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  1. 27SOSA

    27SOSA the finisher

    Jul 17, 2000
    I love this fuckin place, fuck all motherfuckas that ain't feel this shit (double), this is the cypher shit - textcees this is the place to prove yo shit right here yo, this is it. Fuck open mic, fuck the fake battle for props shit, spit yo shit muthafuckas if its dope give props then spit yo shit, drop 20 right now, do it, if you suck, who give a fuck

    This is the real shit,
    listen and feel it,
    what you cant hear?
    Just read
    sit back
    and fear this,
    I be a destroyer,
    here to steer
    and deploy ya,
    you wanna fuckin job,
    I'm your employer,
    call me fuckin' Sosa
    capital S,
    all your fuckin lawyers,
    get capital death,
    now its me and you,
    1 on 1,
    one shot to the chest,
    you stand up,
    one more shot to your death
    fuck that,
    we be ready for war,
    ready to score,
    bring the enemy,
    the drinks?
    ready to pour,
    we ready for the fight,
    we fixin' for the end,
    the drinks we be mixin',
    be gettin us bent,
    anyone who wants some,
    you betta smack hard,
    2 shots to the head
    left in the backyard.

    Just write some storytelling shit.
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    man my skill set kills vets,
    what i will get? i never fret, i avoided it but me and fate still met
    im sick but theres no more pills left
    forever infecting the population with my inoculation
    worldwide docs not relatin, thoughts stopped creatin
    fog, and an abandoned train in the stations not leavin
    dead bodies in the road people dropped from not breathin'
    People faint at the mention of my name
    prevention is defness, but me and defness is all the same
    and the only thing they learned was that were all insane
    they coulda escaped but the wall's to blame-
    and to disinfect the city they set it all aflame
    im dope like the caine straight smoked to the brain
    or a fat blunt with a friend choked in the rain
    broke and no fame but i still spill my thoughts
    1 million drops - of nervous tension, herbs, and venison
    so motherfuck them cops cuz ive earned my medicine
    my minds been jettisoned, but i left behind flecks of skin
    not exactly sure but its some head and some limb
    somebody please call CSI and notify my next of kin
  3. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    next of kin, let me flex again, no pad no pen, just keypad and whim/
    of thought. watch me bring on the onslaught, what a brought/
    Been like Master P, "It ain't my fault", got it locked in the vault/
    Like a padlock, pop up with mad glocks, doing service like Matlock//
    Iight Ock, you can hear the tic tock, x-mark's the spot/
    and that's where I got to hit it, gotta rip it, gotta make you fidget//
    Got to make you look like your first name is Bridget, instead of somethin' masculine/
    Cuz you lackin' fashion and gun blastin' the fastest men, with a passionate accumen//
    Sort of backslappin' and, semi attackin' them, seat belt's your fastenin'//
    Cuz the stereo's blastin-an I love that hip hop with old school version of 'the-wop'/
    watch me ooh-wop, quick to do up, any poo-putt, lookin' sort of like a mutt//
    but not to be derogatory, cuz spittin' on mic's is Mandatory, sort of like the oldest story/
    sort of like the oldest glory, like my first fourth of July, and I got mad fireworks to fry//
    light up the sky, and stayed late till like 11:05 (pm)// [funny]
  4. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    light up the sky, and stayed late till like 11:05

    I put the seed inside just read between the lines
    get cracked between the eye like a blunt
    before the weeds inside greenest lime
    Me and my fam rolling holding a excellent stem
    color of slime the complexion of them
    type that the cartel mexican shipped in
    Im a marksmen, specialist sharp to the end
    living nightmare to competitors like a vietnam veteran
    clumsy cat, you can see his palm sweatin kid
    go dumb on tracks like theres no etiquite
    Break em down with predicates
    keep fiends coming back...uhhhn
    you seeing better shit, camole backed up for weeks
    I didnt write this, so Im terrorist attackin the beat
  5. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    attackin the beat, stay away from those that's shacklin' feet/
    my javlin' fangs, sometimes be slurrin' my speech//
    to reach, out and clutch what's supposed to be untouched/
    Is like what I wanted to do when I stayed up to watch BET "Uncut"//
    there's only so much, luck to go around/
    money to go around, to keep me from running up out of town//
    bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary/
    you say it three times in the mirror and it'll turn kind of scary//
    when I was blunted it was kind of hazy, but I loved to smoke/
    that was the first time I thought commercial music was dope//
    I use to get up in the morning and Bang "The Hot Boyz"/
    And I did'nt need to be high to feel that noise//
    If I could a pair of Jordan 22's/
    I wish there was a deal that I could'nt refuse//
    So, I settled for "And 1's", but have'nt abandoned/
    Going to Niketown, for some Window shopping and browsin'//
    sometimes I got to look twice/
    Cuz the short's and Air Forces look so nice//
  6. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    i just smoked a fat 20
    yeah bitch ima vet man that many
    one to the dome,
    one for my cats that missed out and were sittin at home
    fat bone, packed cone, however you wanna smoke it
    in a large session or relaxing and smokin a fat as ya sat 'lone
    its no secret i like ta smoke the magic sess
    when im pissin, shittin, and even at request after sex
    in my books fatter's best
    call me a green thumb, i wanna wed mary jane in her queendom
    aliens, have you seen dem? juicy buds man i feind em
    should start chargin cuz so many bongs damn i cleaned em
    i hit them pipes hard man like some babies suckin titty
    the weirdest day of my life's when i realized im a fuckin hippy
    dealerman what ya slip me? aw shit naw the dutch just hit me
    ill puff a zippy, then try an buy more wit a monopoly fifty
    id puff before sex but i just cough on the clitty
    get stopped by cops in the city an get off cuz i just cop em some bitties
    besides, im so awesome you name it im on the committee
    at the meetings smokin cron from a pipe i bought from bong city
    i was in a chior once but got tossed fer singin the wrong diddy
    if yer waitin fer dinner yer moms with me, gettin busy
    aw shit two more lines justa second missy!
    anyways im done i need ta smoke anotha spun-blizzy
    huffin an puffin the green till even my tongues dizzy
  7. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    Bustas blitzed..

    not in football cuz his Quarters going back to the play
    lackin the YAY from my flow
    maybe cuz hes high though, with a yak eatin hay
    but hell hes got an albino on his track of the day
    with purple sunshine raindrops
    but even if his dames hot the rum lies when the day pops
    n the bum-cries when the pain stops
    askin for change but busta gives him a sandwhich
    looks kinda bland-ish
    but he wants more liquor so he can stand his girls looks n yells
    throws it back to the Lot while hes bustin
    at a hiphop giftshop but he switched glocks cuz its rustin
    throw it away "jus do it today" so maybe the Bum could Catchwon 'r summin
    n as the bum went n shot it, the cops came as if it was a mob hit
    all he could do was pawn it n bought a blues guitar with a sin fist
    few or far could here him strummin new guitar as the sins pissed
    passed n asked if the mits'are for a slit wrist. so he looked up
    n the blues playin bum was non-other than the grimace
  8. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "Till my tounges dizzy"

    like Gillespie, this chocolate Nestle, skin-tone, been known
    to leave rappers in-growned/
    got the the ish 'sewn, like you was'nt prone/
    to smack up a clone on the microphone//
    ya'll just be on, some 'pastel slash neon, thinkin' ya'll some wannabe don's/
    on the audience screamin' ya'll want to "get it on"/
    Get 'bitted, cuz that's all that I really see,/
    This Johnny Appleseed got himself a remedy//
    when mixed chemically, It'll be sort of second nature/
    earth's equator, whimsical vapors, similar to Outkast's "elevator's"//
    rappin' Commando, rippin' rapper's to shambels/
    disconnect the pannel, and change the channel//
    change ya handle, but don't forget the I.P. address/
    second guess and you'll prolly fall through the netted-up mesh//
    strap-up like 2Pac, and the rest of the "Outlaws"/
    then breakdance on the marble floor at the Taj Majal//
    my lyrical windmills colder than the Windy City Wind Chills/
    once you hear the flute, hopefully the secret is revealed//
    Sometimes I'm subdude, yet thankful for my current predicament/
    going to College, trying to memorize translating fractions to percents//
  9. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    going to College, trying to memorize translating fractions to percents

    in traction with contractions, the damage permanent
    rhymes determinant, speakin it till ya learnin it
    dicerning it, all grumpy while im outside burnin spliffs
    im spannin rifts with my lyrical gifts, to me it aint no shit
    my darts sting like a hoe hits,
    im like that feelin when ya get ya throat slit
    fuck it ima distinguished gentlemen-
    out huntin extinguishing the lives of gentle bens
    im mental but that depends-
    on how many backspins i do after attackin a pack of stacked meds-
    on acid and crack and packin a mack 10
    clothes straight stolen from a crack den, sheeit i didnt know better back then
    i stump emcees like a severed limbs at the hacked end
    ive killed more lines of rhyme in binds of time than a poet-
    who finds the time to write endless bullshit of poetry online
    i dont blog, i just like ta light fat joints and cause smog-
    and sometimes im known ta share the high with my moms dog
    naw i buss it up like the number 10 north-
    makin more tracks than a kid with ADD on a pretend horse
  10. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    "makin more tracks than a kid with ADD on a pretend horse"

    By the 10th corpse I aborted...
    I was fully jaded and morbid...
    Now totally gully and crazy...
    I deliver my dinner, mmm babies...
    Through the week I just hustle
    and bust my struggle on beats...
    Only stop runnin streets
    when punks snuggle my sneaks...
    So elite so undoubtedly clever and bleek...
    Just a creep...
    just duckin heat to smoke some weed in Swisher Sweets...
    I'm just a girl, ya fuckin right...
    with 5 knifes all tucked from sight...
    Fuck your world up in one fight...
    Cholas be all like she alright for bein white...
    I'm all tight, walk along with leisons from the bites...
    So many seasons on the mic...
    I musta beat a legion of all types...
    My whole region been defeated by me... try me...
    Bring your dirty, grimey, super hyphy or get neutered by me...
  11. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    "Bring your dirty, grimey, super hyphy or get neutered by me..."

    I keep a rugar by me, and a .45 under my seat...
    Lookin sweet, blonde curly locks all styled neat...
    and with my pistol by my feet, and one beside my hips...
    Its a slide of fist, before your stride collides with clips...
    I defy the grind and kill my time by piling kids...
    on corners after drivin my ride at 90 in their hips...
    and go back for tips, cop their grip and get their sneaks...
    Throw them 'cross the lines cuz I roll and bic these streets...
    I smoke these streets, I'll smoke a baby if its got some cash...
    I'll smoke some grass laced with traces of charles manson ash...
    I'll party with the devil and show that pussy how its done...
    Fuck myself with knifes til its red and gushy and I cum...
    Sounds like fun... poundin ground up pills into my veins...
    Makes me fill up with love and feel up little kids with AIDS...
    I'm not sure why I'm so jaded, but I am sure that I'm a sadist...
    Beat me baby, rape me and make me tell you why I hate it...
    Forget the last 12 lines, I'm high, lost the logic in my mind...
    I don't fuck myself with knives, that was a pathologic lie...
    People call me creepy, that's probably why, they're probably right...
    Too much hittin the psycological labotomy pipe...
    Could probably write chronicals on conning, probably not...
    cuz on second thought, i dont think any of my lyin here was bought...
    but fuck it... stuff and roll the blunt then light and puff it...
    Kick it in the dark alone, and smoke and write somethin thats rugged...
  12. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Kick it in the dark alone, and smoke and write somethin thats rugged

    I spit this over this 1-900 Hustler jaunt by Kanye

    I gotta Ball-point, blank like a pen does..
    It is what it is, fuck what it was
    I'll spit till yall drunk, whats having a buzz?
    Dont take nothing personal Im just having some fun,
    I pull for underdogs, like Lebron versus Spurs
    winning odds 7 to 1, take my cheddar and run
    dont cop nothing till something better will come,
    some niqqahs albums wont drop
    their labels should be more clumsy for us
    Cuz They sit on the shelf
    couldnt put hot shit out if they shit on themselve,
    wouldnt be dope if twelve drug dealers could sell
    Packs in their LP with crack and then mailed a key
    I was a street pharmacist without a medical degree
    ran a pharmacy didnt need a prescription to cop
    a darn thing from me
    If this was the ninetys fiends would be paging me
    I wanna see niqqahs on the same page as me
    this paid for bling, along with other things
    those still recovering we knows who suffering
    used to take eightballs like its nothing
    finish it up, get on the horn 10mins. later for another thing
    this how close it was to running rings
    not to boast about a fucking thing
    they the one whose chose nose candy
    after they a woke from a almost overdose
    its fine and dandy, I had to widen the anty
    keep those dime climbing and coming in handy
    paid the rent, corvette drop, paid for it
    went to the lot wanted a hard top paid the cents
    as I think back, didnt make no sense
    this is 02-03 went to miami shouldnt made it
    cameback to cali, some niqqahs barely making it
    homies lost weight and shit, face on some rasin shit
    after this I couldnt take it again
    I got regrets all the way to the end, and I'll say it again
    after this I couldnt take it again
    I got regrets all the way to the end I couldnt take this again
  13. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003

    My flow by itself, can cause head's to turn/
    Often I gotta earn, make sure that you learn//
    That I'm all in the firm, like a Glow-worm/
    Man, I flow earn, over Percy Miracles//
    Practice with a candle-lit visual/
    Just to focus more on the lyrical//
    Content, crooked non sense get tossed to the side/
    The rhymes I provide, Combine like the Fantastic 5//
    I apply, like it was a job, you nimrod, sick like a rim job/
    I know it seems odd, but I'm the sick god//
    Lyrical lightning rod, ignite you in an instant/
    You like a runner that's distant, this in for instance//
    Lock you like a long sentence, don't got but 100 minutes/
    But no cell phones, I detect and repell clones//
    With the skills that I've home on baskeball courts plus microphones/
    Man, spike'n drones, T.O. or Barry Bond's we he's heading home//
  14. S.Shorty

    S.Shorty New Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    "He's heading home"

    Cos he made some mistakes in his lifetime
    Bustin rhymes intertwine with a life-a crime
    But he knew one day that he was gonna die
    Until then his mama told him to reach for the sky
    Still the wicked evil plot for his downfall
    They want the poor one to fall, against the wall
    See, it wasn't enough when u guys shot him in the chest
    You had to pump his guts full-a lead now he rest
    The whole world wanna know, who the King who the best?
    That's why, all the dissin 'tween the east n the west
    That's why they like, all the fussin n the stress
    Like this rap game was some sorta contest
  15. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Contest to make you conquest
    I dont care who is gone next
    as long as death doesnt put his hot breath
    near my face... Im not here to chase a secret treasure
    Or hold in discrete aggression
  16. sooth O1O

    sooth O1O New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    its 6 in the morning and my minds playin trix like im horny and high/ but im onli tired and this varsity shit has me burning inside/this book readin i do to get glance at a better life/i may grasp it for a while but in the end its neva realy mine/i do this to escape these hard knocks served by life like i was fightin cassius clay/hope it works / but im go make it/either way/ either with a pen or knife deep in the dark is where ill lurk/ but in the mean tym/between classes im spittin em mean rhymes/i cant escape this path/ i cant afford to missread signs /and miss the offramp the leads to where i wanna be/its till the mic spotlight kills me or these books freeze my mind like i was austin powers/sleep 2 hours a day/ to wake up follow routine and kill cowards/ that be spillin the beans like convicts splittin the scene/ with no hesitance/i bring pestilence/sick enuf to burn a hole thru ur skull/like lite thru a lense/
  17. nlemnt

    nlemnt Minnerapolis

    Jul 6, 2007
    heavens gate...

    she cant brethe,she cant seem to belive,what hes willin to do/
    from everything they been thru,youll never understand,she still feels fucked/
    with a loss of trust and her new lust is what,has him crushed/
    she hasnt been the same,since he drove her insane/
    lookin at a bottle waitin for another to be poured/
    he waits for another tour/
    to escape from the place where there memories cant be erased/
    he dreams of her face and hates the bitter taste/
    when he wakes up in another state/
    sometimes he dosent wanna make the up hill hike,
    he rather put down the mic and be with the wife/
    but the wife couldnt take his life,
    so she uses the excuses of his shows movin,in and out of state/
    and she hates everyone of his tour dates
    thats why hes zoned , turning off his phone lookin for reason not to come home.

    (hook,female singer)
    waiting for sun shine caight up in the rain/
    jumped in every puddel that the tear water made..../
    i cant even brethe...
    hoping one time we will clear the debrie/
    your holding back passer by holding back
    hold on to....hold on

    since he left,shes found things to regrett/
    she considered him a ex since the first tour left/
    while hes been going thru leaps and bounds,she fell for a rebound/
    he sees now,theres no reason to go back,with shows stacked and the agenda packed/
    he dosent know how to react/its like his heart line went flat/
    now it seems like nothing moves he/
    still stuck on miss loopy/
    hes doin shows for groupies to keep him distracted
    from the fact shes the reason for these ballads/
    he acts with mallice and spite,
    for every night he spits what he writes/
    and since hes gone,she moved on,became the queen toyin with the pawns/
    but there still drawn to each other/
    two ugly cutters with broken wings and unshifting rudders/
    in lovin one another cause they have is each other

    waiting for sun shine caight up in the rain/
    jumped in every puddel the tear water made..../
    i cant even brethe
    hoping one time we will clear the debrie/
    your holding back passer by holding back
    hold on to....hold on

    shes dosent know what to think, & everytime she blinks,hes in another state/
    and deep down she anticaptes,the date he will be back/
    while shes oblvious to the fact,that with every show packed,he does tracks
    about their past/n when its all over,the sobriety after the hangover/
    its finally came time for him to come home,there both excited not knowin that this silence was worth it/
    it was easier for them / not to keep hurting,for both of them to keep flirting/and im for certain,
    that it was worth the workin/now hes arrived, he survived the drive,took instride and held is pride
    so he opens the door /drops the sack,unpackes only to caLL his wife.. only to find there love still alive/
    no more wondering why/with a hug n a kiss they turn and let the music die!!
  18. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    and i committed so many wicked sins
    that everyday i feel my body is stiffening
    and the stress got me stretched out
    i feel left out, my mind's racing
    in the fast lane, taking the next route
    a discerned slice off the turn pike
    when a stern spike tilted the burning light
    my face turning white, let out a gasp
    i grasped my last breath,
    searching for a passage, half-stepped
    my mask kept my sight a mess
    felt smoke pouring out my ass
    worming slight, from the exhaust pipe
    lost sight when it was last said
    MNTO 985 has been pronounced dead
    an automobilistic journey to being impounded
  19. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    life's a tough titty or a buck 50
    i'm from a tough city
    many guys have died tryin to scuff wit me
    RM is a place where i'll download a mixtape
    or post 8's and 16's or poems...
    since i left the streets alone, no longer need to roam
    got...2 kids and a wifey, life's gettin better to bone
    less calls come in on the cellular phone
    remember i use to hustle cuz hell was my home
    this spirit get felt to the bone, now it's my wealth in a zone
    steady growin a deadly omen came to pass now i'm gone
  20. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    You say I'm old fashioned? It's okay I hold passion
    I'mma blow past you like a field grows its pasture
    Faster, than most you hoes rappin'
    Askin' me to throw my hands up, up by the rafters
    Tappin', foot not loose, and palm clasped together
    Tight like a sentence to life, not light like a feather
    No slap with leather on the wrist, fist packin' metal
    Shackles, cuffs, and strip you down to the sewer
    Dirty as manure... nearly thirty years obscure
    Surely you'll be cured, relearn, return, we adjourned
    Fuck the firm believer, and the fewer leave concerned
    Track his record, black as ever and we back in session
    Tack his effin' F's in lessons, to his back
    Plus he's packin' weapons, that's a fact
    He was strapped, now strap it around him it's a wrap
    Click clack, pile it on the stack, what a hack
    If it's his last breath, give him tic tacs... and a toe tag
    Where his bitch at? That old hag was kidnapped
    Where the ditch at? Same place we put the clip at wit
    And the gun? He brought it in with his affidavit
    Any other witnesses? Just me and my accomplice
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