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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Chase Murda, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    chase bring fire like lucifer cuz im tired of losers,
    ill expire u lyin producers by stone as if u looked thru the eyes of medusa,
    the angel of deaths ghostly hands will strangle ya neck,
    spiritually lyrically killin ya ass without bangin a tek,
    yes,u can get it son ive got the power to get it done,
    im like neo but some what different call me the gifted one,
    thats why on this site i got the most fans cuz they love my ghost stance,
    all opponents have no chance fuck relationships dont have time for romance,
    im, so advanced with a brain thats god body,
    people will tell u chase is the 2013 version of john gotti,
    my teams got code an honor thatll anytime unload the drama,
    my hands so tuff they can hold pirahnas plus my flows ban an nas,
    or bannanas however u wanna say that shit,
    either way that nigga chase dont play that shit,BITCH,
    my rhymes is free spirit buzzin as if there was bees near it,
    an if u test the hive they will sting ya ass til u finally fear it,
    beware of the angel of deaths death angel,
    my footsteps so invisible u wouldnt even know my next angle,
    im a good dude but dont fuck up my good mood,
    cuz ill eatcha fuckin flows up like my grandmas cooked food,.....

    ahhh man i mean shit yo ive been doin this shit since 04 an i still got this shit on locked haahah chase murda that nigga that youd love to kill whut up whut up whut up..............................................................

    here comes verse 2 this shit right here is gonna hurt u,
    u wanna be cremated imma find a oven big enuff to push ya whole hearse thru,
    GODDAMMM i can be a asshole,
    like mario my bullets will make u jump high to the top of that flag pole,
    some of u rappers get me heated an need to have ya shit deleted,
    an ill tell ya chic grab my dick an eat it an thats exactly how the bitch is treated,
    hahaahahhah ahhhhh man let me stop before feelings get motha fuckin murda 2013
  2. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004

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