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    Feb 17, 2004
    An Interview With Cheta | |

    (for the lazies)

    This week we have had the honor to interview Cheta. In our interview with him he tells us all about his placements, his origin, his creativeness, and more..

    Who are you?
    The name is Cheta (Richard Lincheta) and im a music producer currently living in Chicago and Toky,o but was born in Los Angeles.

    So do you travel between Chicago and Tokyo?
    Yeah, it's a commute i do around a couple times a year. I plan on getting permanent housing in Japan sometime in the near future.

    How did you get started making beats?
    While growing up i was heavily influenced my Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, The Neptunes, Eminem and more. I was fascinated on how people became captivated by the songs these producers created and that alone inspired be to try to do the same.

    How do your friends and family respond to the fact that you do beats?
    Well at the beginning, i was always getting bashed and always being told that the beats were wack, and how nobody would want to use them. My family of course thought that my focus should more more towards schooling than making music. After a while the feedback started to change and instead of them dismissing my music they wanted to hear more of it.

    How did you come up with the name Cheta?
    Cheta is actually part of my real last name. My last name is Lincheta and ever since i was a kid people would call me Cheta or Lincheta cause the name was unique and its a name you basically don't hear everyday, after a while it just basically stuck. Meister means Master in German, one day i was just reading some material and found the definition and just thought that ChetaMeister kinda rolls off the tongue.

    Have you worked with any known artists?
    I actually have. I have produced the following songs for these artists:

    R. Kelly feat Rick Ross - Put some money on it (Tricky Stewart gets credited but i was the ghost producer on this one)
    Chingy - Come hurr
    Chingy feat Lil Flip - Knocked the f*ck out
    Nique feat Brisco - Tried 2 help
    Nique feat Brisco - Slow down
    Nique feat Brisco - Bad Luck
    Nique feat Brisco - Bury Me
    Nique feat Brisco - Rider
    Nique feat Brisco - Somethings gotta give
    Nique feat Brisco - Complicated
    Nique feat Young Chris - Reality Check
    Ludacris feat Young Jeezy - (unreleased track)
    NBA 07 (videogame) - Defense

    That's dope. How did you get your beats to Chingy?
    At the time, i had a manager that was "well" connected and he was the one that made that possible.

    So how did that ghost producing for Tricky Stewart go? Did he just come up to you like, "Hey, want to ghostproduce for me?"?
    Actually that happened because paperwork did not happen the way it should have. I sold a beat to R Kelly but somewhere in the contract it was written that i wouldn't get absolute credit for the track. So i guess Tricky Stewart looks better on album credits than Cheta.

    What gear do you use?
    I currently use fl studio with various plugins and vsts. I have some outboard gear like a Roland Fantom X6 and a Motif es but i heavily rely on my virtual instruments. My audio interface is a Digidesign mbox 2 and my midi controller of choice is a Akai MPK49.

    I saw you put a video on YouTube of you making a beat from a videogame console. That's crazy! Do you often do these type of creative experiments?
    To be honest, no. I do sometimes like to challenge myself and do something left field like that but most of the time i stick to my pattern. The planets were aligned on that track. Haha ..

    Do you think you'll get to do more of these "creative experiments" in the future?
    Oh of course, i'm always challenging myself and looking for new things to get myself into.

    To who do you look up to?
    I look up to anyone that has a passion for what they do and are going my all means to get to where they wanna be. If you want me to throw out familiar names i would have to say : Danja , Pharrell, Eminem, Tech N9ne, Prof, and a couple others that i can't think off the top of my head.

    Any good projects coming up for you?
    Well at the moment, i'm working on Rhyming Gaijin's (artist in Japan) album ( you can check him out @ YouTube - ‪messypro1's Channel‬‏ ) and i'm working on my own East Meets West Remix album where i take various chart topping Japanese and Korean pop songs and put my twist to them. Stateside i'm working on Prince Marz's ep and a couple things that aren't really too solid so ill just leave it at that.

    How can people get in contact with you?
    Facebook fanpage - Cheta | Facebook
    Soundclick - SoundClick artist: Cheta - page with MP3 music downloads
    YouTube - YouTube - ‪ChetaMeister's Channel‬‏
    Twitter -
    Tumblr -
    email -
  2. Eternity

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    Aug 4, 2001
    Nice interview. I went to listen to the R. Kelly/Rick Ross track. It definitely sounds like one of your beats dude. Thats wack they purposefully didn't credit you.

  3. lospro05

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    Feb 23, 2008
    Thats whats up bro. Good interview
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