Cory Clark's Next Single "TRUTHFULLY"! Produced by MY producers!

Discussion in 'The R&B Haven' started by BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    Okay, if y'all heard my album, there are some songs that stand out. All of those are Soleternity [funny] but I got one by Dreddy Starr called "No One (But Me)" and some by Zoltan Johnson; the most noted is "Problematic!" (which is hilarious). Zoltan and Dreddy did the next song by Corey Clark of Paulagate fame from the second season of American Idol.

    These kids did they damn thing. I might (might) have to hit 'em up for my official release. (I had a serious fallin' out wit one of them while making the FIRST album).

    My album tracks can be heard in my sig, but go to itunes and cop that Corey Clark. That shit is off the fuckin' CLIFF!
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