Discussion in 'Cypher' started by moneymike502, May 5, 2008.

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  1. moneymike502

    moneymike502 ridin shotty wit'a shotty

    Apr 3, 2008
    man im going ballistic....i cant figure out the statistic
    to much money lyin around now i know where i missed it
    the stack on the left, is all hundreds and fifties
    count swiftly, banks bout to close soon an they can miss me
    there's a fuckin knock at my door, celly keeps ringin
    got ho's bouncin round the livin room recordin they singin
    niggas constatly naggin, wantin that butter in the wrap
    but if ya fuckin wit my money,it's money that makes the hammer go clap
    i beyond fat....im like extremely large
    im talkin weight, not body fat.....let's see count the credit cards
    one,two three four five....im still alive
    but cash rules everything around me,buy
    out the stores,every single piece im copin
    next headin to the jewelers to get the chain im rockin
    shine up the rims and wash off the charger w/ the hemi
    cuz im pullin dimes round the world...like jenna,kendra and kristi hemi
    i like remi,heni,hyno and that grey goose
    catch me in the blaze booth,drop'n tracks to send niggas to graves soon
    im like a wave foo'....call me tsunami,the way u wash ashore
    they'll be searchin for weeks....watchin for trash bags galore
    a lil piece here a lil piece there
    hell i dont care
    it's just how i roll and leave crime scenes bare
    look at my watch! OH SHIT....i got to dip-set
    and head to the bank and handle my bui-sness
    so holla at cha boi....im out just like a thief in the night
    im eatin ya wife....and best believe thats the best treat of my life

  2. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008
    money mike lemme ask u, whats your money like?/
    talking about hoes and cars while you lock up your bike/
    and got a stack with all ones and fives, u fuckin jokin/
    hit him in his chest like hes smoking, marijuana potent/
    where u get these corny lyrics, must be marijuana zoning/
    cuz they only hot to yourself, im snapping my belt/
    u just a wanna be, rich white boy, bought too many cds/
    now he believe he a 'G', download more shit for free/
    got him writing a new rap, about battling me back/
    live in a house with a flatscreen but think its cool to sell crack/
    and never did a business deal so you'll probly get jacked/
    talkin about some chicks but never made contact, u so wack/
    make a post and read the rhyme report, this shit is like a sport/
    and u somethin like bobby jackson, or kwame brown/
    sam cassell, u frail dont even tell me u sell/
    not that it matters,
    close your notepad im ending the chapter/

    good night.
  3. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    This ya boy smilez, let me help this fuck niqqa out with this shit....
    Southstar, here we go....

    Listen up, we (back!)
    Live from Orlando, we live it up we (back!)
    We pitchin' (we stack!) you missin', how bad?
    Momma mournin', we bitchin' , we (Clap!)
    Its ova for ya no deal havin' chumps stylin' on the corners
    We get our bread, we smilin' in the courtroom!
    Damn! Damn! Damn!, ya boyz is back, just signed a new contract
    Shady Records got the door shut on they ass
    Yeah! how important this shit is
    To all rappers and CEOS of the rap businesses
    New album, three mixtapes in one week we finishin'
    On the grave of my the death mother
    SMiLeZ & SouTHSTaR 4eva, we bout to drop another.....

    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Southstar the kid, you see me a tall ass niqqa
    The death of my child had me trippin', y'all hauled ass (niqqa!)
    we still battlin' on these mean streets
    Cashin' in on Mickey Mouse, gun machine feats
    Leave no clues (WHAT!?) we packin' clean heat
    Animal Kingdome niqqaz, keys weigh like wales
    Mathematics won't contemplate this scale
    Water gorrillaz amuzin' at the amusement park
    All tourists wonderin' what we do at dark
    (Check it!) my flow bump morphin into ya brain
    with the rawness, cocain, all offence
    Universal, Disney, pink dolphins
    Southstar uh shoot that ass up, leave kids orphans
    Fuck em take too to the morgue and we done for tonight
    Southstar done fucked ya in the ass n ya done for the night (What!!!!!)

    Y'all heard him too this boy is mad
    Im mad, we mad, Orlando is mad
    Its our time now and foreva 08 from now till 4eva
    HCeck us out on DJ Khaleds new mixtape droppin'
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