Cypher for Respect

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by yaga, May 20, 2006.

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  1. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008

    Yeah daddy we runnin' y'all clowns out ya own threads
    we be gunnin' them down, muthafucka say a word n we shuttin' them down
    It's the S-M-I muthafuckin' to the L.... uh... E-Z
    Keep complainin' n we'll be floodin' y'all shit so EASY!
    You know you want it you need it, so much attention you lackin'
    We came in, n gave it to y'all in a second it happened
    So what, muthafucka? It's SoHH, AHH, all with the streets
    combined into one n we all came with the HEAT!
    Down South rowdy ass niqqaz, we so young n rich
    Y'all New York niqqaz stay broke, let me give ya a cameo but suck my DICK

    Damn.... this niqqa Smilez, dawg you nasty!
    Ya lyrical complex remind me of Nasier Jones back in the 90's
    Hit the block with the trenchcoat mafia, the O is a zoo
    The pressure start risin' as soon they start blowin' on you
    Its all in the plan, for its better when niqqaz know about you
    They knowledge limits itself, they don't know about •••els...

    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    Yeah we murda y'all, its the muthafuckin' truth, ya boy smilez n the boy wonder (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    We hot.... Oh My God, we so so fuckin' hot.... we global now... (We the Best!)

    Holla at us boy if you wanna be on the winning side (muthafuckaz)
    Y'all bitch ass... y'all bitch ass (fuck you pussy niqqaz!)

    We out....
  2. *J-BIG's*

    *J-BIG's* New Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    i dont even read what u netcees type
    guz when it come to rap im the gretzky type
    glidin on water, jet-ski type
    or call it chris angle, the shits fatle
    once the studio up, im back to the booth
    somethin that all of you should do
    guz ull never go anywhere wit the keyboard
    ill be jumpin like tiger wile yall slumpin like ehor
  3. inFLOWenced

    inFLOWenced New Member

    Aug 12, 2008
    cypher for respect? ima demand mines
    hit up more than MJ's at da Finish Line
    cleanist rhymes youd think im spittin bleach
    beneath these flows you be left bleek
    obsolete, wrapped in sheets on my street
    dirty like icecream fallin on a sandy beach
    technique is a given, so listen when im spittin
    this fire in these bars and yall im not shittin
    i run shit around my way like im a merry go round - ha
    lift bitches off the ground when dis sawnoff pounds
    just remember me and i dropped by to grab some respect
    so dont dissrespect me and get tha red beam on ya neck
  4. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    red, beam on ya neck what i need is respect
    if i get a even or less u'll layin to rest
    dressed to impress but the after lifes next
    my blunt is where kush is
    spit real time footage
    a real crime nuisance as a youth
    truth in the booth its another caper ran and remembered
    breakin bread wit the booters
    knuckle uppers and looters
    the might slice or movin to shoot ya's
    i'm just reportin the news thru screen used to inform and to school ya and still dro blunts get blew
    liftin the fist rolex on my arm cost more than u knew
    actin brand new cuz i'm ..
    always steppin out new shoes s500 door get opened ,purple get lett'd out
  5. KriminaL

    KriminaL Guest

    R-e-s-p-e-c-t ;
    I earn it, better find what it means to me.
    coz i aint floss shit, you won't find no spare porsches.
    truth is? i struggled to buy my air forces.

    Fuck it, i'm poor as fuck ; prayin to god -
    that imma see another day, where i can stay in my job.
    living from pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque.
    and y'all stunting like, Yo Lee. What? dont tell me you aint paid yet?

    but i write the realest shit, yep - this kiddy from OZ.
    got ya jaw dropping coz his shit is the bomb.
    and my accent gets ya females giving me they emails.
    so im fuckin her nasty, whilst you're buying her, her retails.
  6. Da Shorty Man

    Da Shorty Man Tha ILL AUTHeNTIC

    Sep 5, 1999
    bitch you gon respect tha name or leave wit a defective brain
    fukk you and yo hood, fa'real, and muthafukk tha set you claim,
    ima take respect, i aint gon aks ya permission
    you got a promiscuous pussy bitch, assume tha position,
    tha alpha male, dna dominant crushin ya traits
    i'll make you bleed, bustin them grapes wit nuts in ya face,
    -embarrass'ya characta', harrass an defame'ya
    til i shame'ya to tha point ya momma wanna rename'ya,
    anywhere i go i always got celebrity status
    i got enough respect to be tha only niqqa that mattaz ...
  7. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    I don't need a cypher for respect
    Empty ya pockets n expand ya chest
    Don't front homie I am the best
    All I gota say is god damn tha rest
    My bars are sick, call me common cold
    No cure just subdued by pure gold
    Get on my level nigg@ call or fold
    Dont call by bluff cuz I always hold
    Dawg just get up an leave tha table
    No games, I come wit a warnin label
    And trust me I'm more than able
    To have your vitals border stable
  8. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    My style is unparallel, you punk. I get paranoid
    & pierce your ears with arrows for you to hear my point..
    I'm fierce, a pharoah who appears with a spear to point..
    & tear your marrow away till you can't repair your joints!
    Pause! I stroll the streets parading a parasol,
    The rawest while flowing on beats
  9. TreyMatic

    TreyMatic New Member

    Nov 3, 2008

    my glocks pop champagne like the barack campaign
    cause you has beens got played like a sox game
    still front elite killa dawg from the front pound
    kids from o.c o.d till the suns down
    and my spit game build like a level up in tetris
    all i C is B S like the young an the restless
    the dumb and defenseless her lungs is the exits
    relievin my demons while hummin the message
  10. effin eff

    effin eff New Member

    Nov 20, 2008
    time heals all wounds?.. fuck that.. time is a wound in itself...
    cuz the more I live, the more I need to get help.
    nah... bandages cant bring me back into health...
    im demented. if only i could trade it in for wealth.
    matter of fact trade the wealth for health
    Money go around the world but I need myself
    long lives great living leads by knowledge of self
    High cholesterol, blood pressure, early death can explain life and the way I felt
    see when your out on the streets living the life,
    turn the corner, wonder, is it a gun or knife,
    always worried about somebody taking ya life,
    fuck that shit, its not cool to me now,
    i seen the light, and i want to pay it forward somehow?
    but how, im not sure i teach all i can,
    but just like me, these kids will grow up to become a man.
    1 thing i learned is to listen to others,
    respect your moms, and respect your elders.
    most have lived the lives we led,
    im just glad i changed, or else i prolly be dead!
  11. Krime09

    Krime09 New Member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Check Krime plz...I'll blaze-ya-ass/
    Got the gift of gab...yea fly chics gave-up-cash/
    knuckle head stayed-up-pass...his bed time/
    to take-up-stash...on da damn grind/

    jus warming up nah mean
  12. FLAIR

    FLAIR New Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    i earn respect through my works
    dont need the persk cuz one quick querk
    il be on top leavin past the dirt
    cuz these words directed dont hurt
    i make respect by gettin niggas head jerked
    il rise to the top regardless
    what else can i get wit my hard spits
    cuz your face is marked bich
    makin you feel like u never even started
    but as far as respect goes il be at the farthest
    end of the earth like a boss all heartless
  13. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    Cypher for Respect? Nah, I spit fire at rejects
    An upclose sniper who'll place the rifle to your chest
    Or we can fist fight, but I'm so violent when I step
    Fist might pound your head till it spirals in your neck!
    Now shut the fuck up!.. Mothafucka!
    Uppercuts tear axillary glands..
    A slick mammalian stance shows I'm just as stuck up as Hillary Banks
    Now fuck off. I bust off like premature cum
    Be assure, run or leave with your arms and legs cut off!
  14. -Punchline-

    -Punchline- New Member

    Jan 29, 2001
    i slap wack bitches like rihanna gettin slumpd
    ill leave u dumped bruised an beggin chumps
    ya'll garbage go back to ur home, the trash dumps
    ya'll punks stink like dirt weed ..ya'll skunks..
    whpn culinary art chppin u into meat chunks
  15. SOSA 27

    SOSA 27 New Member

    Jul 12, 2000
  16. twdIDescipleI

    twdIDescipleI New Member

    May 29, 2002
    Go to to tha club and do Truffle-Shuffle/Till the clubs owner's muscle-scuffs-you
    HUSH!!/dont look so puzzled/face lookin lookin like mush and a bug of busted ruffles
    IM sicka than Blood-and-Puss-Covered-Maggots/alone in my room-Cuttin-Rabbits/fuck cuttin-Habits/Got fired when i got caught touchin-alice/under the fuckin pallets
    Call so called Thugs-FUCKIN-FAGGOTS!!/livin with da people dat live under fuckin attics-signin off ..yours truly a depressed unfit cussin manic
  17. OmegaMan

    OmegaMan Last Man Alive

    Jul 4, 2009
    When I spit words to the cipher/
    I attack with the viciousness of a pit viper/
    After his prey/
    I reach for the respect like presents on my birthday/
    Or a breath on my last day/
    I attain what cannot be reached/
    From the deepest cavernous holes to the highest peaks/
    The phrases I speak/
    Are revered as holy chants in the lost lands/
    The beats I used I stole from the Ark of the Covenant/
    And the Demigods respect how I rip/
    Like the Ignorant worship what I spit/
    If I told them They were doomed they would believe in it/
    Or if I told them to die, they would cease to exist/

    MC_JUGGAKNOX New Member

    Jul 13, 2009
    it aint about getting but more about giving..
    it aint about millis its more about living..
    i pay dues to the pioneers that paved this road..
    i say fuck diamonds and yall ur tight ass clothes..
    i represent track suits, and kangols..
    shell toes, and gerri curls..
    since 1973, which most dont know what that means..
    before aids, and the whole crack scene..
    i keep it oldschool, straight funky..
    and id kill a nigga who dont know who herc be..
  19. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    flow for the chemistry of periodic tables
    wizardry swarming idiotic fables
    everything Kopastetic hung like coats
    leave her throat exodus
    pullin cards like a roladexes
    deck wit the aces fold ya set
    go so hard no erection
    punches to the mid section
    set up the head shots
    be in the dred spot coppin the best pot
    inertwined with hiphop against the commercial
    verse hurt disperce the worst create inertia
    words bringing new life givin birth to em
  20. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    I'ma microphone fiend - tight n dope on rhyme n flow schemes
    Addict to nice n cold beats n lines of coke sniffs
    Bumpin' my head to real hard basslines - envisionin' these raw laced rhymes
    Is like wonderin' what the look on God face like - so I raise hell on Elm Street
    Freddy Krugger burnt fingertips N brain cells from yell' weed
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