacation, chillin with friends, getting drunk, doing drugs, hooking up with girls, going to the beach, etc, etc. Pretty simple.
  2. Prodigal_Son

    Prodigal_Son FlObama

    Jan 25, 2008

    I gotta admit, this Spring Break is bout to be the shit
    Fom gettin my hustle on to fuckin some hot chicks
    Froom smokin mad trees to slingin mad keys
    There's mad money that's goin be comin to me
    Bitch it's GMC
    Reacon, Hustle, and me
    Can' forget Twix and dat nigga Pac Money
    Yo it's not funny, this here is serious shit
    Me and Hustle just chillin bout to roll a blunt right quick
    I'm thinkin bout all the bitches that I gotta get wit
    Ashley, Ashley, Constance, Erica, they all want dick
    Kierra, Stej, Waseemah, yeah they want some too
    Just gotta figure out on which days which ones Imma do
    In the mean, me and Hustle bout to cop this work
    The hats, the mixtapes, we bout to go to work
    Reppin GMC until I D-I-E
    It's Prod. Son checkin out to go set my mind free

    Annd yes, everything I just said I'm actually gonna be doing. No bullshit.
  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    It's on!

    Out in the night listen to Geto boyz
    Scarface got me feeling the ASKhEN
    It’s the Club life and bright lights is flashen
    Party life is parking lots and lighters flickering
    Sparking up the blunts in life
    Thinking about the next move in life
    Hmmm..where too.. Maybe the cam in island
    A nice vacation chillin with the hommies
    Drinking on red stripe looking at booties in zebra stripes
    Running down the shore of this is life
    I feeling like Miami Vice
    Picture me jet boating down the Miami rivers
    Giving haters the shivers
    I splashed on them haters
    Call me the three hundred sixty wave maker
    Drinking on a lager call it that black yager
    I thought you knew 6 is a player
    In this game of looking for the good life
    I found the good in life turned it hood---right
    Blunts in the air got me smokey like the mountains
    Got girls open like the everglades rolling in rented escalades
    Sitting on 22 from my hommies own caddy---I’m so cool
    Ladies still call me Jack frost freezing mother natures draws off
  4. Justify

    Justify Lyrical Maddness

    May 3, 2008
    yo this year, im spring breakin it,
    im gone to the place where the ladies is shaken it,
    and they dont want a bitch, they wanna real man,
    by the way that i tip em they call me hundred dolla bill man,
    i scout me the perfect ass and tell her i gotta knock it,
    your nights on me baby the money is not an option,
    i party like a mother fucka and never been in better shape,
    ima veterin, watchin dude puken like they feather weights,
    im in the zone and im feelin like my hearts free,
    couse i gotta bottle, a blunt and tight pussy in my arms reach,
    so i tear it up, take a shot and im ready for another peice,
    dont get me wrong dude im doin this every other week
    gettin smashed and gettin ass, and doin the ass end,
    livin my life like Charlie from "Two and a Half men"
  5. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    sign of the times i'm seein surround me
    not lookin for trouble, but it easily found me
    it's needin me, so a burner i sneak on me soundly
    constantly peakin around me cuzza drama, i'm wild
    from a town where crimes allowed, cuz the cops around
    bout as crooked as kyza's smile, they lookin..
    nother gat tooken money lost in county bookin..
    bounty's tooken coming round..knockin and juxin
    is not what it's lookin, boosters poppin and boostin
    fiends, coppin and usin teens is cockin and shootin in unison
    minds polluted...TV abusers not wit no movements
    the sean bell shootin went un-rioted and looted..
    TV try to dillute it wash down and up root it
    just look at the roots that's where the truth is
    blowin a spliff, in the coupe benz that's wifey whip
    the other one i let sit, dro weed lowkey in the 6..
    can't be swervin the burban, gas high as i sit
    throne holder
    .50 cal chrome cobra in a black holster reside on my hip
    i'm not for no lip
    the shit that i spit is addictive diction it's like, i poisoned the print
    keyin and enter optic terrors thru media centers u get
  6. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    son of a gun
    problems gotta bout a hundred and 1
    blunted and young
    bothered by bums bumpin they gums
    some of'em tough, tho...some of'em front
    so, some of it's love and some it's slugs, moe
    u want respect then take it in blood
    summers is blood..coated streets, thugs own it
    nice wit the lyrics my speech is of none spoken
    evil encoded, i mold it until the opus is sung...
    spitted liver, chicken wire'd ya neck
    ya vocal cords get strung
    9 mill's and 4's get brung...i'm quick wit the guns
    women be eyein my rep i'm hung
    slick wit the huns more, thought i was eyein' yours
    my broads a dime for sure and your's a one...cuz
    my thoughts is pure as birth medical insure my words
    freestyle never rehearsed renegade of the verse
    stand over u perched, blunt in my hand wit a smerk
    stunt if i can i'ma jerk, u never met a one like me before...
  7. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Me amore I got pain
    deeper than the Mariana Trench
    But still life can’t be a bitch
    cause if it was I’d be the wealthiest pimp
    chilling smoking on some Mount Everest
    or out in Daytona with a sexy beachologist
    sipping yak mixed with crown, I call it vexed
    I had to take a vacation from my home town, I was so depressed
    murder rates high but thank GOD it passes us by
    So no more nights moisturizing tattoo tears
    like j said I going to make this one cry
    no more sad looks mean mugs from crooks
    now it’s just me and my crooks
    florida bound lounging in the motor cycle clubhouse
    doing two hundred laps on the whores of the house
    ugh “N”! all in the mouth no hugging in my house
    I got my under amour on so it’s just phucking in this house
    my hommies know we wild “n” out 95 south
    You can catch us out and about in bluebird race cars
    We on U-tube spring break pump exotic brakes
    exotic broads in pumps and just drawers
    Oh my GOD! Chillin out getting crunk
    hooking up building sand castles with smut lawyers
    Man I love being a player…
  8. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    Perpetuation of klans, spread through city block
    Gritty plots unlocked topped wit fifty shots
    What's the explanation for that the degredation of facts?
    Relapsed back to Rodney King blue on black
    The police extend their reach always bully and preach
    Not proveyors of safety, mainly just the mouth of the beast
    fuck thus, sicka niggaz with no structure
    talking out they mouth and weak
    They do this for cash though, i know, so TRUST this
    there aint no justice, only thing is just clips..
    And what's this? seems like the cops are reviving it
    just as guilty as imus is,
    racsim isn't dead They better at hiding it
    but I'ma survivalist slash cypherist that's
    rivalin' menacin' means,
    cuz if you try to quit lies'll live in your genes
    And seem factual, stereotypes passin' through,
    music videos and caricatures spitted back at you.
    sayin' you a nigg3r and ho, and sell crack the truth
    Most people on welfare white, fact. and proof--->http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/tb1898/tb1898h.pdf
    in absence of the bullet proof
    sights get seen only to those accustomed to truth
    my black and brown youth
    see shell casings instead of a noose...
    remonstrate ? whats the use...
    why does Sharpton have to rally the troops
    without one recruit...?
    how the fuck you generals but won't shoot...
    title of king is me, in this cypher i'm fine
    they say an eye for an eye we all go blind
    well stevie been an idol of mine, fuck it i'm done
    let the screen go idle and die...
  9. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    i perspire fluid in lighters
    deliver bruises in cyphers
    lines define fire, i'm, the prime divine sire
    my rhymes, inspire shine too bright for u blind liars
    get on the grind, squires, its time to climb higher...
    n!gga, my minds flyer
    as i rolls up a bag of da dro
    and get tho'd like a javelin but travelin slow...
    had to give'em a show
    give the bar praise and respect
    'fo i leave you like some old laundry faded and wet
    bar nigga is no civillian, hold rank as a vet
    was breakin necks before ya first day as cadet
    i made a rep, the wise ones all say i'm the best
    bars is like
    the Jaws of Life when you get saved from a wreck
    my ways are correct, my screen presence stays in effect
    sharper than razors i'm like a laser shavin' baguettes
    you niggaz is sex i compare you to dull Lady Gilletes, ha
    yall some pussies, claimed to be raised in the jects
    i'm far from rookie, spit hot
    keep the cipher burnin,
    righteous learnin,
    likened to the Second Coming of Christ returnin
    this the second dumbin i'm nice, blunted and trife
    lyrics runnin rampant...these stanzas..
    like Sacred Commandments, emblazoned in granite, yeh
    got haters unstable like two legged tables
    crazed in a panic cuz they unable to stand it...one
  10. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    i spit gems
    with smarter refinement, ya can't be retarded to find it
    the particles of my rhymes sparkle and shine
    bars are harder than diamonds
    every line is divine forever be heavenly like the stars in alignment
    marvel the science, i come from the force responsible for their designin...
    Aztecs, Incans, Egyptians, and Mayans started flyin before new age pilots
    heiroglyphics hidden in pyramids
    ankh's illuminatin dark for enlightment...
    a marble giant
    carved with carbon fiber picks with enuff spark to charge an appliance or start an alliance
    Freemasons gaurdin knowledge from pirates
    Luceferian Aryans sponsored the virus
    part of a larger assignment, snatchin hearts outta tyrants
    civilizing the unwise, jihadin against the wicked, ready to be martyred in violence
    darwin was lyin? don't be afraid to push the margin defiant, they conquer compliant
    as long as you quiet, they hold power and remain strong as Goliath...
  11. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  12. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Lets make it Hot....
  13. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Nicaaz peep how I take flight
    Out to the fights- no not tonight
    I load game, play fight night
    I’m so fantastic and shit getz x-bostic,
    So erratic somewhat spastic
    how I flips in any mode, bust a rhyme- anytime
    clever than any mind- severing yours
    time after time, every line shines….Nicca
    clever in mind all the time,
    billfold thick- so sick- ducks stack all the time
    so eat more fowl- sorry I held back my many styles
    now back to whatz sick iz- the smells of foul
    so this is what hate smelt like all the while
    meanwhile, to date- I’m up late- flowing Mississippi wild
    shit- I’m in nor-leans-on lean-on bent off homes
    chillen with homeless thugs sipping and blowing sticky
    I laugh at the Midwest flood -reaction time was like a flood
    this is why I laugh off hypocrisy luv..
    I I’m blessed in his blood but Jesus I though you said no more floods….
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