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  1. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Walking to the crossroads with sadness in my heart
    with the picture of my beloved we swore we wouldn't die apart
    conjuring words uttered the sky becomes a gloom gray
    Even the devil gonna give me my way or I'll meet doom today
    A puff of smoke like a cigarette toke suddenly envelopes the air
    My eye twitches my head busts stitches and a figure develops there
    "Why hath you awoken me from sleep speak you weak fool"
    "Hath your God abandon you again? Your a stupid meek fool!"
    The monster walks forward and sees the circle he's in
    Realizing I summoned him into a magical binding prison
    "Ill skin you!! how dare you summon me into a bind?"
    " wherever you go for eternity bitch you better watch behind"
    " I'll torture your soul a 1000 times you'll find no release"
    " You?!?! Youve come here for nothing you will never know peace"
    " my hunt will never cease", but then I release a twisted grin
    The Crossroads demon doesnt realize the situation he's in
    "Here is the deal and when sealed I will not be shammed"
    "Shit better go as planned , her life for my soul to be damned"
    "If you refuse I'll never release your trap "I'll stand here till I die laughing.. what do you think of that?"
    " bring back my wife monster let's get this deal done"
    It's then the demon smirked "ok this is starting to feel fun"
    " Last chance to run, I tried to level with you"
    " your torment will be legendary by the time the devil is through"
    " and when agreed mortal you can never turn back"
    " here is the contract, sign in blood and then burn that"
    " it's done now smear the pentagram and pay the price"
    I turn away from God's love and the love of Christ

  2. patrown

    patrown student for life

    Dec 5, 2011
    the cross rose in the distance over a split path
    one losing all innocence just hopes God spits back
    i don't get that..
    while i bail water from a boat
    only rocking on its way down
    i stacked odds till the last loss
    a cop's cough on a weighed pound

    THA ITIS New Member

    Jul 29, 2012
    walkin through the crossroads with sadness in my heart
    i was raped by a monkey, in a shopping cart
    i got an std, nigga, it hurts when i fart
  4. Pharcyde

    Pharcyde _____

    Mar 4, 2003
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