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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by 6th_plague, Jun 22, 2004.

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    Jul 29, 2001

    What is up folks.. I am Boner Stabone and yes I am back!! You’ve just entered the CONTROVERSY. This publicated thread is a magazine based on the ongoing events within the RSTL and is an unofficial column dealing with strictly opinionated observations. If you wish to contact me, my aim is: Verbatimental and if you wish to get at me personally, you can hit me at

    Alright, let’s get into this. Its been a long while since I’ve been here and with soo much that has occurred it would be impossible to even go back from where I left and bring about the events transpiring to this very moment… so I wont do that. Instead, Im gonna get into the nitty-gritty and nitpick on some of the major things going on with the RSTL.

    And we start off with this… Vern-acular… RSTL’s newest royal king of the RSTL. The man who now holds the most number of times winning the RSTL Championship. The man who’s taken the step forward in stabilizing the league by holding MODERATOR for the league…. The man who is basically standing at the top. And while so many in the league has enjoyed seeing his coming of reign… the age-old issue of who the greatest ever yet again is brought up.

    Now I don’t know about you, but through every accomplishment and/or every grand record that’s broken… many would consider a feat such as that to be worthy of being the greatest of all time. But comeon people.. look at all the good writers that exist. Do you surely without a doubt in your mind can say with the utmost conviction that VERN-ACULAR is the greatest of all time?? – Just cus he’s won the title so many times?? --- Maybe that could be agreed upon. Maybe since the wins that he’s tabulated throughout has benefited him to sign in and to start at his ranking in the top 10 and thus make him the newest king of being-a-champ-the-most-times. The truth is… he is a very great champion, notably because he’s managed to push thru all the others and win the #1 spot time and time again… and that alone would definitely consider him the greatest of all time. But I disagree. With every skilled writer that exists in the league.. comes a following of fans/riders/well-wishers that give that extra boost of notoriety to get him that. And that is usually said for about 85% of the cats in the league today.

    However, the true essence of being the greatest does not COMPLETELY root from accomplishments on thread. And while this may be a little apart from me always basing results and exploits by threads… I can agreeably say without hesitation that VERNACULAR does NOT deserve to be the GOAT with his writing skill, style, and structure. In no way, shape, or form is he just that. If anything, he is basically amongst the other above-average writers who find themselves cluttered in the mix of the many who are good writers. If there were to be a few names that I can undoubtedly say are the GOAT… I would push in WWIII, JOWELZ and RICHARD COREY. JOWELZ has many times proven to me why he will be a legend forever… but in the most recent occurrences, RC is most likely the one true person I can embrace, approve, and observe as the one true writer that epitomizes victory in its purest form. Ironically, his status reflects that of Vern in the sense where so much focus and attention from the public eye ride on VERN … partially due to his outspoken personality… while RC is very quiet and the blue collar writer in a sense.​
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