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Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by TreHolla, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Jul 25, 2003
    (scroll down to the bold if you wanna get straight to the point.)

    I'm currently searching for a webmaster/graphic designer who is creative, focused, and business minded, to work with in helping me to develop the internet side of a company I'm currently working for.

    I need a logo designed and a website, but the logo is going to be the foundation. So I'm hoping that whoever is hungry and willing to take on this project will be willing to help me bring the company's vision into fruition.

    The name of the company is "For The Win Enterprises." I want someone who is creative, who works fast, and is about their business. No B.S. just getting the work done.

    The logo is the beginning, and from there we'll work together to secure a domain, and create a website with which I will be providing all of the information that will be presented. With all of the pages/links that will be needed. It doesn't need to be flash or have any fancy programming, but if you can that's icing on the cake.

    BUT the goal is to find someone who doesn't need me over their back hounding them to get work done. I will provide all of the information and a weekly checklist so that once you become the webmaster you'll have a consistent stream of cash flow for updating a relatively simple website. I'll give you the tasks and what I need and expect (which isn't really much in the scheme of things) I just need someone who's consistent and willing to follow through.

    So if you actually read this, then we're already off to a good start. And I pay everything half upfront, and the other half upon completion. As the company grows and traffic is generated (which there will be plenty of) your compensation will be increased as well. I'm about good, genuine, business, and letting creative minds be.

    You have until next friday/saturday to come up with ideas/logos based on what you envision when you hear the words "For the Win." Creativity is encouraged, and I'm all about spreading love, so i'll refer you to future clients if asked about who did the design work.

    oh yeah and don't forget to link me to your portfolios in your email responses!

    hundred bucks flat for logo, we can discuss how much for the website, plus future weekly webmaster updating position with compensation to be discussed!

    take care and i wish everyone the best!
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