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  1. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    accomplice, I promise this, microphone, economic-shit/
    Watch how, I spit, hot loogey, vomit-ish//
    Off of a cliff, leave you in the tail-end of my whif/
    with the gab and the gift of dj slash lyricist//
    yup, at the dj school, I dj fools/
    shoot pool balls, and Kools hard//
    nah, I use to, this what I use to/
    when I abuse crews, get misused dude//
    your attitudes like lube-dude, ooh-who?/
    when I swoop-through, and rip crews, like a basketball-hoop-dude//
    I hoop through, hoola-hoop through like I was 7 years old/
    playin' 'hoptch-scotch', double dutch, and simon say's//
    mother may I get me a slice of Big Lez, when she was on Rap City/
    she was young pretty sexy philly, smokin' a philly//
    Lookin' at "Men In Black" with Big Willie, the fresh prince/
    smell of inscense, and common sense and conglomerant dominant//
    spit prominant, in front of thugs 40-bottlin', or any role-model that's pollyin'//
    good golly-when, I step in the cyph, with some spit and I'm hype/
    you be like, that's kid's tight, yeah, iight//
  2. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Sin & Ben Part I

    Yo,once upon a time in the ghetto.
    Where a young nigga had a dream ,and a scheme to get doe.
    And the code ,wuz move in silence like U got strepthroat.
    Check it, I got a story like 2 hear it here it go.
    There was a big time deala kingpin named Sin.
    Who had goonz by the dozens ,in and outta the pen.
    And then ,there was this kid Ben.
    Ben wuz broker than alot of kids is.
    He thought maybe he'd see some paper if he got in wit Sin.
    Listen,he had ambition,he wuz driven he figured
    2 get paid he had 2 build his rep up.
    So he was stickin sets up 2 get bucks,plus just 2 step up.
    But Sin wuz no fool, he knew from the old school '
    that he had 2 stick his ears 2 the street like glue.
    So peep ,he caught wind of this young kid Ben and grinned
    cuz he reminded him of his younger years.
    He got his rep, respect on the sets amongst his peers.
    So Sin figured he could use em as an extra set of ears.
    It was clear everything was goin according 2 plan.
    And in Sin's inner circle Ben would advance.
    But itz a dirty game and niggaz neva wash their hands.
    And you gotta watch ya enemies like U gotta watch ya mans.
    So the plot thickens I'ma explain it like Charles Dickens,
    in a minute when this stories continued....I'll B Back -1Luv Hip-Hoppaz
  3. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    I'm in the middle of the jungle, I'm stuck alone
    Stressing because I got no service on my fuckin phone
    I try to slow my breathing and calm the nerves
    But each way looks the same and starts to swerve
    I don't remember how I got here, or how to get out
    All I can see are trees And its causing me to doubt
    Just then a loud roar from about sent me on a run..
    When I tripped on a root I thought I was done!
    I fell hands first into the dirt but I wasn't hurt..
    & it didnt matter at the time that I ripped my shirt
    I just got up and ran.. Ran as fast as I can...
    Until I saw in the distance what appeared to be a man
    I let out a Yelp and Yelled out for Help..
    But I screamed in horror when I could see his face melt

    Nick - "Chad Chad! Are you ok Bro?"
    Chad -"What the Fuck is going on I dont know"
    Nick - "You took too many shrooms and you had a bad trip.."
    Chad -" Well fuck me.. aint that some shit.."
  4. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Pulp Sixtion

    now the thunder comes like a herd of elephant
    crushing heads in my jungles hood- FBI up to no good
    staking they prey out- in the concrete jungle, trying to lock us for good
    meanwhile cows chew up my hay
    So I squeeze they milk sacks for pay
    oh did I say, I was the hustler of this play
    in my story I create a dark and hazy shade
    similar to weed smoke gathered in the 85 colt
    so take a toke, now back to these ho’s smoking my weed
    smoken my dope but I continue 2 cope, indeed
    I hope I won’t have to pull a OJ on these delinquent bytches
    but anyway any how you can catch me glazen a hoe’s face
    snatching back my hay initiates hood fornications
    To this date, I still walk through the concrete jungle like Bengals
    I’m losing my mind trying to get a win, get a sell off a dime
    shits hard when a dime is short and ugly
    you bet that don't get money,
    I can’t even sell a fat dime to trix acting like smokey
    See a fat bytch on Friday a little after nine- not likley- do i look like smokey
    speaking of that shit,
    these haters straight turning from rabbits to ravage
    niccaz un tamed in this dirty hood game
    of getting street change stealing and killing in the game
    it's all turned to madness,
    such a dirty shame when it affects the average,
    then enter the 10yr old kids with they hands out
    getting target pratice by the savage
    that's why in this story hot one’s rang out-
    youths born and bred to blow ya brains out,
    in this world I’m leaving bodies dead and brains blown out
    why my hood yelling the game is played out
    like high top fades, I remember back in the dayz
    when we all could get paid, now-a-dayz
    we die for pussy power and small change
    no happy endings that shiit fade like denim ....
    6ftground wayz...
  5. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Sin & Ben Part II

    Now Ben was in the innercircle mingling wit the other workers.
    And heard the word there were undercovaz lurkin.
    So he told Sin rainy dayz were coming.
    Get some umbrella 4 us.
    We got a fuckin informant.
    By then, Ben had climbed the ladder quite a bit.
    He was the hand on the right side of Sin.
    But Sin covered his tracks, told Ben I got ya back.
    It was time they set a trap for the rats.
    Gave em dap as the plan hatched.
    So he popped out his cell.
    Told the team there's a meeting at 12.
    Said Ben meet me at 12,bring ya heater as well.
    If things don't go according to plan.
    I guess,U can meet me in hell.
    Sh*tz real,and the world is cold.
    Ben rushed home feelin nuts in his dome.
    Wut the f*ck is goin on.
    This is were the story is goin wrong.
    Fast forward,mostly cuz I'm tired of typin.
    Now we'll talk about how the night went.
    Ben arrived at the spot way out by the docks.
    Met up with Sin and just then
    they were surrounded by cops.
    But Ben was taught play it cool, wutsa case 2 a millionare.
    High priced lawyers make a case disappear.
    Until he heard "Good work Detective Sinclaire".
    Sin was a undercover cop, all of these years.
    Ben's heart dropped,he felt like a fool.
    Askin hisself the question
    Damn, wut do you do
    When the very man u looked up 2 Just fucks U.
    Itsa cold world and that's wut trust'll do.

    The moral of this story- trust noone
  6. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    What yall waitin on.Hip-Hop is based on story tellin
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