CHURCH (freestyle)

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  1. mr.redeyez

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    Mar 11, 2007
    they say my city need a prophet
    time to get it poppin, in my hood bodies droppin'
    but no one seems to morn for tha youth,
    only a matter of time before you're reborn in tha roots
    TRUTH, be told, all they ever wanted was shoot
    rob fight loot my town is a zoo,
    not gon lie ima product to like to clown with tha crew
    blood hound for tha booze got a nigga confused
    am I comin' or goin',, I got nothin' to lose
    life just amuse me you know music and movies
    tha righteous are losing,
    brainwashed, I wonder if I have a higher purpose
    or am I cursed to serve serpents, syrup slurppin,
    on tha block with tha guys while they serve shirtless
    murkin',, watch tha people workin',
    tuesday & thursday them birds chirpin',
    evil embedded in my mind but ima pure person
    but me & my brother like jason & freddy
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