Crew Battle: UL vs. HL

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by The Second Comming, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Spit That

    Spit That aka ST

    Feb 29, 2004
    gah was voting on this earlier...sry me took so long,,anyway

    monsteriousnessness nicca

    ..its pure wit, straight lines, but eye how u forget?
    cause you were suppose to sniff meth, not bite it..

    The shit us confusin.... Does UL stand for Usually Losin?
    Eye' is blind- and you can tell by the pussies he's choosin

    i'll get fucked up, down fourteen shots and twist up an L, too
    so i can battle ass-backwards, or more simply put, L-U
    herbin legends herbin urban legends? tension amounts taller
    & dill aint thug, bitin dead folks dont make him jeffrey dahmer
    we calmer, ready for this and prepared to blow u to shit
    but damn, half the cats in ya click don't even know it exists
    User was a laughing stock, 'n he woulda been dead still
    but RM aint put em in the rap game, it put em on a tredmill
    before that u was suicidal..askin why i dont fit in?
    sorry UL, ima rip it, like every shirt he's tried to fit in

    Oder of versest best to worst:

    1. Ink
    2. Synthesis
    3. Fantom
    4. Rex


    LOL. who the fuck?.. i CAN'T respect ya sorry flow.
    2 no-names, 1 has-been.. and a cat who thinks text is audio.
    Dawg, you should quit. just relax while i'm droppin this shit.
    But i can't diss Axe Scent..
    .. cuz that Axe Scent is what got me his bitch.
    I get crazy with knives, and you can't scare me, clown.
    An' i'll leave enough knicks on your face to attract larry brown.

    Slain with filler, basic battle verse, but it’s best to surrender...
    Nevermind dropping personals, SYN shit’s too wack to remember...
    Ain’t hittin no skirts, the ugly truth’ll get his hopes cursed …
    axe could run into a wall with a boner and still hit nose first...

    Inkwell? Pfft I aint even gotta spit, Hensley stuck you broards
    The last time a nigguh took his hat off to you.. was to fuck you raw..
    Yea fants in the army, so I know he's been stuck in stress
    They turn boys into men... but they turned him into a fuckin chef
    I'll buck ya chest, and fuck Syn with his gay tracks
    Cos nigguh I'm not talkin bout smelling good... when I spray axe...
    Ink & Fantom, why're we battling? u know the big name wins
    While you two just Whisper about your dicks like the Ying Yang Twins
    yo ink...remember when i wrote ya shit and u was part of my crew?
    and now?..well, i got belts thatve gone up more notches than you
    Axe & Syn?.....who taught these two to rhyme?
    shit...i've held the title more than you're whole crew combined
    yall gotta be the biggest pack of fags for a crew, bar none
    cuz how are you Herbin' Legends, when none of you are one?

    Order of Best to Worst:

    1. User
    2. Hensely
    t-3. Jook and Kaleef

    UL came DOPE AS FAWK..user and Hens strait killed it from top to bottom...Herbing Legrns came cool as well but they were over-shined when compared to UL...Overall I think Users verse is getting slept on hard as it is the dopest verse in the entire battle...dope match-up tho

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