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  1. SnakeMc

    SnakeMc New Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    No I'm not mad.

    Im just telling you the truth.

    How about you try to make a Club banger.

    and I'm not a fake ass gangsta, I'm not a gangsta either, I'ma Thug.

    Ill give you props on "Country Music"

    i like that joint..... but i dont like this joint.


    My voice is way better, I'm not 15, im 17.

    and i already I'm better than you at a younger age.

    And i good hook ups... you dont, your a fucking nerd.

    so i see me getting alot further than you in the Game.

    Thug canadian boy? you know id bash your fucking fat unhealthy gressy american dumbass.

    No wonder you guys get bombed and not us.
  2. Syntax_Mastery

    Syntax_Mastery Emcee/Producer/Engineer

    Jun 26, 2001
    lol@club banger
    like that's what needs to be made to establish talent.

    and you can't possibly think your opinion is non biased considering our history.
    so i can't take you serious... even if you did like this i wouldnt take your shit serious.

    now quit replying to my shit.
    you big bad thug you...
    gimme a break u clown, your like a 15 year old white canadian boy.
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